All hands on deck! website is being modernized! Comments & suggestions due by 3/14/20 in adv of a public mtg 4/30. Submit feedback on submission process, site functionality/limitations, data stds, & more: . #clinicaltrials #MedEd
It’s not just generic drug supply that could be impacted by ongoing challenges in China. Many new drug trials are also affected, potentially delaying novel drug programs. we screened for all trials underway in China on . A snapshot of some results:
Promo: releases CAR-T trials mid-2018 update: 115 CAR cell trials registered first 1/2 of this year, 41% outside . 51% increase in # of trials vs 1/2 of last year and the # of late phase trials is on track to double
According to this lawsuit, a registered "study" on the website played a role in luring a patient to a Florida-based stem cell clinic marketing unproven & unlicensed stem cell interventions for eye-related diseases.
A plea to #SciComm reporters: Include the national #clinicaltrials (NCT) identifier () in your articles re planned, ongoing, or completed #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 #coronavirus studies. At top right of every entry. Ask your sources if they talk about a study.
A new front line bladder cancer study on . Enfortumab Vedotin/pembrolizumab (+/-chemo) based on response rates of over 70% in phase II. This has a good chance of displacing chemotherapy.
So, uh, searching data from using different gene synonyms returns vastly different results: Search for CD274=190 studies Search for PD-L1=1147 studies #bioinformatics
They say good things come in threes. We've had #Christmas and #NewYear. To complete the set here's our December Research Round-up. Please retweet. For more details about the clinical trial in the video, visit and search 'HARPdoc'
Men at High Genetic Risk for Prostate Cancer - Full Text View - . ⁦⁩ great talk #GU19 Thought this might be of interest ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
Why aren't #clinicaltrials fully enrolling? Using data we found the ratio of patients:available trial slots = 13:1 Maybe trials don't enroll bc of other factors than a pt shortage
There is a fundamental paradox in the revised #ISCHEMIAtrial. Here is the first inclusion criteria on
U.S. plans trial of $GILD coronavirus drug remdesivir, per posting on
New #NCTN disease portfolio diagrams show trials that are active (including temporarily closed) for a specific disease area, with links to the page. More information:
Just won (mostly) a court case against : agency can no longer exempt certain trial results from reporting on contrary to law (FDAAA). Thx to co-plaintiff & litigators .
Here is a Hennepin 'ketamine study' listed on as randomized, double-blinded interventional clinical trial. That study is withdrawn. Published version is "prospective open label study" done with "Waiver of Consent (45 CFR 46.116.)"
New: the government will not appeal the decision in our case vs. HHS, NIH, and FDA re: . That means our interpretation of the FDAAA—that missing results from 2007-17 on certain FDA-approved products must be posted—becomes the law of the land. 1/2
The “lockbox” allows a sponsor of a device trial in to deposit the registration data but to shield it from public view. This letter reviews its use since January 2017.
A multi center randomized trial of remdesivir vs placebo. Only way to prospectively determine if these agents are effective. Appreciate all ID docs working overtime! Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial - Full Text View -
The COVID-19 ICU PRAYER Study: Condition:   Coronavirus Infection Intervention:   Behavioral: prayer Sponsor:   Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute Not yet recruiting #coronavirus #SARS_CoV_2 #covid19
DecisionDx-Melanoma tool improves prediction of melanoma recurrence when will these folks do an actual randomized clinical trial? Why did they abandon recruiting patients in their prospective observational cohort registered in
Update on GETUG clinical trial : first set with urothelial cancer. ALBAN (NCT03799835) phase III trial in patients with high-risk NMIBC is enrolling. To learn more, visit the protocol at website
Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 President Trump has called it a potential “game changer” and >45 trials evaluating this treatment are registered on But what is the rationale and what is the evidence it works? Look no further 👇
. & team now reporting trials overdue on reporting results on let’s hope this provides impetus for no trial to be overdue. #publicationbias contaminates our literature; invalidates systematic reviews. Time for change.
A seminal event has occurred, which is the listing of the Novartis Lp(a) CVOT on . NCT04023552. Details can be found here: . The study will be called Lp(a) HORIZON and will have entry criteria Lp(a)> 70 mg/dL with hx CVD events.
The current landscape of AF/AFL trials: An in-depth analysis of the database by et al in this month's #JACCCEP: .
"Empirical treatment with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin for suspected cases of #COVID19 followed-up by telemedicine" Identifier: NCT04348474
How to avoid common problems when using in research: 10 issues to consider
A victory for transparency: president and journalist win in their lawsuit against , , and to ensure that the database contains *all* trial results. More:
"Fake clinics are claiming their work is legitimate just because they're on - they're using it as a marketing tool"
Thrilled to announce the ROS1 PDX study is now available on ! Patients can now enroll to help drive research into new treatments. Call Nurse Alicia to learn more! (866) 988-ROS1. #ROS1 #lcsm
posted this morning: the listing for $MRNA's phase 2 coronavirus vaccine study
$JUNO $CELG JCAR015 ROCKET results posted on (terminated after 5/38 pts w/ cerebral edema)
Our protocol “Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA) for Early Treatment Response Assessment of Solid Tumors” is now on ! Excited to accrue & keep our research moving , & .
People who have read a bit about a reproducibility crisis in psychology and have never worked on a clinical trial, jumping on a protocol amendment as proof of fraud. Keep doing what you’re doing guys. You are the best cure for imposter syndrome.
On a percentage basis—up 91%—Patrick Soon-Shiong's $NK was one of the best performing stocks of #jpm20 Monday on the basis of a TV interview. Now, we have a press release () and a listing ()
We looked at results for clinical trials submitted to . Federal law requires that the NIH post results within 30 days. For 93% of trials, NIH exceeded that limit.
Why are norms and good tools essential to effective policy implementation for improving research quality? "Zarin..adds “reporting to is frequently seen an annoying administrative & burden, not a scientific imperative.”
On it's 20th anniversary, has launched an effort to modernize and is looking for public comment. Industry, academia and patients, please review the #RFI and make suggestions!
31% of industry and 17% of non-industry records were accepted on the 1st review cycle for One reason non-industry fairs so poorly? They tend not to have the support they need. #MakeBetterScienceEasier
One of the saddest parts of our week () was searching for CAR-T/NK studies on for our patient living with HIV and lymphoma, and seeing HIV in the exclusion criteria of every study. We need to be safe but we also need progress for all patients
new trial at MD Anderson treating mycosis patients with ultra low dose radiation ONLY 4 Gy. even if ulcerated lesion low dose is the answer, No 30 Gy in 10 any more, these doses are harmful to the skin. Identifier:NCT03398161
Updated #ETCTN disease portfolio diagrams show trials that are in review, approved, and active for a specific disease area, with links to the page for active trials: (pdf)
The median time from a press release referencing trial results until either publication or posting on is 300 days.
