SARS-CoV-2: A Storm is Raging: Our Preview/Perspective for Chen on JCI: by day 8 after infection, it's cytokine storm and CD4/CD8 decrease that causes respiratory failure, not viral load. Agree w/ Stanley Perlman &
Thanks to all the volunteers from around the world we keep a line list of the current COVID-19 pandemic. A full description of methods used are now published in (thanks also to for rapid turnaround). Data:
It was an honor to be named top 100 Female Founders by Inc Magazine today! So humbled to be on same list as & other badass women. At we are growing quickly to re-invent foster care and adoption & help every child have a family.
#ProstateCancer risk in Men w/#BRCA Mutations "Pts should be informed about the higher risk.. the best way to screen this pop remains unclear...screening involves risks...[that] may not be readily accepted by pts.
New Request for Proposal for an institution to support high-quality and impactful knowledge products on women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health, including COVID-19 material. Closing date: 25 June 2020
Today’s the day : 10 Lessons for an Aging World goes on sale in 🇺🇸 It tells the story of how innovators around the world are responding to longer lives Honoured by endorsements Hope you’ll enjoy it!
Fascinating research using genetically informed methods that appears to show that BMI is more likely the cause of personality than personality is the cause of BMI HT I love findings that turn assumptions on their head.
So excited to finally share this work - structure of Cx46/50 gap junction intercellular channels in a dynamic lipid environment, resolved at 1.9 Å by #CryoEM! With some MD-simulation to make it dance ;) Check it out on BioRxiv:
Presenting "A Benchmark for Interpretability Methods in Deep Neural Networks" at poster #159 tomorrow (Dec 10th). Poster > Slides > Code > Paper > See you there! :)
Presenting "A Benchmark for Interpretability Methods in Deep Neural Networks" at poster #159 tomorrow (Dec 10th). Poster > Slides > Code > Paper > See you there! :)
🥳New paper at Evolutionary Psychology with 🥳 We find that senders of more relevant messages enjoy higher social benefits, but when these more relevant-if-true messages turn out to be inaccurate, they suffer higher reputational costs.
Proud of for her superb #bGWAS R package, which although heavily used, has just been published The package is available here: Try it with your favourite GWAS and see how much boost you can get by leveraging related traits!
Our new ahead-of-print paper showing item-level physiological arousal (heart rate deceleration) and visuocortical connectivity predict negative memory vividness
"Vancouver, Vancouver, this is it!" Remembering Mount St. Helens' May 18, 1980, eruption.
Our recent work w/ , mapping the largest internal #migration flows across 38 countries in #Europe using in #rstats. Link to reproducible #code & #data & our paper which explains the observed patterns
China's NDRC just released the first nationally unified Catalogue for green industries and projects, which will provide the basis for a consistent set of standards for green loans, bonds, ABS, funds, and other green assets. Full text (in Chinese)
The government strips the Hungarian Academy of Sciences of its research institutions: An incredibly sad day for academic freedom around the world, and for the independence of science in Hungary.
Let me help explain how science should be conducted . As I've taught it for >30 yrs. Key is NOT scientific evidence that supports one's beliefs; it's single (or more) studies that disagree.Unless your model can explain ALL evidence, it's wrong
Applause is great, but nurses & midwives also need safe and decent work and fair pay. ✅ They need gender transformation policy action. Our key take aways from State of the World’s Nursing Report - 2020 #WorldHealthDay #SupportNursesAndMidwives
We are funded by #nsf #CNH2 and are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher (3 year of funding) to work on global-scale trait-based ecology and ecosystem service with me and . More information here: please contact me if interested.
Terrific story by on the plight of the #pangolins. Details rise in transcontinental #trafficking (), captive breeding & TCM, #bushmeat trade, and efforts to save them
webinar with Dani Rodrik on the "Future of #Globalization after #COVID__19" . #EconTwitter 📅Monday, May 4, 12:30PM ET (18:30 European Time) ✍️ Pre-registration is required:
Our Net Zero Climate Home School next week! From & hosted by of Speakers include: D. Frame of J. Allwood of Register: Info:
Have you submitted an abstract for the Mutational Scanning Symposium? If not, submit by November 15th. Cash awards for the best posters, sponsored ! Learn more and submit here:
Great blog on the #PeerCompetencyFramework. I see places where PS still happens meaningfully but if this framework gets through not for long. Like recovery, it will have been a powerful concept originating from Lived Exp, utterly destroyed by the system
Congrats to Bert Vogelstein, MD, of and , a 2019 Albany Prize recipient: #cancergenomics #cancerresearch #AlbanyPrize
Important new legislation: The bipartisan Endless Frontier Act (S 3832, HR 6978) would create a new DARPA-like directorate at the NSF, $100b in R&D surges, and 10-15 "regional tech hubs" not unlike the "growth centers" and I proposed
Announcing a new Reserach Topic on edited by #Teppei_Matsui and myself 👉Dynamic Functional Connectivity in Brain Networks We welcome contributions covering different brain mapping modalities both in human and animals Further details 👇
Just published in great timing with #ash20. At least half of patient with #hememalignancies disagreed on #chanceofcure. #Educ and #socialsupport matter
Meet our new book 😻 Multisensory experiences: Where the senses meet technology, with . It can now be pre-ordered on website: 🚀🚀🚀🚀
Meta-analysis finds that #earlylifestress is associated with 2.5x increased risk for #depression in childhood and adolescence, and MDD risk varies by type of ELS /1
Nice addition to the #NewYearTheme. 58% of #gerionc pts felt younger than stated age (young in heart!). Those who felt the same/older had several impaired #geriatricassessment domains
Happy to share our first preprint on using ideas from 'critical transitions' field to predict Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) - many thanks to excellent opportunity to collaborate with Partha Dutta, Sudipta Sinha, Sukanta Sarkar! Comments welcome!
