New manuscript of ICGC PCAWG-3 is finally out. Great collaborative work on comprehensive characterization of RNA alterations in cancer w/ Angela Brooks, Alvis Brazma, , , & more. #PCAWG
Our new paper on RNA alterations across cancer types is on BioRxiv. Thanks to all of #PCAWG and many more.
The #PCAWG paper characterizing RNA alterations in cancer is now out on BioRxiv!
Yet more Pan-Cancer analysis action - in this case, the transcriptomics core group, with 's very own Alvis Brazma and colleagues.
I'm looking forward to the Big Data and Cancer Precision Medicine meeting in Boston starting today. I'll talk about cancer-specific splicing ( ) and transcriptome alterations in cancer ( …). #bigdatacpm18
I'm looking forward to presenting the #GCB2018 keynote tomorrow morning in Vienna. I'll talk about our recent work on cancer-specific splicing () and recurrent transcriptome alterations in cancer (). #Cancer #Bioinformatics