All this info I posted is the publicly available info from the press release and the website. Looking forward to the publication soon to answer your question
The median time between pharmaceutical company press release and publication in oncology is 283 days for positive results and 590 days for negative results. (Less, 202 and 407 days, if you count posting on ).
It’s April 21st 2020 lists 745 studies for #COVID19 ➡️Yes, 745 studies for #coronavirus #pandemic How many are interventional & how many have biomarkers & control arms ?
Men at High Genetic Risk for Prostate Cancer - Full Text View - ⁩ ⁦⁩ Contact Anna [email protected] for our study screening men at high genetic with prostate MRI
🔥🔥🔥Seeking volunteers: is looking for NIH funded people to give input into issues related to reporting of Basic Experimental Studies involving Humans (BESH) on . Important service opportunity to help ensure that pre-reg is done right at NIH!
Registering behavioral studies on could affect how participants behave!
600 trials a week coming into but nowhere near that many show up in journals or results in registries: Zarin #FNLM
While registration of a published trial is good, a question to ask is what studies of this drug haven't been published? Many registered studies aren't published >8yrs after registration: #ARM18 #ARM2018
Study started in 2015, finished in 2016, and submitted to in 2017. ... Is this normal?
Actually, there’s some confusion about who is actually sponsoring the on-going Penn CRISPR trial. A recent slide deck said that and are the sponsors whereas lists as the sponsor.
The / $SRNE CYNK-001 trial has finally been registered to . It was registered two days ago, a long time after Bob started to talk to the media about this trial. $SRNE isn’t mentioned though.
Registering behavioral studies on could affect how participants behave!
Ghent University Hospital and VIB just launched clinical trial comparing anti-Il6 (siltuximab), anti-Il6R (tocilizumab), anti-Il1 (anakinra) and combinations in 342 patients with COVID-19 to prevent they end up in ICU. See COV-AID (NCT04330638) #COVID19
It could be the first US CRISPR trial. That U Penn study using CRISPR -ized T cells to fight cancer is finally up on
>400 research articles btwn 2010-15 reported data from but how many used the database properly? Free guide explains its capabilities and limitations
>400 research articles btwn 2010-15 reported data from but how many used the database properly? Free guide explains its capabilities and limitations
The registry of the new intermittent fasting study (NCT02673515) in has 1 primary outcome (insulin sensitivity) & 8 secondary outcomes. The paper fails to report the primary outcome or 7/8 secondary outcomes. WTF?!
Dr. Anthony Cardillo lit up the internet with anecdotal reports of success treating #COVID19 with hydroxychloroquine + zinc🦠 Learn more about how HCQ and zinc may synergize or visit to see the 50+ studies of HCQ combos
Rigorous QI design guidelines from ☑️ generalizable results ☑️ evaluate safety & cost outcomes ☑️ concurrent control group, randomization or blinding ☑️ IRB approval & registration at ☑️ SQUIRE guided reporting
Nov 7: Deborah Zarin, A window into the Clinical Research Enterprise, McGill University
As of June, over 300 clinical trials have been registered at under the headings #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning or #DeepLearning. Read about the development of AI-specific extensions to the CONSORT and SPIRIT statements:
Amazing reporting: "...FDA could have collected more than $6b in penalties so far. The agency has yet to demand a single dollar. And despite more than 2600 trials for which results are overdue or were filed late, NIH has yet to withhold a single grant..."
Prospective study of intensive strategy in 5 systematic reviews: no impact on results or conclusions. 13/173 trials had results but no publication
$GERN results update today reveals that Imetelstat's NCI brain tumor trial was terminated due to several intracranial hemorrhages and recommendation by the DSMB
Prospective study of intensive strategy in 5 systematic reviews: no impact on results or conclusions. 13/173 trials had results but no publication
If you are interested in #ClinicalTrials, today there's a meeting about the modernization plan: and I shared our thoughts about what's needed here:
How to avoid common problems when using in research #ResearchMethods&Reporting article discusses 10 key issues that researchers need to consider when using the database to conduct research
Tomorrow, Wed, June 6th. Free webinar, noon-1PM ET, on how to use and the #ExpandedAccess navigator. Speakers from and from the Reagan Udall Foundation for the FDA.Plenty of time for questions! Register at
it appears all studies that deliver an intervention to healthy participants--behavioral or biomedical--will need to be registered on and will be considered a #Clinicaltrial
'The difference between medicine and poison is in the dose'- is that why you are now omitting dose and dosing scheme from your clinical trials submissions to
Was hopeful that reporting of clinical trial data in would happen because it is the right thing to do. And because NIH says it's mandatory. Overly optimisitic?
Efficacy and Safety of Hydroxychloroquine for Treatment of Pneumonia Caused by 2019-nCoV ( HC-nCoV ) - Full Text View -
Open records from US National Institutes of Health showed that China is leading the research on #COVID19. , widely considered as the largest clinical trials database in the world, showed 60 active studies on #COVID19 in China, while US has 49 and France 26.
Quick note on the general crappiness of COVID clinical trials. This data comes from every interventional study, not withdrawn/terminated/unknown status. Only about 1/3 had more than one arm, were randomized, and had any form of blinding.
October is #LiverCancerAwarenessMonth! Check out #NCTN #Livercancer trials NRG-GI003 and RTOG-1112, both actively accruing patients, led by Learn more:
Number of digital health studies registered in is rising year over year, but most are small (median 120 patients), few have reported results (even among those that are completed)
Secondary source databanks and accession numbers such as , GenBank, figshare, and Dryad are now displayed under a new section titled “Associated data” in #PubMed #opendata
How are some clinics using to disguise unregulated #stemcell treatments as #clinicaltrials? Read more in this perspective from .
Just out📣on 📰from Slamon&team: 2nd interim analysis of OS sees Ribociclib💊+fulvestrant had significant OS benefit📈vs placebo+fulvestrant in HR➕ HER2 ➖ advanced #breastcancer #bcsm #sabcs19 🚨MONALEESA3 number,
You can look up all the trials registered that mention Apple watch on . There are 20. None that I can see show that Apple watch improves health or reduces cost. If the Apple watch were a pill insurers wouldn't pay for it.
