It was an honor to be named top 100 Female Founders by Inc Magazine today! So humbled to be on same list as & other badass women. At we are growing quickly to re-invent foster care and adoption & help every child have a family.
Our new ahead-of-print paper showing item-level physiological arousal (heart rate deceleration) and visuocortical connectivity predict negative memory vividness
"Vancouver, Vancouver, this is it!" Remembering Mount St. Helens' May 18, 1980, eruption.
China's NDRC just released the first nationally unified Catalogue for green industries and projects, which will provide the basis for a consistent set of standards for green loans, bonds, ABS, funds, and other green assets. Full text (in Chinese)
The government strips the Hungarian Academy of Sciences of its research institutions: An incredibly sad day for academic freedom around the world, and for the independence of science in Hungary.
We are funded by #nsf #CNH2 and are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher (3 year of funding) to work on global-scale trait-based ecology and ecosystem service with me and . More information here: please contact me if interested.
Terrific story by on the plight of the #pangolins. Details rise in transcontinental #trafficking (), captive breeding & TCM, #bushmeat trade, and efforts to save them
Congrats to Bert Vogelstein, MD, of and , a 2019 Albany Prize recipient: #cancergenomics #cancerresearch #AlbanyPrize
Happy to share our first preprint on using ideas from 'critical transitions' field to predict Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) - many thanks to excellent opportunity to collaborate with Partha Dutta, Sudipta Sinha, Sukanta Sarkar! Comments welcome!
Ireland has the highest childcare fees in the EU by a big margin (when the UK leaves). In Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Romania childcare is free. We are one of the few countries that don't regulate fees. We need a new public service model for childcare:
Human Rights lawyer Veronica Koman facing threats and harassment by #Indonesia for her work to defend the rights of the people in #WestPapua
USGS-HVO has daily updates about volcanic activity on its webpage; new steaming area uprift (west) of Highway 130.
How do cells shut off translation when they sense dsRNA? RNase L cleaves most mRNAs so they aren't available to be translated, while anti-viral transcripts escape decay. James Burke's study now in print ! , preprint:
A Hackathon is taking place on 28 and 29 September as part of #BristolOneCity's commitment to tackling #periodpoverty. Some great minds will be coming together to design an app to tackle #periodpoverty. Sign up on Eventbrite
“I asked myself a simple question; what are the #privacy implication of having our #cancer support group, #previvors and #survivors convene on #facebook” 🔗 #PatientOrator #PtExp #privacymatters #HITsm #BCSM #hcsm #peersupport #hcldr
An article by Prof. Elizabeth Shepherd was nominated by Springer Nature, as one that could help humanity and protect and preserve our planet: A balance of trust in the use of government administrative data.
👏👏👏Mejor noticia! "Instituto Nacional de DDHH e Instituto Psiquiátrico iniciaron trabajo conjunto en salud mental". Para seguir avanzando en tratamiento de enf. mentales con mejor standard profesional y de DDHH😉 Lee los detalles aquí 👉
Lovely people, lovely US followers, SO EXCITED to tell you it’s #TellMeYourSecret #PublicationDay in America! It’s currently a 'steal' at nearly half cover price here: . Tell your Stateside friends, family, anyone who loves books…🎉🍾🥂Pls RT if you can x
A Revista Eletrônica de Comunicação, Informação e Inovação em Saúde (Reciis) recebe até 02 de dez trabalhos inéditos para o dossiê 'Fake News e Saúde' com previsão de publicação para março de 2020. Oportunidade para o pessoal da Ciência da Informação! :)
. As chair of #UNAIDSPCB board #China needs to show leadership to #EndAIDS #EliminateHCV, NOT jail #HIV #hepatitis activists working on defending healthcare & disability rights #DroptheCharges #NOHep #FreeChangsha3 Read here
We are recruiting - looking for a consultant psychiatrist to join our staff. Great opportunity to take a key role in protecting and promoting the human rights of people with mental illness, learning disabilities, dementia and related conditions.
Join us in celebrating Dr. Frances Arnold's recent Nobel honor and welcoming her back to Pittsburgh as the keynote speaker for Life Sciences Week 2019. #lifesciences You can purchase your ticket here - ."
The south and its policies have been featured heavily on the news, but the organizers who have been working on the ground for years have been ignored. Let's rectify this and discuss black women organizing in the south
#Postdoc and other #fellowship opportunities at the , including: Independent research: #Genomics: #JobOpportunity #ScienceTwitter
We have just published 11 new reports after visiting patients in 11 NHS wards/units across the country. Find out our recommendations on care and treatment here
#Postdoc and other #fellowship opportunities at the , including: Independent research: #Genomics: #JobOpportunity #ScienceTwitter
#Postdoc and other #fellowship opportunities at the , including: Independent research: #Genomics: #JobOpportunity #ScienceTwitter
Statistical Genetics & Biomedical Informatics positions open in our team . Junior&Senior! Come help us leverage exciting human datasets to find therapies for devastating neuro disorders.