New paper: The correlation between happiness & patience (monetary "time preference") becomes negative beyond a certain point: . For the broader trait of self-control, previous research has failed to find a similar "tipping point": .
So honored to write a review paper ➡️“Advances in Targeting RET-Dependent Cancers” with Dr. Gilbert Cote,THE RET biology guru in Cancer Discovery ➡️ “ #LCSM #nsclc ! Insightful , exhilarating experience & learning 25 yrs of RET from the authority.
Take a look: snapshot of 's activities & work with partners in the #COVID19 response, covering: 👉Coordination 👉Support to countries to prepare & respond 👉Acceleration of research & development Work in countries: #WHOImpact #WHOPartners #COVID19Fund
Two little Australian born girls will wake up today in a detention centre on Christmas Island. Despite the 30 mil $ spent on reopening the centre and detaining this family - the family of four are housed in a room with only one bed.
Artworks by Leonardo da Vinci, William Segar, Parmigianino and Lorenzo Lotto. Full attributions and more sex weasel examples on my blog The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things
Ireland has the highest childcare fees in the EU by a big margin (when the UK leaves). In Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Romania childcare is free. We are one of the few countries that don't regulate fees. We need a new public service model for childcare:
Human Rights lawyer Veronica Koman facing threats and harassment by #Indonesia for her work to defend the rights of the people in #WestPapua
We are recruiting two #postdocs! Join us to investigate the genetic basis of adaptation to urban environments using #anopheles and to natural environments using #drosophila. Check our web for details and DM/e-mail me with any question! #ERC #micinn
Dominic Cummings' wife Mary Wakefield was born on April 12th 1975. The same day as he drove to Barnard Castle to double check his eyesight. Which is a weird coincidence you might say.
If there's racial bias in police stops, estimates of bias using stop data are often wrong. New : we show how to correct/bound statistical bias & fix prior work that understated racial bias in use of force. thread: slides:
Children & adolescent mental health services have 50% of the specialist staff they need. We have a severe shortage of psychiatric consultants due to the recruitment & retention crisis. #CareCantWait for these children
CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: PhD position (3 yrs) in 's #scicomm team In -funded project on #science-related #conspiracytheories #online, led by & me More on project: Please apply & share widely!
USGS-HVO has daily updates about volcanic activity on its webpage; new steaming area uprift (west) of Highway 130.
Our lab in Barcelona opens a Postdoc position funded by to push imaging techniques that can study molecular structures in situ. Live-Cell #imaging +FIB-SEM +cryo-ET. Please RT🙏📢 We look for #ProteinEngineering light #microscopy or #image_analysis 👉
My article on people with #disability in #COVID19 & risks of #congregate settings. Need transparency on decisions and greater oversight. Protecting people with disability during the pandemic
Statement by #CHRI calling for an urgent independent inquiry into #Rwandan gospel singer’s #death Read More:
"This is a fantastic result for the many vulnerable victims of trafficking", DPG's on today's High Court ruling declaring the policy unlawful. Thanks to
How do cells shut off translation when they sense dsRNA? RNase L cleaves most mRNAs so they aren't available to be translated, while anti-viral transcripts escape decay. James Burke's study now in print ! , preprint:
New studies show that #obesity - the condition in and of itself - as the most significant risk factor, after only older age, for being hospitalized with #COVID-19. Young adults with obesity appear to be at particular risk.