🇫🇷 France is leading the field in terms of Clinical Trials using Fecal Microbiota Transfer as a modality - There is a terrific ecosystems in France: Scince/Academics; Regulators; Investors; Biotech -- source
NIH is extending the flexibility for registering and reporting basic experimental studies with humans (BESH) in alternative platforms for an additional 2 years, based on feedback from the community citing challenges using .
How to avoid common problems when using in research: 10 issues to consider
"Compliance with legal requirement to report clinical trial results on " by , et al v "4209 trials were due to report results; 1722 (40.9%) did so..." Compliance "is poor, and not improving." #ResearchWaste
Amid FDA crackdown, stem cell clinics are still listing "studies" on , muddying the waters for patients looking for legitimate trials.
In-depth analysis of database in #JACCCEP reveals 348 registered AF/AFL trials. Check it out: .
Reflecting today on how much I ❤️. In 2005, we posted , analyzing reasons for terminating clinical trials from . It didn’t fit the mold for journals & talented student moved on. We gave up on it. 1/2
Pfizer has established an expanded access treatment protocol to make tafamidis available to ATTR-CM patients who may benefit from treatment prior to regulatory approval. The expanded access treatment protocol is posted on (NCT02791230)
A recent study found that 4 weeks of antibiotics treatment can prevent active tuberculosis in people living with #HIV. Read more about the sponsored trial at
You can find information about COVID-19 vaccine trials at China has its own clinical trials registry:
Details on funded #lymphoma outcomes study is now available on #lymsm
One key initiative announced by was that NCT#s for the registry would be required for all postmarketing studies, and would be embedded and linked to the regulatory materials (which would be a huge help) 6/8
"Three years later, TrialsTracker conservatively estimates that FDA could have collected more than $6 billion in penalties so far. The agency has yet to demand a single dollar."
Have you ever wrestled with This handy pub might help:
I'm spent nearly 100% of my time the last few weeks working on #COVID (thank you wonderful wife and family for doing *everything* else!). Stay tuned for medRxiv and links.
Study shows is a key resource to identify #prescriptiondrug trial results via researchers at
Just noticed that released a request for information on the modernization of . See for details - Perhaps a chance to help clean up some misuse of the site by unproven cell therapy providers?
A good reminder of how fields can learn from one another: shows that creation of was associated with fewer positive findings, smaller effect sizes. #metascience2019
Of 692 total autism trial registrations currently on , 69 (10%) are "unknown status" i.e. they've been abandoned
Guess what the published - another groundbreaking trial of #vitaminD! Diff population (critically ill), same result (no benefit) On there r 554 active intervention trials of vitamin D, 61 of which funded by !!! Please stop funding this madness
... this unreported trial by PHE finished in 2016. Today they told the BBC they have reported their results on . This is untrue. Here are all the studies on with PHE listed anywhere as sponsor. No results for any of them...
... this unreported trial by PHE finished in 2016. Today they told the BBC they have reported their results on . This is untrue. Here are all the studies on with PHE listed anywhere as sponsor. No results for any of them...
Sequencing of Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy in Combination With PD-1 Blockade Using Pembrolizumab in Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma - Full Text View - via thanks
A1. Hard to find when initially dx - Dr/HCP not often bringing up #Clinicaltrial as possible care option. Hard to find when searching govt registries; is still difficult to understand, navigate #PatientsFirst
What a wild story. Red flags abound. “The Libella trials are not taking place at a major hospital or research institution but at a small clinic in Zipaquirá, Colombia, called IPS Arcasalud SAS. No other studies posted on list the clinic as a location”
Chloroquine Prevention of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in the Healthcare Setting - Full Text View -
Looking forward to the final paper #COVID19 "Results From March 26 to April 4, 721 patients with flu-like symptoms were referred to telemedicine service" Identifier: NCT04348474 1
T5: some trials, particularly for rare genomic subsets, will often help arrange or reimburse travel to the nearest clinical site. Contact information for each trial would be on #LCSM
According to , there are over 250,000 trials on the database today. How are cancer trials unique? Check out our video at Clinical Trials Awareness Week #CTAW2018
This is important, not just because of the extra administrative burden, not just because it would bury actual clinical trials under mountains of basic research on , but because of the confusion it will create for our participants and the public. 1/3
Another approach? NK Cells Treatment for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia - Full Text View - #COVID19 #NK
#NLM needs your feedback to modernize , the world’s largest public clinical research registration and results database. Go to
I am totally astounded by the volume of scientific and clinical research activity around #COVID19 since the start of this pandemic. shows 3075 publications; shows 366 registered trials; 1339 pre-prints.
v2.4.0 rolling out now: a check for preregistration from 5 registries. For and ISRCTN, you will see whether it is prospectively or retrospectively registered, and the primary & secondary outcomes right beside the paper
⁩ is looking for participants for this important study. An Intimacy Intervention for Couples Completing Breast or Prostate Cancer - Full Text View -
Our cluster-RCT of OnTrack Chile (from OnTrack New York) for people with early psychosis is now on . Take a look if you're interested.
. tried to see how hard it was to find clinical trials in . She found 9001 trials for breast cancer alone! A better, more user-friendly system is needed to help patients navigate the depths of ! #ASCO19
Are you searching for clinical trials that test new medical products or changes to a behavior? NLM's ClinicalTrials database provides information on privately and publicly funded clinical trials around the globe.
Until now, the FDA has never fined a single entity for failing to report results to , as required by law - despite thousands of violations by Pharma cos.
An interesting paper on pre-registration of experiments in economics by Abrams, , & List. As currently designed the AEA RCT registry might not be optimal. Neither is the the registry. #EconTwitter
MOUNTAINEER: A Phase II, Open Label Study of Tucatinib + Trastuzumab in Patients With HER2+ Metastatic Colorectal Cancer #crcsm #camoldx WISN 12 News #NCT03043313
. tried to see how hard it was to find clinical trials in . She found 9001 trials for breast cancer alone! A better, more user-friendly system is needed to help patients navigate the depths of ! #ASCO19
A fraction of advanced cell therapy trials, registered worldwide outside of reached almost 40% last year! more about methodology
The remdesivir trial's primary and point was changed as we learned more about #COVIDー19 and its clinical course. (I get it).. But, this entry!! Hurts-so-much!! Im sorry #vailworkshop memories
Got #clinicalresearch ? Right now there are 64 studies recruiting for #migraine , 7 for #clusterheadache , 10 for #posttraumatic headache, 4 for #trigeminalneuralgia . Make a difference!