Breathe deeply and think about this for a minute: We now live in world where this headline is NOT from but from the "Trump shares fake Reagan quote from phony Twitter user." Making America more pathetic every day
“Advocacy skills are a core tenet of medicine & should be incorporated into the medical curriculum. Medical schools must ensure that students are adequately trained in advocating for patient’s rights, especially as these very rights are being threatened.”
Mission Motherhood Messages, written by , are evidence-based, expert-reviewed SMS messages designed to support mothers in low-resource settings! Apply for access here: #maternalhealth #DigitalHealth
Statistical Genetics & Biomedical Informatics positions open in our team . Junior&Senior! Come help us leverage exciting human datasets to find therapies for devastating neuro disorders.
Statistical Genetics & Biomedical Informatics positions open in our team . Junior&Senior! Come help us leverage exciting human datasets to find therapies for devastating neuro disorders.
This is how your brain changes with respect to effort-related economic decisions when you become physically active
. Thank you for wonderful 21 years. Continuing #SRHR work focusing on facilitating access to quality assured essential sexual and reproductive health technologies for #UHC
Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (PDKI) confirms death of six peshmerga in a recent clash with IRGC in Oshnavieh (Sheno) border IRGC lost 12 members too, the statement from PDKI says
“I was at home when they called me with my test results. I’ll never forget the smell of the garage or the feeling of sitting on that dusty box and finding out that I was #BRCA1 positive” 🔗 #BCSM #breastcancer #PtExp #cancersm #HITsm #HDP2019
Os partidos brasileiros estão entre os mais beneficiados com recursos públicos do mundo. Recriar a propaganda partidária em um período de tanta restrição fiscal é um absurdo. Para os custos do horário partidário, ver
#DavidAdjaye creates earth-house pavilion for #Ghana at #Venice Art Biennale #veniceartbiennale
Science friends - If anyone wants to work at Columbia on Alzheimer's Disease, my colleague is looking for a postdoc! Great department, great school, great city:) 🔬🧠🧪
co-organized several events during the #CCPCJ28 to highlight the importance of addressing #HumanRights and #GenderResponsive HIV services in the #Criminal Justice context - read more
Anyone interested in understanding and responding to the political crisis we face should read ⁦⁦, then ⁩, and then #ThisLife by ⁦⁩. Everything else is facile commentary.
It's Trivia Tuesday! Do you know how many academic departments there are in Emory's School of Medicine? Answer: 28! #TriviaTuesday
We're hiring! We are looking for a new Assistant Professor in #Zoology (Organismal Zoology), so dust off your CV! #LoveTrinityResearch
Martin Fast is using an MR-Safe 4D phantom containing a #Gafchromic film insert with a spherical target to investigate whether the use of tumour trailing on an #MR-Linac could provide superior target coverage to non-adapted treatments. Read more:
. 's new report aims to debunk the myth that "sustainable and impact investment strategies financially underperform conventional strategies." Read Sacrifice Nothing now! | #impinv
At APPLICATE we ❤️ #Cryosphere! You wonder how far away #ice can possibly affect you? For #CryosphereWednesdays we share our #case #study on the influence of #Arctic #seaice on #energy production in Mid-Latitudes 👉 #SciComm #WhatACryosphere
Our new pub "Transcranial electrical stimulation nomenclature" in Brain Stimulation (PDF here ) Here's a Quiz: Question 1: Slow oscillating transcranial Direct Current Stimulation is a sub-class (sub-type) of: A) tDCS B) tACS C) CES D) None of the above
Excited to attend the High-Level Briefing on the & Commission: Governing Health Futures 2030 supported by , & exploring the convergence of digital health and AI with #UHC
D.C.! I got the date wrong! It’s Sep 4 from 3-5 pm #sspdc "Social Media and Scholarly Publishing", at w/ SSP President , , , , - and HAPPY HOUR. Register
Finally the truth be told! McCarthyism and the sex trafficking movement. #HumanTrafficking #FreePress #Senate #WhiteHouse #trump
My favorite report of the year is out! #Goalkeepers2019 . And my favorite graphic is on #GenderGap. Couldn't be a better visualization. And nothing is changing. Download here.