La SFSP publie un entretien avec l'épidémiologiste clinique sur #COVID #COVIDー19, où l'on parle maladies infectieuses, dépistage, traitement et politiques publiques. #InfectiousDisease #TestingForCovid19 #chloroquine. A lire ici >
No excuse! Not 1 but THREE major UK NHS documentaries now available for free before the election! [email protected] Great NHS Heist: [email protected] Under the Knife: [email protected]'s Dirty War on the NHS: (8 TONIGHT):
This week's cover by American artist Titus Kaphar, who literally cut out the canvas to show a mother's loss. Read Kaphar's powerfully written work we published with the cover. and cover story
We have a new postdoc position available! Interested in studying honeybee communication using network techniques (NBDA)? Come join us! Please RT
First ever virtual Open Source Hallway Track! Join us! Topic: Growing leaders in open source. Or wherever the conversation goes! It's the hallway track! Meeting times: 8:30amPT/17:30pmCEST/15:30 UTC
. shared at KubeCon how replacing iptables and kube-proxy with #eBPF improves performance in your Kubernetes cluster while also simplifying troubleshooting by providing native visibility tools Slides:
Are you struggling with your mental health? U can get support in a crisis by calling our 24/7 MH Support Line on 0800 028 8000. If you are Deaf you can call the Mental Health Support Line using Sign Live Video Relay Service (VRS). Find out more here
JOB OPPORTUNITY ‘Wild boar specialist`, . Send covering letter, a full CV, and contact details for two referees. This should be submitted via email (see pdf) They should mark the application as ‘Wild boar specialist`.
**Are you a physiotherapist working in Ireland?*** are inviting you to take part in an online survey about working with any patients during and after cancer treatment. See link below. Please RT #physiotherapy #cancerrehab #exerciseoncology
Woo! Our next event is up👉Research Sector of the Future Thought leaders discuss concepts essential for our future careers 🔸Open Access 🔸Data & Tech 🔸Commercialisation 🔸Partnerships: Tiff Petre Deets>
Today we launch - Social connection in the COVID-19 crisis. The interim report of our #COVIDー19 inquiry looks at the successes & challenges of efforts to reach society's most isolated groups during this crisis. Download your copy:
#VirtualEvent: Join the #AF2020 preconference #webinar on "Adaptation with a Human Face: Moving towards #ClimateJustice" on 29th April 2020 4PM IST Join the event live via #Zoom Event ID: 83299739649 Password: 514601 More info on
Please spread the news far and wide that is hoping to add another movement disorders #neurologist to our team this summer! Come join us! #parkinsons #deepbrainstimulation #job Details are in the links: and
*New* #preprint in collaboration with Nicole Karcher, Roman Kotov & Deanna Barch, looking at resting state functional connectivity correlates of the #pfactor and hierarchical dimensions of psychopathology we previously delineated in the #ABCD study ()
Call for papers 1st VAWG Research Network Meeting 28/4/20 15 minute presentations of research (ideas/ongoing/completed) on any aspect violence against women and girls. Abstract max 250 words emailed to [email protected] by 20.4.20. Pls RT
Finally out after a 2+ year rollercoaster. We checked 11,700 individuals and confirm genetic role for intermediate ATXN1 polyQ expansions in #ALS etiology. More evidence for contribution of repeat expansions and polygenic risk to sALS. 1/n
#KamyaabHainAzaabNahi - In response to 's statement about people with disabilities, we have presented a list of demands to Federal government (, ) and government of Punjab (). Please sign the petition:
We ❤️ the way puts things: "Howard Zinn was a garbage historian and his book is terrible. There is a good book debunking all of Howard Zinn's stupid ideas...'s '𝐃𝐞𝐛𝐮𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐇𝐨𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝 𝐙𝐢𝐧𝐧'" 📕 ⬅️ order here!
Today marks the launch of our #UtilitiesSanitationChallenge. Apply now for the opportunity to win up to £250,000 and the backing of our partners and . #sanitation #safewater #utilities
Excited about auditory research and looking for a POSTDOC position??? Please apply to work with me in Toronto at (). Women, individuals w disabilities, Indigenous people, POC & 2SLGBTQ+ individuals are encouraged to apply. Please RT.
Our new preprint by . 🥳🍾We developed a #BrainAge model and found accelerated functional aging prior to Aβ-PET detection in ADAD. This finding challenges the most influential models of AD suggesting Aβ as the starting point of the disease.
Inverness and the Highlands are awesome. Our ED is awesome. We have jobs advertised. Depending on your current context perhaps this is your chance to take control of what your work/life will be this decade, or at least run towards something better!...
A Hackathon is taking place on 28 and 29 September as part of #BristolOneCity's commitment to tackling #periodpoverty. Some great minds will be coming together to design an app to tackle #periodpoverty. Sign up on Eventbrite
“I asked myself a simple question; what are the #privacy implication of having our #cancer support group, #previvors and #survivors convene on #facebook” 🔗 #PatientOrator #PtExp #privacymatters #HITsm #BCSM #hcsm #peersupport #hcldr
👏👏👏Mejor noticia! "Instituto Nacional de DDHH e Instituto Psiquiátrico iniciaron trabajo conjunto en salud mental". Para seguir avanzando en tratamiento de enf. mentales con mejor standard profesional y de DDHH😉 Lee los detalles aquí 👉
Our #BlackMarble team has been monitoring the efforts of cities across the planet as they work to contain #COVID19. Results from Wuhan show highways and business districts have gone dark, visible signs of the fight against this #pandemic
An article by Prof. Elizabeth Shepherd was nominated by Springer Nature, as one that could help humanity and protect and preserve our planet: A balance of trust in the use of government administrative data.