T3b. You learn you have to be an advocate for yourself. I now tell ppl to check out to see what is out there #gyncsm
Check out #ETCTN disease portfolio diagrams' colorful new look at . ETCTN disease diagrams are updated monthly to show trials that are in Review, Approved, or Active for a specific disease area, with links to for Active trials.
DYK? Our INSIGHT-MM study tracks patterns in patients' real-world experience w/ #myeloma therapies
JC for trainees is not about the paper. It is about how to read the paper. * RCT - read design paper * Review analysis plan * Review entry & changes to it * Are appropriate controls used? * Analytic issues? * Missing data? * Other threats fo validity?
For #SkinCancerAwarenessMonth, check out the #NCTN #melanoma trials S1320, S1512, S1607 and S1616, all actively accruing patients, led by . More information:
Me too... Someone with influence must have just submitted a grant and had to deal with the tedious clinical trials Forms-E requirements or had to upload a bunch of studies to ;)
For more information, including eligibility criteria, on IRONMAN (An International Registry to Improve Outcomes in Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer) visit
$amrn Woukd be nice if reduce-it trial results were posted at but looks like Amarin requested an extension in June.
#EAonc E1Q11 EROS: Engendering Reproductive Health Within Oncologic Survivorship #SuppOnc #intonc Education Materials: #NCT01806129
No comparison. Under & limiting for US interventional trials, there are only 143 #gbm trials. Check out the options for #bcsm, #lcsm, & #pcsm. This is why one day isn’t enough!! #btsm #GBMday
A10.4 There are currently 21 active #ClinicalTrials on early detection listed on #PancChat
I first noticed the listing a few weeks ago. Then the company issued an oddly-worded press release before Thanksgiving about being the "world's most expensive pay-to-play" trial.
'I refer to trials of Gilead’s remdesivir in China, one for moderate cases and one for severe ones, both of which were updated yesterday to “suspended” on . That took people by surprise, and Gilead’s stock dropped in response.'
Temporally Feathered Radiation Therapy (TFRT) for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Full Text View - via thanks
Such a resource exists () but unfortunately it's not as user-friendly as one might wish #LCSM
Holy fuck I just read the article. This is full-on dystopian stuff. WTAF? What is the number for this 'study'?
BTW, HITM-SURE doesn’t mention $SRNE in the registration, but $SRNE advertises the trial as its own. The anti-CEA CAR T cell IP still belongs to my company and can only be legally licensed by my company (not or anyone else).
Very concerning -> Transparency in #clinicaltrials registration and reporting is paramount. I'm looking for #Acuset in ANZCTR and , but can't find any entries (WHO ICTRP search portal not working right now).
Not that I know off - all the PubMed literature is in animals. PubChem shows many similar compounds generated this century. No clinical trials for imepitoin known at
, got it. If you go to , it is NCT 02884102. it is open at nearly all MMRC sites in US for RRMM patients to be sequenced #mmsm
Based on declared primary and secondary end points on trend on primary endpoint and significance on 1 of 26(!) secondary endpoint (the p value being touted without CI). Harms are bothersome, like you said. Too premature to make it std of care.
3. And this is a common problem. From Dr. : Only ~ half of #clinicaltrials over a sev yr period in w/ a rsrch biopsy related endpt reported results in a publication. Read more here: . #VailWorkshop19
In addition, the #NIH last week said it was delaying enforcement until September 2021 of the requirements for registering and reporting the results of basic experimental studies with humans on the agency's publicly available website, . #pharma #biotech
Registration on = representation of what’s available in study documents...not initially built envisioned as source for public information about trials. Process hasn’t transformed for multiple purposes (study protocol + public information) #healthlitrt
the NCI opened up the code to (clunky & difficult to search) to developers... so cancer groups can customize it. CRC, & did just that for #CRCSM #ASCO19 abstract NCI:
ISSCR comments to FDA re proposed industry guidance relating to concern that rogue clinics offering #stemcell treatments are abusing the database to appear legitimate.
No requirement for phase 1 especially if not publishing or listed on . Investigators and institutions should have right to publish entire trial data if study closed to enrollment and >3 yrs pass. But contracting, particularly with CROs is fragmented
'The National Library of Medicine registry lists 1087 covid-19 studies, and though some will provide useful information, many are too small and poorly designed to be helpful, merely adding to the covid-19 noise.'
According to , in the U.S. there are 279 #clinicaltrials recruiting for multiple #myeloma and 135 for #sicklecell. We have plans in place to support clinical research efforts #CTD2020 #CTAW2020 #MMsm #ClinicalTrialsAwarenessWeek
There are many great clinical trials around the world for SMM. Would encourage you to seek out on #mmsm
query of for trials for treatment-refractory lymphoma (unmet need) --not easy #Lymsm
On your marks, get set, GO!💥#OMWaNATrial recruited our 1st baby 🎉Read about our research to improve #preterm outcomes here 👇Kangaroo Mother Care Before Stabilisation Amongst Low Birth Weight Neonates in Africa - Full Text View -
No one has the whole picture yet but at some point more info will enter the public domain. In the interim, we have published articles, listings, and so forth. High intubation rates in all HCMC publications about ketamine use in prehospital setting.
I've only been able to find a single registered trial in the UK across and the ISRCTN:
Taking a moment to mark the passing of Dr. Donald A.B. Lindberg, Director of the National Library of Medicine from 1984 to 2015. You may not recognize his name, but he helped change biomedical science w/ efforts like PubMed, , MedlinePlus, & more.
New #NLM RFI on the modernization of . Let us know your comments by 3/14/20:
Wondering where to post informed consent forms for NIH-funded clinical trials? Read our post for details on how to upload to either or
This point resonates with me. Stepping thru completed CLL / Lymphoma trials with QOL Results on So far, QOL elements assessed and reported uneven/disappointing. RWD could never be informative in respect to QOL, which is integral to assessing efficacy.
The registered primary endpoint is change in burden (NCT00703157). The reported primary endpoint is freedom from AF? No mention of non-inferiority in the registration.
