We support exceptional individuals to implement their innovative idea for social change. It could be you. Apply now.
Have an innovative idea for social change? Get the funding and support you need to make it happen. Apply by 14 May.
Open at heart? Have a fresh idea to address a social challenge? Become a Fellow. Apply by 14 May
Do you have a project aimed at creating a more open world? Apply for a Shuttleworth Fellowship, it's like nothing else out there. Fellows are working on all sorts of issues and areas. It's also global in scope.
Got a crazy powerful idea to use open source thinking to break new ground? Apply to be an fellow!
Have an innovative idea for social change? Want support to make it happen? Apply for fellowship
. fellowship applications close today. You have until midnight UTC-8 to get yours in.
Have an innovative idea for positive social change? Can open make a difference? Apply by 23 Oct for our next round.
Are you open at heart? Do you have an idea that applies fresh thinking to a social challenge? Apply by 14 May.
One day left to apply. An opportunity to get the freedom and support you need to make your open idea a reality.
You can become a Fellow too. Apply by 23 Oct with your idea for social changing through openness
Applications for our March 2018 fellowship intake are open. Closing date: 23 October 2017.
The is open for Fellowship applications (Nov 3rd close) The Fellowship funds *people* , not projects, to fight for Openness and justice. If you have an idea, apply! It's not very time-consuming and the team is very helpful
. fellowship applications open until 3. Nov. Next round is 2021 so don't hesitate 💚