👉🏻 #Bitcoin steigt! Hast du alles sicher verwahrt und an die Erben gedacht? 👉🏻 Mein Buch «Kryptos verwahren und vererben» ab sofort mit #Bitcoin vorbestellen 👉🏻 HALVING SPECIAL: Für 21h halber Preis aufs Buch – first come first serve! 👉🏻
Lovely people, lovely US followers, SO EXCITED to tell you it’s #TellMeYourSecret #PublicationDay in America! It’s currently a 'steal' at nearly half cover price here: . Tell your Stateside friends, family, anyone who loves books…🎉🍾🥂Pls RT if you can x
#COVID19 Communiqué de la Société Française de Santé Publique : "Réunir les conditions d’un déconfinement réussi: de nombreuses questions encore sans réponse" >>> #Covid_19fr
Shifting Solidarities in Europe is out!Years of work with CeSO /internat colleagues #SolidarityLectureSeries. Bundling soc of #work #health #family #culture #welfarestates #gender #migration to study #solidarity.
The invites ECRs to apply for the annual Research Award for an original piece of research (e.g. research done for Master’s or PhD thesis, article or publication) informed in whole, or in part, by objects/collections deposited in the DRI.
Out today in : We propose an autosomal-dominant #Alzheimers-trained #MachineLearning model based on multimodal biomarkers, that can predict future cognitive decline in sporadic AD. Special thanks to and #DIAN
What can be done to support #women in #Africa during the #Covid_19 crisis, and to help them bounce back? Check out my blog on Supporting African women through the economic consequences of COVID-19, written with my #GenderLab colleagues!
I don't agree with WP editorial here is why: there is a methodological error in analyzing what is going on in Iran exclusively from Washington's perspective. There is an internal and prevalent logic inherent in recent protests...
A Revista Eletrônica de Comunicação, Informação e Inovação em Saúde (Reciis) recebe até 02 de dez trabalhos inéditos para o dossiê 'Fake News e Saúde' com previsão de publicação para março de 2020. Oportunidade para o pessoal da Ciência da Informação! :)
Alignment on research priorities will help the sector better coordinate and be more impactful. Great to see this analysis on priorities for #prevention of #wasting published #InvestInNutrition #SDG2
If you're interested on the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy, here are two awesome webinars: Pandemic Economics (EUI) with , & : Coronavirus & the Global Economy (LBS) with :
Very cool to see #KyawSoeOo from #Myanmar is featured in 's “30 Under 30 Asia” list. He and his fellow #WaLone exposed the massacre of #Rohingya and sentenced to 7 years in jail in 2018. They spent more than 500 days in jail then freed in 2019.
Par le Pr Bruno Riou: « Une deuxième vague identique à la première, voire plus désastreuse, est probablement à écarter »
📢The 2019 International DNA #Metabarcoding Symposium will be held in Bogota🇨🇴31st October Edificio Pedro Navas, Sala del consejo Check out the program 🚨Entrance is free but prior registration is required See you there!
📢 is launching the global networking initiative ‘Academics Need to Talk’. Open to all, regardless of subject-specialism and career stage 🥳 Let's get everyone talking!! 🤗 Sign up!!! Instructions on:
And our surface vehicle #Caravela is finally out in the waters of Barbados! You can have fun following #Caravela and our #gliders on this link: . #EUREC4A
Third of five finalists for the 2020 Albert J. Raboteau Prize for Best Book in #AfricanaReligions is Gwyneth H. McClendon and Rachel Beatty Riedl, *From Pews to Politics Religious Sermons and Political Participation in Africa* ()
. As chair of #UNAIDSPCB board #China needs to show leadership to #EndAIDS #EliminateHCV, NOT jail #HIV #hepatitis activists working on defending healthcare & disability rights #DroptheCharges #NOHep #FreeChangsha3 Read here
OMG so chuffed that I have been nominated for “New Voice” for my podcast “What Do I Do” @7digitalCreativ #AudibleAPAs19 Thanks to all that took part 😘 Please RT 🤞🏽😊
NEW offering! Remote Course Design Essentials (CTE8000), will guide participants through a series of self-paced, asynchronous tasks designed to help instructors prepare to teach remotely. The first offering starts this Wednesday!
Active Resources for Home Learning! #StayInWorkOut #StayHomeStayActive Working with some fantastic partners across the country to keep pupils active at home! Links and opportunities: For some FREE resources and activity challenges:
Active Resources for Home Learning! #StayInWorkOut #StayHomeStayActive Working with some fantastic partners across the country to keep pupils active at home! Links and opportunities: For some FREE resources and activity challenges:
53,6% of world population use Internet 🖥 71% of young people are online📱 Access to Internet is geografically disproportional More data: #SwitchedOn
We are recruiting - looking for a consultant psychiatrist to join our staff. Great opportunity to take a key role in protecting and promoting the human rights of people with mental illness, learning disabilities, dementia and related conditions.