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Impact of Dietary Intervention on Tumor Immunity: the DigesT Trial
MOUNTAINEER: A Phase II, Open Label Study of Tucatinib + Trastuzumab in Patients With HER2+ Metastatic Colorectal Cancer #crcsm #camoldx WISN 12 News #NCT03043313
., were there at least 2 ketamine versus Midazolam for Prehospital Agitation studies with you as PI & just suspended by Hennepin Healthcare? The study listed on appears to differ from the study described in the Research Volunteer Handbook.
The funded “New onset diabetes” cohort (which will explore the relationship between NOD & #PancreaticCancer) is now on with a growing list of participating sites. #WorldDiabetesDay
Happy New Year! Time to warm up those keyboards for comment letter writing. Finished your #datasharing (Jan 10) and JCORE (Jan 28) responses? You have 75 days to let know to modernize .
OSF Registries best way to check what’s been registered (). Currently connects to and In future will connect to or host more (like how connects and hosts many)
Map of open or soon to open #COVID19 treatment clinical trials registered on As of today (March 15)
Journalists: Become a PubMed, , and stats guru. Apply for 's AHCJ-NLM Health Journalism Fellowship. Deadline 3/21.
Gently pinging a few other individuals & communities with more expertise than I have - crowdsourcing to improve c #hcldr #hitsm #hcsm (#ux #ui #interop #ohmi?) cc
That said, I cared deeply about the ISCHEMIA trial. But had no idea about this fundamental change to the hypothesis. It wasn't ever put on (still not there).
On a happy note, I now have two open clinical trials on ! ! We have clinical trials!
MOUNTAINEER: A Phase II, Open Label Study of Tucatinib + Trastuzumab in Patients With HER2+ Metastatic Colorectal Cancer #crcsm #camoldx WISN 12 News #NCT03043313
Know anyone who'd want to do a review of power calcs in trials? With and protocol registration, it would be possible now. My hunch is they're consistently optimistic.
Very timely and updated review compliments! The ARCADIA trial is testing Cabo-Durva combination in second line metastatic urothelial and non-urothelial #bladdercancer and in pts with non—RECIST evaluable, bone-only disease Identifier: NCT03824691
Researcher incentives and p-hacking in clinical trials: evidence from New DP by Adda, Decker & Ottaviani:
Last chance to let NIH know that registration is problematic for behavioral studies! For instance, our stereotype threat studies would be affected by someone who reads a public preregistration and learns what the manipulation is.
#covid19 clinical research protocols registered with as of April 16, 2020. #StayAtHome #restezalamaison
#OHRP has just identified "two publicly available federal websites that will satisfy the consent form posting requirement" in the revised #CommonRule: and a docket folder on . More may be identified in the future.
This is a major issue for all the groups working on automated clinical trial matching and using as a source of truth.
In 2000, NHLBI initiated a policy requiring all funded pharmaceutical trials to prospectively register outcomes at . After policy went into effect, prevalence of positive results reported in NHLBI-funded trials dropped from 57% to 8%
Yes, trial registration means that high-level methods are typically available on or other registries () but protocol papers take many years to emerge ().
Can We Improve On via #ClinicalResearch #ClinicalTrials
MOUNTAINEER: A Phase II, Open Label Study of Tucatinib + Trastuzumab in Patients With HER2+ Metastatic Colorectal Cancer #crcsm #camoldx WISN 12 News #NCT03043313
Don't forget that industry is better at reporting to
Testing Olaparib and AZD6738 in IDH1 and IDH2 Mutant Tumors - Full Text View - via thanks
According to of speaking at #ATS2019 registration at skyrocketed once Journals started requiring it.
Agree and just asking, as no expert. When was questioning why the protocol for excel showed a change in MI definitions and discrepancies with protocol published in , many brushed this off as benign because updating isn’t mandatory.
In April 2018, 56% new advanced cell therapy trials are NOT registered on #clinicaltrials #celltherapy
2/ & team queried for completed phase 3 RCTs of a therapeutic intervention for adults w #cancer. Trial eligibility criteria were assessed using the website plus trial publications and protocol documentation. #gerionc
I am also biased because of our ongoing, enrolling #PDIGREE trial for patients with >1 #IMDC risk factor. is co-chair and has been managing patients with me. NCT03793166
2/ & team queried for completed phase 3 RCTs of a therapeutic intervention for adults w #cancer. Trial eligibility criteria were assessed using the website plus trial publications and protocol documentation. #gerionc
Additional details on the #DoraTrial testing radium-223 with docetaxel in patients with prostate cancer can be found on
Stereotactic Radiation and Immunotherapy in Patients With Advanced Triple Negative Breast Cancer - Full Text View - via thanks
It's also interesting that the same definition of clinical recovery was used in the Gilead open label trial, but at 14 days not 29 days, even though that is also not the outcome listed in .
Anybody can post a trial on (i had no idea) — one of the many insights in this excellent piece about an exploitative area of medicine
My first job as a practicing attorney started in 2007, when FDAAA was passed. I recall pharma being really afraid of $$$ penalties for noncompliance w/ requirements. The govt has let that fear dissolve completely, and given up an import enforcement tool.
HI RE: 11/2 " ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ Lepto mets trial Mustang Bio. Thanks for your concern. City of Hope clarified that Mustang Bio is a Collaborator on the study record (NCT03696030) inquiries:[email protected]
"In a 20 September draft guidance statement, the FDA said that failure to register trials or submit results to the government database could result in fines of up to US$10,000 per day."
Special report NEJM (open, sur inscription): 10 ans de publication de résultats d'essais cliniques dans la base FDA pour 38% des essais publiés dans des journaux mesurant la mortalité, celle-ci diffère des données de la base CT.
“The search terms COVID OR coronavirus OR SARS-COV-2 on resulted in 351 active trials, with 291 trials specific to COVID-19 as of April 2, 2020.”
10-Year Update on Study Results Submitted to | NEJM
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Wide Margin vs. Narrow Margin in Postneoadjuvant Lumpectomy
.⁦⁩ patient advocates (whom I can personally attest are very medically savvy) describe their experience with navigating #swogonc #asco19 Cc: ⁦⁩ ⁦
Known issues around unregistered trials aside, should all RCTs be registered in or are there other registries? If the latter, is there a consolidated database or a way of deduplicating searches? After what point were most trials registered?
A median of 100% of trials for approved drugs are generally registered. is the most comprehensive database
I checked . There are zero COVID19 trials registered for $NK and/or ImmunityBio. ImmunityBio did register a N-803 (aka ALT-803) for HIV trial as predicted. Chances are, they will test the NANT cancer vaccine or N-803 in COVID19.
