Listen to this decent, intelligent young man trying to explain something, quietly & respectfully. The TV host yells at him, then kicks him out. Religion poisons everything.
2 years after appearing on Egyptian TV where he came out as an atheist and endured abuse & threats on his life, Mo Hisham made it to Germany despite flight restrictions to seek asylum. It took years of planning & support. Thanks Troy &
Unlike in many other Islamic countries, the punishment for being an #Atheist isnt death. In #Egypt, the person is considered mentally ill and sent to a psychiatric facility. Even though the risks are so high, ppl are still speaking out. I have hope.
We are everywhere , we are growing regardless of Muslims trying to silence us ... The future belongs to the dissenters!
Religious extremism in Egypt demonstrated here in a terrifying way as atheist is thrown off tv program. At same time saudis are executing an atheist because leaving Islam is punishable by death there. via
The war against atheism and ex-Muslims continues in Egypt. It is remarkable how this young man is able to remain calm and polite in the face of the aggression and ridicule he is being bombarded with.
The marketplace of ideas, Egyptian style
Egyptian TV Host Kicks Atheist Out of Studio, Recommending Psychiatric Treatment
Atheist kicked off Egyptian TV show
Atheism is surging in the Muslim world. it is clear from this exchange who is sensible, and who is threatened. via