The Italian scientific committee for the COVID19 crisis is "all-old-boys" 21/21 Women are fundamental: e.g. a female doctor 1st recognised COVID19 in Italy : Italy needs women. Facts show their competence and value
The Italian scientific committee for the COVID19 crisis is "all-old-boys" 21/21 Women are fundamental: e.g. a female doctor 1st recognised COVID19 in Italy : Italy needs women. Facts show their competence and value
1/7: In my new paper with & Halberda, we use visual search to separately quantify individual differences in storage capacity vs exec. control, w/in the context of how memory operates in the real world(over time,large displays,decision-making)
Imagine missing your 18th birthday bash, year 12 formal, schoolies and all those rites of passage marking the transition to adulthood. Herald photographer spent the past month meeting the class of 2020. View her superb photo essay here 👉
We are looking to hire a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and / or Machine learning!
An Indonesian court has sentenced 2 farmers to 8 and 10 months in prison for harvesting palm fruit from land whose ownership is contested by the community and a palm oil firm. This despite no proof presented to the court that the firm owns the land.
We have just published 11 new reports after visiting patients in 11 NHS wards/units across the country. Find out our recommendations on care and treatment here
Delighted to share with you our ( ) latest work now online investigating concordance of PET and CSF biomarkers of tau. If you don't have time: CSF may be abnormal before PET. If you do: Thread.
#Postdoc and other #fellowship opportunities at the , including: Independent research: #Genomics: #JobOpportunity #ScienceTwitter
Join us in celebrating Dr. Frances Arnold's recent Nobel honor and welcoming her back to Pittsburgh as the keynote speaker for Life Sciences Week 2019. #lifesciences You can purchase your ticket here - ."
Congrats to my supervisor for his new book, 'The Earliest Europeans – a Year in the Life: Survival Strategies in the Lower Palaeolithic' out now from Oxbow Books: (open access available shortly!)
Pre-print available here, with suppl. table at the end the table contains many more references than I could have in the paper and it is already missing several new ones. I will try to update in coming weeks. Leave suggestions for references in comments/DM
They will be in Rome. What about you? submit contributions here or papers (CS) here
Out in print in newest issue of Security Dialogue and currently Open Access - get your free copy while the publisher's love lasts: "Is securitization theory racist? Civilizationism, methodological whiteness, and antiblack thought in the Copenhagen School"
#Postdoc and other #fellowship opportunities at the , including: Independent research: #Genomics: #JobOpportunity #ScienceTwitter
They will be in Rome. What about you? submit contributions here or papers (CS) here
Coordinadora Residente de la ONU en Panamá, Cristian Munduate presentó sus saludos protocolares al Canciller de la República, y a la Viceministra de Asuntos Multilaterales en donde reafirmó el compromiso de la ONU con Panamá. ▶️
#Postdoc and other #fellowship opportunities at the , including: Independent research: #Genomics: #JobOpportunity #ScienceTwitter
The south and its policies have been featured heavily on the news, but the organizers who have been working on the ground for years have been ignored. Let's rectify this and discuss black women organizing in the south
“Agriculture Bill: here's what it means for farming and the environment after Brexit”, - our analysis in Read more about our Agri-env post-#Brexit project: with &
Statistical Genetics & Biomedical Informatics positions open in our team . Junior&Senior! Come help us leverage exciting human datasets to find therapies for devastating neuro disorders.
Statistical Genetics & Biomedical Informatics positions open in our team . Junior&Senior! Come help us leverage exciting human datasets to find therapies for devastating neuro disorders.
IoPPN Staff and Students! Apply for a free place on a BHI short course. For more info: • Meta Analysis: 13 - 14 May • Causal Modelling: 1st – 12th June • Natural Language Processing:1st – 5th June
Our team is joining the Swedish National #COVID19 Research program. Grateful to for funding us!
📣Sesión online sobre la experiencia #COVIDー19 de servicios de Urgencias de hospitales en zonas rojas (Lombardía, Madrid y New York). ⏰Viernes 8 de mayo a las 17h. Estáis todos invitados (aforo online: 1000) 🔑Link de conexión:
Statistical Genetics & Biomedical Informatics positions open in our team . Junior&Senior! Come help us leverage exciting human datasets to find therapies for devastating neuro disorders.
1/ New #COVID19 data from Germany, from a rep pop sample in one of the regions that is most heavily affected (Heinsberg) suggest ~15% of pop was already infected and is now immune. CFR is ~0.37%, much lower than suggested by data from John's Hopkins Uni...
Drs. Pollyea, Jordan, and their respective teams have spearheaded an interconnected clinical and research approach to unravel how to treat AML by exploiting the weaknesses in the leukemia stem cell population. #CUAnschutz #CUCancer . .