#EAonc E1Q11 EROS: Engendering Reproductive Health Within Oncologic Survivorship #SuppOnc #intonc - Chairs: Patel & Zaren Education Materials: #NCT01806129
Shouldn't it show up on etc if they changed it? and I are really hoping #ISCHEMIA is positive. Then we can have a calm debate on #ORBITA without anyone getting anxious about their $. $ anxiety has a lot to answer for.
phase III #DORAStudy testing radium-223 with docetaxel in men with castration-resistant prostate cancer and bone metastases ( NCT03574571) is now enrolling patients at 10 sites:
Request for Information (RFI): Modernization
I checked again today. There are still only two trials in for CYNK-001: MM; and AML. There’s nothing listed for COVID19 and/or ARDS. $SRNE
Autism ESDM NIH-funded RCT results (which are published) are still not posted on after flunking quality control review, twice
should be re-designed to allow for post-trial feedback from participants.
A number of things need to happen: have physician discussion of trials with pts be standard, education to lay community about trials in general, dispel misconceptions, patient friendly websites, manageable /search engines, etc. It’s such an impt problem!
Good points Stephen, but summaries suck. Major cancer trials "with results" in some cases list no baseline characteristics other than median age.
Currently, it doesn't look like we have any review-level evidence in our Registry specific to your topic. We suggest you try searching and . Good luck with your search!
*** Clinical trials against #COVID19 *** Amazing to see so many trials in against this (>230 and counting). Some thoughts: The voice of trialists clearly in favor of hydroxychloroquine (alone, in combinations and as prevention), ...
Would like this concept if done by NCI (tax payer funded for trust) and it included bio specimen correlates. * A Disease Registry of Patients With Mantle Cell Lymphoma - #lymsm
Peek at Lilly's early-stage oncology pipeline in this Loxo press release includes a selective ER degrader (as well as the G12C inhibitor that recently showed up on ). Wonder how many degraders will be in the clinic by this time next year...
This is pretty amazing. The number of #COVID19 trials listed on broke 300 on Friday.
Hey #Forest Pharmaceuticals Inc, trial completed x 1.5 yrs. Why no results in
A lot of news outlets reported on the supposed and $SRNE CYNK-001 trial, yet none of the publications I’ve seen mentioned that the COVID19 trial is NOT even registered in . Two cancer trials were registered for CYNK-001 in mid March. WTH? 🤦🏼‍♀️
Database updated automatically from API every 24 hours; appreciate not every trial listed on
Thank you. Interesting how much lower QOL reporting is in lymphoma phase 3 studies based on my analysis of endpoint and results reporting. Concerning how largely useless (tower of Babel) QOL reporting seems to be. #lymsm
Why isn’t $SRNE mentioned in the registration?
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Preoperative Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation for Tr…
Differential access to clinical trials in high versus low income countries. Interesting analysis pulling from !
helps, but requires patient to know lingo, and may generate LONG list of results w/no way to choose "best." #gyncsm
T3 // many people head to and it's improved, but much still to be done. How abt a patient-clinician joint brainstorm on this one?! #btsm
The lepto mets trial is a Mustang Bio trial, but Mustang isn’t mentioned anywhere on the page. needs to crack down on this deceptive practice.
This happens more than you know, . There need to be consequences for failing to disclose a commercial collaborator in . $MBIO
underlining "several breaches" (this is my approximate translation), notably underlining changes in the endpoints & criteria of the study while it was still ongoing (see inclusion criteria changes on ). On 23/04, the IDMC already reported concerns on these
for new reporting requirements, uploading for trial protocols & stats plans coming soon
Multi-site Adaptive Trials Using Hydroxycholoroquine for COVID-19: Condition:   COVID-19 Interventions:   Drug: HCQ + Intravenous Famotidine;   Drug: HCQ + Placebo Sponsor:   Northwell Health… #coronavirus #SARS_CoV_2 #covid19
The SAP is dated nine days before the interim data were shared by . It’s odd to see such a late date on the SAP. The ACTT trial was posted on in February. That’s very odd. $GILD
Another example of being abused. Ophthalmologist PI for "stem cell spinal cord injury study"
A6.2 Patients can also visit this clinical trial finder: #PancChat
registries aren't entered by the NIH investigators. It's unclear why the registry doesn't show the pre-specified primary aims from original protocol (see below) which were accurately reported here: and
New #breastcancer clinical trial on ONC201 in Recurrent/Refractory Metastatic Breast Cancer and Advanced Endometrial Carcinoma
Unapproved stem-cell treatments touted on federal database , study says - The Washington Post
Very important!! ’s #metaresearch team w recently discussing how important is for our knowledge of trials across disease sites/populations; would love to hear features they would want to see??
is unhelpfully deleting some useful old data. We have found it, and used it, to do something good on our NEW BLOG FROM ME
A really important RFI from I hope patient advocacy groups & trialists alike give their feedback! Clinical trial navigation is challenging (to say the least) & the interface would benefit from changes. Thinking of & #COLONTOWN
Application of BCG Vaccine for Immune-prophylaxis Among Egyptian Healthcare Workers During the Pandemic of COVID-19: Condition:   Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Interventions:   Biological:… #coronavirus #SARS_CoV_2 #covid19
Did you know released a beta version for testing a few days ago? Feedback wanted: #AllTrials
...Concerningly, [email protected]_FDA and do present something of a barrier to transparency themselves here, as some information on whether a trial is "Applicable" is withheld by them, for reasons that are unclear. Nonetheless, we have worked around this...
Back in 2015, I submitted comments to FDA ( FDA-2015-D-3719-0018) that included recommendations on . I requested the following fields: Studies a U.S. FDA-regulated Drug Product? and Studies a U.S. FDA-regulated Device Product?
Profound difference remains between industry (good job reporting results) and academia/govt (not a good job). Compliance with legal requirement to report clinical trial results on a cohort study
Are Stem Cell Companies Abusing | DNA Science Blog
No longer in beta, the new interface is definitely friendlier to all users. Check it out!
Here's the long slow grind of getting to Federal Rules for ! #BetsyNLM
There are limitations though: up to 80% of studies on reported number of secondary outcomes inconsistently, and 20% reported the values of primary outcomes inconsistently (Hartung et al, 2014). 4/5
Our latest paper looks at how fMRI studies have used when registering their analyses:
remains imp info source - among trials that are unpublished, but complete/terminated, 33% & 57% report results #PRC8
Most who responded to question from about sharing individual participant data said they wouldn't: Zarin #PRC8
Excited our first mem-NK cell trial (funded by LLS and Dunkin Donuts)about to open ⁩. Phase 1 Trial of CIML NK Cell Infusion for Myeloid Disease Relapse After Haplo HCT - Full Text View -
Remember, the entry (i.e., NCT03399448) used to appear this way.