Feeling very honoured to have been invited by to present @ "Madness, The Mind & Politics" conference next week on how our current narrative of mental health is determined by values of productivity. Looking forward 2 this! 🙋‍♀️
Dr. de presentó estudio sobre reducción de #hipertensión por sustitución de #sal / Congreso de la Sociedad Europea de #Cardiología #ESCcongress #WCC2019 #ESCcongress2019 Ver más en: Foto:
Only 4 studies on nutrition outcomes ➡️ mixed results w/2 showing ++ impacts & 2 null effects, all in LAC [see table 2b] Not included is Baird et al. in Malawi finding ++ impacts on height 4 children of young women targeted for CTs during sec school ages:
What's the "return on engagement" re: patients and R&D? Interesting study for all of us in #SDG3
📕Investigadores con participación de de #IBE_Barcelona revelan qué aspecto tenían los misteriosos #Denisovanos a partir del #ADN de un dedo meñique. El estudio revela hasta 56 características físicas en base a datos moleculares.Lee aquí ➡️
📕Researchers with participation of from #IBE_Barcelona reveal what the mysterious #Denisovans looked like based on the tip of a pinky bone. The study in reveals 56 physical features of #Denisovan only from molecular data. ➡️
"La tendencia de los investigadores a evaluar las contribuciones de sus pares más jóvenes usando criterios de calidad extraídos de su propia experiencia científica puede contribuir a un conservadurismo estructural" (leído en
I spent my 1st year in philanthropy trying to grasp what funders learned from last era of ed reform. Seems like each one learned something different. Not sure that's a good thing for the next stage.
Excited to see our multi-center phase 2 trial of individualized axitinib in pts with metastatic RCC who received prior checkpoint inhibitor therapy- published For those unlikely to read full article, a brief tweetorial ⬇️
INCYMI (like I did) a thoughtful read. "#STAMPEDE has confirmed that... #RT provides the most cost-effective & least toxic method of delivering life-prolonging therapy in metastatic #prostatecancer. ?s remain about sequencing & alternative treatments..."
Very proud of mentee who is the sole recipient of the prestigious Long-term International Fellowship (LIFe) award from . He will spend a year to study FGFR and CDK4/6 alterations in #BladderCancer
"Timing Questioned: Govt. Report Released Early, in Middle of Holiday Weekend | My interview with this morning on new #NationalClimateAssessment report: #NCA4
CVS and Segway inventor get together for major push into home kidney dialysis that could threaten giant incumbents
Por tercer año consecutivo celebramos la III Convocatoria Internacional CAF de Evaluaciones de Impacto para una #MejorGestión. Aquellas instituciones públicas que tengan interés en postular pueden hacerlo hasta el 30/06. Más información aquí:
Tomorrow I'll be speaking about "Refuge beyond Reach" at Casa del Migrante in Tijuana for #WorldRefugeeWeek to register:
Quedan pocos días para postular a la III Convocatoria Internacional CAF de Evaluaciones de Impacto para una #MejorGestión. Instituciones Públicas pueden postular proyectos para ser objeto de una evaluación hasta el día 30/06
"Study of tooth sockets of famous skull leads to reconsideration of gender": "Mrs. Ples" Australopithecus skull reportedly male. "Gender" may seem politically correct, but simply wrong for fossils!
Une pensée pour notre collègue Eric Bazin qui nous a quitté subitement il y a 1 an
Incredible article by #CleClinicCancer about the painful reality of patients on clinical trials who must pay out of pocket for therapy once the trial ends and drug is approved via #clinicaltrials
Insightful #author view of #publishing. Best quote: “The information asymmetry between authors and publishers means that authors can’t realistically assess whether an #APC is reasonable or not.” Do Authors Have Any Power Over Publishers?
Really encouraging to see how seriously assessing for alcohol misuse is being taken in the prevention of #dementia and #falls We have come a long way but it’s finally on the public health radar
Part of the story of how I went from a slow #rower to a less slow rower is thanks to , which has allowed me to tailor workouts based on muscle oxygenation. I'm beyond flattered to be featured by this spinoff!
Acute #diarrhea is 2nd leading cause of death for children < 5. Every minute, a child dies from diarrhea-related causes worldwide, 1,400 children die every day, 500,000 every year. Oral #rehydration solution & zinc can save lives. #ORS
How Google parent company Alphabet is heating up race for AI to improve big pharma's dismal success rate
So I'm surfing the web looking for content and I stumble across this little goodie. These people are so damn gullible! "An URGENT Message For #Christians Struggling To #LoseWeight"
How does the C$1.4 billion annual spending commitment on the #ThriveAgenda compare to similar past commitments? analyzes the investment and highlights the return on investment in women & girl's health and #SRHR