"Promoting Nutritious Food Choices Through the Use of Front of Package Labels and Visual Cues" Great new Discussion Paper from Download it here➡️
Meanwhile, the global mortality from viral hepatitis exceeds that of HIV, TB or malaria. Tools exist to eliminate hepatitis today, but start-up funding is essential. More in the new report on our Global Fund's replenishement's side-event #NoHep #UHC
Mission Motherhood Messages, written by , are evidence-based, expert-reviewed SMS messages designed to support mothers in low-resource settings! Apply for access here: #maternalhealth #DigitalHealth
“Advocacy skills are a core tenet of medicine & should be incorporated into the medical curriculum. Medical schools must ensure that students are adequately trained in advocating for patient’s rights, especially as these very rights are being threatened.”
With #SpanishFlu of 1918 it is been hypothesised that the second wave was worse for young people because of the selective pressures of the trenches: "the severely ill were sent on crowded trains to crowded field hospitals, spreading the deadlier virus" 3/n
Really excited to launch Women in FCERM 2020 awards following #InternationalWomensDay2020 Find out here how to nominate someone who makes a real difference to gender equality in the workplace. Award will be presented
Just in time for the #IWD2020 here my new blog "Why free childcare and shared parental leave are not sufficient to reduce male bias in STEM": And join us today at 11 am in the BIO Atrium to celebrate with coffee and cake!
Please RT: Participants needed for a Masters #forensicpsychology research project "Perceptions and Reflections on Real-life Interviews" #eyewitnessmemory #eyewitnesstestimony Link to study:
Breathe deeply and think about this for a minute: We now live in world where this headline is NOT from but from the "Trump shares fake Reagan quote from phony Twitter user." Making America more pathetic every day
We need a manager for our new Leeds Neuropathology Research Tissue Bank, to establish top notch collection & processing & facilitate brain tumour research. Funded by & . Apply by 15/03 . Pls RT. , can we clone u?
Exactly right, : "Freelancers and gig workers don’t want government protections. They want to earn and succeed on their own terms. No state or federal government should interfere with that." Kill NJ #S863 #RepealAB5 #NoPROAct #fightforfreelancers
Thank you UCSF for illustrating critical role of antibiotics and the need to address the crisis
Complete removal of food (all adult life) prolongs life of the worm C elegans. So all adult life the aging worm is doing something that activates mTOR and shortens its life. Why? Aging is mTOR-driven quasi-program, a continuation of developmental growth
Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (PDKI) confirms death of six peshmerga in a recent clash with IRGC in Oshnavieh (Sheno) border IRGC lost 12 members too, the statement from PDKI says
Hot off press! My new paper on #SustainableDevelopment & global #mentalhealth! A new #typology of external actors + systematic mapping of #evidence on external actors in global #mentalhealth at
Excited to share our work out . Example of following weird phenotype down a rabbit hole, learning about unknown biology, & opening up new roads for research. funded by
Congrats to our 2020 Scholars recipients. These early career researchers are stretching their expertise to address problems of inequality and improving the use of research evidence.
Join us and ask your questions on 15 July! More info available at:
Not only that , but a pretty big swing from wet to dry, especially in the north. Fantastic visuals from UK Water Resources Portal. Underpinned by fantastic data from #Hydrometry teams.
“I was at home when they called me with my test results. I’ll never forget the smell of the garage or the feeling of sitting on that dusty box and finding out that I was #BRCA1 positive” 🔗 #BCSM #breastcancer #PtExp #cancersm #HITsm #HDP2019
Finishing article Why and How #rapamycin paradoxically prevents #muscle loss and sarcopenia. Will post it on my new Blog first, for discussion, by Monday. And new study provides a missing link: Target of Rapamycin is NOT needed to maintain muscle size
This is how your brain changes with respect to effort-related economic decisions when you become physically active
1️⃣How do u pool fMRI data across ppl? Most still use voxelwise pooling in common space: group-based, random-effects (RFX) analysis. But it works only if same voxel = same function across ppl, which does not hold! () Fig: why RFX is really bad for you #OHBMx
3 months from today, MUSICAL CHAIRS will be here! Consider supporting your favorite indie bookstore by pre-ordering. PRO-TIP: order from , & they'll mail you a signed copy when it's released! Thank you, for the lovely blurb❤️📚
This Monday I will be presenting “Information Technology and Political Engagement” at Stanford's Development Economics Seminar. Feel free to join at John Gunn Building Rm 224, from 1:30-2:45 if you are about. Paper can be found at