A new NIAID study with a Theranos like element? "The blood will be collected using a new, nearly painless device that extracts a small quantity of blood through the surface of the skin..." I can't find the trial on .
So "almost half" went to a distributor who took no risk, spent no development money, and basically served as a distribution intermediary? And the company that developed the drug, including 585 listed studies, took "more than half"?
Here is the doc of BCIS IABP vs NoIABP in highrisk PCI. PEP-MACE at dc or 28 days. That is good. SEP- mortality at 6 months among others. Also good. Nothing about death at 51 months.
I have a few thoughts in this article, although I don't think it's fair to call this a 'sex drug.' No publication of results in peer reviewed papers or , as of few days ago. Now that the label is out though... (1/2) via
New #breastcancer clinical trial on A Study to Measure the Expression of the HER2-HER3 Dimer in Tumour and Blood (Exosomes) Samples From Patients With HER2 Positive Breast Cancer Receiving HER2 Targeted Therapies
New question! How time consuming is it to register a clinical trial (simple psychosocial intervention) at
Our #Immunotherapy study is open to GU #rareCA including #renalmedullary & #penilecancer
Today, I learned uses #opendata from to help match patients to trials. #opengov
#BMJresearch on a methodological approach for assessing uptake of core outcome sets using
Cool! Informed consent document upload coming soon to #mlanet17
Q & A backgrounder with on "pay-to-participate" stem cell studies registered on .
New #breastcancer clinical trial on S1501 Carvedilol in Preventing Cardiac Toxicity in Patients With Metastatic HER-2-Positive Breast Cancer
"Unapproved stem-cell treatments touted on federal database " By
Here is a database of the 165 clinical trials studying #COVID19 currently in
The FDAAA TrialsTracker is... ALIVE! You can see every trial that goes overdue on , the day it goes overdue. This is BIG POTATOES.
T5: search for I/O clinical trials at (1) NCI database , (2) clinical trial finders offered by disease-specific advocacy groups, (3) Cancer Research Institute #LCSM
Adults in the Seattle area who are interested in joining this study should visit . For more information about the study, visit and search identifier NCT04283461.
Thanks to & for examining problems with the inclusion of pay-to-participate stem cell studies on the website, . Clinics selling "stem cell treatments" on a DTC basis use the site as a marketing platform.
More details of the design of the Phase 3 #remdisivir Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial (ACTT) trial can be found on the website here
I love it when organizations share their reporting recipes. Kudos ! Nerd’s notes: How we did the data analysis via
A8. 1/. is a terrific search engine (think of it like Google just for research) that, in my opinion, has become a lot more user-friendly in the past year, for docs and patients alike. #PancChat
A9. allows you to search by disease type #pancchat
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Anti PD-1 Antibody With Radiation Therapy in Patients With HER2-negative Metastatic Breast Cancer
Trialists’ Intent to Share Individual Participant Data Zarin et al Although 36.2% of 25 551 trial records said yes or maybe, several reflected confusion
Perlmutter: 900 pembro trials on . Largest clinical trial effort ever undertaken by any org. Just about done w monotherapy studies, most trials now in combos. Moving to earlier stages of disease. #LeeHood80
I'm overwhelmed by , can't imagine how patients feel #bcsm
#BMTTandem18 Sadelain: >240 CAR-T trials listed in , >40 companies developing CAR therapies
.: "What steps have been taken to ensure that the trials listed on are actually trials and not fee-for-service treatments or mere advertisements?" (The answer is no steps. None. Zip.) cc:
Does information from increase transparency and reduce bias? Results from a five-report case series -- seems like the answer is "No"?
.. how have PHE responded so far? They told the BBC these trials are already reported: "We are committed to transparency and have already published this data publicly in academic journals and online at ." ...
Discrepancies between recruitment status and actual #clinicaltrial status Study
Companies charging patients to take part in clinical trials of dubious & sometimes dangerous therapies gain cred by registering their research on . explores the issue.
New rules go into effect for researchers funded by NIH. ...They have to register on a government-built website, share whatever they find, even if they don’t prove what they hoped; get trained up in modern clinical practices.
No trials of Lysol for #COVID19 on but many bleach studies (dental/dermatology in case you’re wondering) 🤔
Clinical trials define who can join a specific trial. A lot of thought goes into deciding who can/cannot participate You can browse clinical trials on #PancChat m .
New #breastcancer clinical trial on A Study of Rucaparib Administered With Radiation in Patients With Triple Negative Breast Cancer With an Incomplete Response Following Chemotherapy
How to avoid common problems when using in research: 10 issues. States follow-on studies can be registered under different NCTs & "Responsible Party" is usually NDA holder (interesting, since trial sponsor & NDA holder often differ)
If you build clinical trial matching services on top of - who is confirming sites are open/active/recruiting when presenting this info to patients? info is seriously out of date. #GIGO #SCOPE2019
$CELG down ~4% yesterday after this new DDI trial posted on raising concerns again on ozanimod re-filing timeline RBC confirmed with the company that this new study should not be rate-limiting for filing(rather for label expansion)
If you build clinical trial matching services on top of - who is confirming sites are open/active/recruiting when presenting this info to patients? info is seriously out of date. #GIGO #SCOPE2019
$10K penalty, potentially per day? FDA on the road to civil penalties for those who break rules. How would this impact the sketchy stem cell clinic listings there? #stemcells #stemcell
This wouldn’t be the first time ”forgot” to add itself to the registration for a trial. #CARTcells
Brilliant. found tons of useful info by digging through the archives of , not just the current data. So many trials don’t reach accrual goals! #AUA19
Are we using the same !???!!!!!!! #justsayin #PancChat
Mining . Lessons on #trial #design and #transparency from by . "[The] data help our drug discovery researchers identify unmet needs, interesting assets, and potential collaborators."