My paper on Interdisciplinary Tools in Anti-Doping is now online at I.S.L.J ! You can access a free read-only version here: . Feedbacks, exchanges on these complex issues most welcome. #sportslaw #antidoping
Science friends - If anyone wants to work at Columbia on Alzheimer's Disease, my colleague is looking for a postdoc! Great department, great school, great city:) 🔬🧠🧪
Tomorrow at 3pm CET, I will present "Economic Uncertainty and Fertility Cycles: Baby Boom & Busts in 20th Century America", coauthored w/ at the Gender and Family Econ. online seminar. To attend: For future webinars:
#VirtualEvent: Join the #AF2020 pre-conference #webinar on "Accelerating #Adaptation Action in Times of #Uncertainty" on 28th April 2020, 4PM IST Join the event live via #Zoom: Event ID: 88677442582 Pass: 841049 For more info:
Please join us for our webinar next week with (May 19th, 4 pm BST) 👉Trouble in the Church? Mainstream macro and the emergence of “pandemic economics”. The session will be introduced by Sign up to the webinar here
Os partidos brasileiros estão entre os mais beneficiados com recursos públicos do mundo. Recriar a propaganda partidária em um período de tanta restrição fiscal é um absurdo. Para os custos do horário partidário, ver
❗️We have cancelled all face-to-face meetings with #carers until further notice, including Keep in Touch, Sunday Lunch Club & Carers Outreach Project. All appointments will be held over the phone. Other services currently remain open. More info here:
. Thank you for wonderful 21 years. Continuing #SRHR work focusing on facilitating access to quality assured essential sexual and reproductive health technologies for #UHC
Take a look at a snapshot of 's activities & work with partners in the #COVID19 response, covering: 👉Coordination 👉Support to countries to prepare and respond 👉Acceleration of research & development Work in countries: #WHOImpact #WHOPartners
two fully funded PhD studentships in youth mental health at Sussex Uni
Agree with that G20 leaders stmt delivers on low expectations in avoiding specifics.
3 NEW job alerts! (Job 2/3 – check for the others): Imaging FACILITY FELLOW (Level B-C). Come and join us at and be part of the large Australian imaging network . Deadline 27 February. Please spread the word.
#DavidAdjaye creates earth-house pavilion for #Ghana at #Venice Art Biennale #veniceartbiennale
co-organized several events during the #CCPCJ28 to highlight the importance of addressing #HumanRights and #GenderResponsive HIV services in the #Criminal Justice context - read more
3 NEW job alerts! (Job 3/3 – check for others): Imaging INFORMATICS Fellow (Level B-C) , and join large Australian imaging network . Help us drive the imaging informatics agenda. Deadline 24 February. Please spread the word.
Today is a beautiful day to start a new course! 🤓 Learn the basics of R and computer programming with this free and online UCL course:
Interested in the protection & enhancement of wild places? Come & join us for the annual NW England gathering | 29 Feb-1 March 2020 | Fantastic line-up of speakers, a day out on #GlenriddingCommon & a pub dinner! | More info & sign up here
Research Assistant post available at St Marys campus to work with us in our BRC Paediatric Infectious Disease Clinic
We're hiring! We are looking for a new Assistant Professor in #Zoology (Organismal Zoology), so dust off your CV! #LoveTrinityResearch
At APPLICATE we ❤️ #Cryosphere! You wonder how far away #ice can possibly affect you? For #CryosphereWednesdays we share our #case #study on the influence of #Arctic #seaice on #energy production in Mid-Latitudes 👉 #SciComm #WhatACryosphere
We're looking forward to next week's northern launch of the IAPT BAME Positive Practice Guide. Places are now fully booked, but we'll be tweeting from the event at the @1BMHC on 16 Jan. The guide is available at
. 's new report aims to debunk the myth that "sustainable and impact investment strategies financially underperform conventional strategies." Read Sacrifice Nothing now! | #impinv
Excited to attend the High-Level Briefing on the & Commission: Governing Health Futures 2030 supported by , & exploring the convergence of digital health and AI with #UHC
D.C.! I got the date wrong! It’s Sep 4 from 3-5 pm #sspdc "Social Media and Scholarly Publishing", at w/ SSP President , , , , - and HAPPY HOUR. Register
🔈🐬"Son investigadores que miden el ruido bajo el mar y sus efectos en la fauna".🐠🎧 Revisa la entrevista que LUN realizó a los académicos de Acustica UACh sobre la versatilidad laboral de la carrera de Ingeniería Civil Acústica Lee la nota completa en
Our new pub "Transcranial electrical stimulation nomenclature" in Brain Stimulation (PDF here ) Here's a Quiz: Question 1: Slow oscillating transcranial Direct Current Stimulation is a sub-class (sub-type) of: A) tDCS B) tACS C) CES D) None of the above
From a few weeks ago but worth a read - from Rob Schreiber’s group on the importance of class II neoantigens
A short video about some work, funded by , on Fuego Volcano, in Guatemala. Led by and it's on of the things I am most proud of in my time in Guatemala. An incredible and formative experience.