Trial of serum of recovered patients against #COVID2019 actually posted on
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Confirmatory Clinical Evaluation of Novilase® Laser Therapy for Focal Destruction of Malignant Breast Tumors
Recurrent theme on how difficult it is to enroll patients on trial. and now have VA specific lists or filters. #AVAHO18
a lot of people are interesting in signing up for clinical trials... is the place to check. I count 114 trials for #COVID19 right now, tho not all recruiting: #SARSCoV2
This 2014 interview I did with Director Zarin of is worth another read today & note my questions to her as much as her answers. Not much has improved in 5 years #stemcells #FDA #bioethics
This listing provides information concerning one of the 'ketamine' clinical studies conducted by Hennepin. , just to confirm, this is the study your organization has suspended pending review, right?
BTW we really need studies looking at clinically important outcomes. Found this at
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Genetic Study of CYP2D6 Enzyme and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Tamoxifen
As of this morning, these are the trials for COVID-19 in the registry.
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Copanlisib in Combination With T-DM1 in Pretreated Unresectable Locally Advanced or Metastatic HER2-positive Breast Cancer
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Clinical Outcome and Toxicity Data in Patients With Advanced Breast Cancer Treated With CDK Inhibitors Combined With Endocrine Therapy
Looks like there are more than 1,000 studies of covid-19 in the database.
No, a clinical trial registry should not use just honor system. Check out 2014 interview w/then Director Deborah Zarin. It was bad "aha!" moment on stem cell clinics & more #bioethics #stemcells
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Prospective Trial of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) in Breast Cancer Screening.
New #breastcancer clinical trial on ONC201 With and Without Methionine-Restricted Diet in Patients With Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Compliance with legal requirement to report clinical trial results on a cohort study ["Compliance with the FDAAA 2007 is poor, and not improving."]
A Safety and Efficacy Study Evaluating CTX001 in Subjects With Severe #SickleCell Disease #CRISPR
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Family History Study on Cancer Risk
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Pilot Study Evaluating a Perioperative E-follow-up Pro…
Mandating grantees to share results of clinical trials on make science more open, more ethical, and smarter. Philosophically it makes sense, But some researchers are upset via #OpenScience
how do we fix once and for all? We need more effort on this. #ClinicialTrials #UGH #ocepip18
The Watch the Spot Trial - Follow up lung nodules Fleischner criteria old en new:
I pray. I’m hip to the Lord. It’s not medical care. Sorry not sorry The COVID-19 ICU PRAYER Study - Full Text View -
While registration of a published trial is good, a question to ask is what studies of this drug haven't been published? Many registered studies aren't published >8yrs after registration: #AGS18
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Bioelectrical Impedance Utilization and Dietary Intake Relation in the Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema
10-Year Update on Study Results Submitted to | NEJM
The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has launched an effort to modernize to deliver an improved user experience on an updated platform that will accommodate growth and enhance efficiency.
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Effects of Green Coffee Extract Supplementation on Adropin, Irisin, Vaspine,Systemic Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Breast Cancer Survivors
A Double-Blind Trial of Psilocybin-Assisted Treatment of Alcohol Dependence -
New #breastcancer clinical trial on RAD 1802: Pilot Trial of LINAC Based Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer Patients Eligible for Post-Operative Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI)
New #breastcancer clinical trial on To Reduce the Use of Chemotherapy in Elderly Patients With ER-positive and HER2-positive Breast Cancer (TOUCH)
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Effect of Pembrolizumab and Cisplatin on Metastatic, Locally Recurrent or Inoperable Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Evaluating a Novel Web-based Intervention for Breast Cancer Survivors
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Effect of Resistance Training Variable Manipulation in Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Survivors.
T2: To find a #clinicaltrial - there are a number of key resources. Your MD can help, as can a local research navigator. Search engines like or local institution websites can help too! #gyncsm
New #breastcancer clinical trial on ALEXANDRIA Study Egypt
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation With IMRT in Early Breast Cancer
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Randomized Trial of Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Effects of Mediterranean Diet and Naltrexone/Bupropion Treatment in Obese Breast Cancer Patients
New #breastcancer clinical trial on A Pilot Study Examining Molecular and Clinical Effects of Aromatase Inhibitor Therapy on Skeletal Muscle Function in Early Stage Breast Cancer
"In some instances, the significance of [registration with ] was overstated, as in one campaign that linked to the website and stated that the procedure was ‘funded by the NIH’."
website was often referenced. "these links clearly implied support from the NIH, as with the claim that a clinic was ‘doing treatments approved by the National Institute [sic] of Health’"
"In some instances, the significance of [registration with ] was overstated, as in one campaign that linked to the website and stated that the procedure was ‘funded by the NIH’."
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Breast MRI for Neaodjuvant Chemotherapy Response Prediction and Evaluation in Breast Cancer
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Breast Cancer Surgery Using ICG
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Apatinib in Neoadjuvant Therapy for Patients With Breast Cancer
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Supermicrosurgery for Breast Cancer Survivors With Lymphedema.
New #breastcancer clinical trial on M7824 and Eribulin Mesylate in Treating Participants With Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Stress and Immunity Breast Cancer Project
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Southeast Netherlands Advanced Metastatic Breast Cancer Registry
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Study to Evaluate the Effect of Bevacizumab in Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Evaluation of Ocoxin®-Viusid® in Breast Cancer
New #breastcancer clinical trial on The Effect of Yoga on Barriers to Occupational Engagement in African American Breast Cancer Survivors
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Changing Health Behaviors to Manage Chronic Conditions in Community-dwelling African American Breast Cancer Survivors
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Safety and Efficacy of Pegteograstim in Korean Breast Cancer Patients
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Efficacy and Safety of BGB-290 in the Treatment of Metastatic HER2-Negative Breast Cancer Patients With BRCA Mutation in China
"AMSS will be determined by the treating paramedic, who will undergo training as a research associate prior to commencement of the study." 🤔 listing for now-suspended Hennepin 'ketamine study.'
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Neoadjuvant Tamoxifen, Palbociclib, Avelumab in Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer
New #breastcancer clinical trial on A Pilot Multi-Institutional Study to Evaluate the Accuracy of a Breast Cancer Locator in Patients With Palpable Cancers
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Sexual Health and Rehabilitation After Ovarian Suppression Treatment
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Talking to Employers and Medical Staff About Breast Cancer Treatment and Your Job
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Moving on After Breast Cancer Plus- for Breast Cancer Survivors
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Light Emitting Diode for theTreatment of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause Associated With Breast Cancer Treatment
New #breastcancer clinical trial on 68Ga-RM2 PET/MRI in Imaging Patients With Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer
New #breastcancer clinical trial on Evaluating and Following Breast Cancer Patients in a Better Way