Finally the truth be told! McCarthyism and the sex trafficking movement. #HumanTrafficking #FreePress #Senate #WhiteHouse #trump
presenting the benefits of being part of CESSDA infrastructure and what we do internally to adjust our work processes to align with CESSDA principles and CoreTrustSeal recommendations. Conference:
Summary of Chinese CDC report (>72k cases) - Risk of those with preexisting conditions: 10.5% for people with cardiovascular disease, 7.3% for diabetes, 6.3% for chronic respiratory disease, 6% for hypertension, and 5.6% for cancer.
Memorial Library at UW-Madison is hosting a Native Nations panel on Thursday, December 6, 1-2 pm. All are welcome! More info at
'The Brotherhood had evolved into a nonviolent movement, but it was not pacifist, and it cared deeply about Muslim liberation struggles in Palestine & Afghanistan. Azzam’s own Brotherhood background allowed him to connect easily with activists'
Why are there common dimensions across social cognition? What are their origins and purpose? Our work accepted explores how trait knowledge imbues our perceptions from faces to groups with its structure preprint: 1/n
Anyone interested in understanding and responding to the political crisis we face should read ⁦⁦, then ⁩, and then #ThisLife by ⁦⁩. Everything else is facile commentary.
#appel #dons Nous ouvrons une nouvelle unité de Soins Intensifs totalement dédiée au #coronavirus. Pour cela, nous avons besoin de 10 #respirateurs supplémentaires. Vous voulez nous aider?
Cool & unexpected infographics by 🔥🔥🔥 Visualizing the data: Women’s representation in society Check them out 👉 #generationequality #ZeroDiscrimination
Metabolites released from apoptotic cells act as tissue messengers
Is it time for a clinical trial to determine optimal surveillance intensity for high-risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer? Latest results from
It's Trivia Tuesday! Do you know how many academic departments there are in Emory's School of Medicine? Answer: 28! #TriviaTuesday
L'intelligenza artificiale (proprio per tutti) secondo intervistato da L'AI (Parte 1) L'AI (Parte 2) Io consiglio di leggere almeno "AI and Its New Winter: from Myths to Realities"
Well, how about we start w/ SA Health's (#WellbeingSA is an attached office of same) current 2019 #equity of #access #policy directive? How well's that #implementation been going? Anyone #monitoring? LHN #Governing #Boards aware? Suggested #Improvements?
If u are looking for ideas for remote classes that don't involve Zoom or videotaping We've organized the class (150+ students) around a fictional scenario: it is 2031 and there is no vaccine. Deadly pandemics are our new normal. What do we do? Instructions
Protecting #midwives to keep #women and #babies safe amid the #COVID_19 #pandemic. While more than a million ppl worldwide were infected, #health professionals are #heroes working on the front-lines #World_Health_Day #Heath_worker #Nurse #Midwife #UNFPA
Civil society organizations and program beneficiaries reported that the #GlobalGagRule is causing the siloing of #healthcare; negatively impacting localization efforts, #HIV services, and local government policy. Full report ➡️ #EndGlobalGag #Malawi
"Which scientist or doctor is not secretly praying for a miracle? Which priest is not — secretly, at least — submitting to science?" Beautiful article by Arundhati Roy in the
Survey alert! To adapt care appropriately, we are doing research together with and on PrEP use, HIV care and well-being of LGBTQI people during #COVID19 times. Survey open for all who identify as LGBTQI in Dutch, French and English!
Reading an article this morning from highlighting some of the prevalent challenges facing lots of ppl, around the new way of working from home, and dealing with multiple conflicts during a pandemic #COVID19 #Wellbeing #WorkFromHome
The -19 Crisis in Real time & high Definition: Our jointly effort at with researchers at Cambridge, Imperial & Edinburg to explore the effect of the virus on Spanish Consumption a
The -19 Crisis in Real time & high Definition: Our jointly effort at with researchers at Cambridge, Imperial & Edinburg to explore the effect of the virus on Spanish Consumption
CheckMate-9ER study shows cabozantinib + nivolumab positive for progression-free survival and overall survival for previously untreated #kidneycancer patients. Toni Choueiri, MD (), says this may become an important new first-line option: #RCC
Martin Fast is using an MR-Safe 4D phantom containing a #Gafchromic film insert with a spherical target to investigate whether the use of tumour trailing on an #MR-Linac could provide superior target coverage to non-adapted treatments. Read more:
Jump Studio, the third Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture global partner, now open for business in Seoul. Congrats to , , and everyone involved. #volumetric
We () talk about the vaginal microbiota, and make it clear where I stand on bacteria v yeast. (One makes beer so that should clear stuff up) Spotify: ITunes: Check out her YouTube: #blackandstem
Survey by shows consensus on the design of #WTO #Dispute Settlement, but polarisation on the performance of the #Appellate Body. More organisations in low & middle income countries believe that #FTAs offer a better way to resolve disputes 🧐
Excited to award our inaugural Youth Service Capacity Building Grants to , , & Dare2DreamBx. Congrats and good luck as you strengthen your infrastructure and build capacity to serve young people furthest from opportunity.
A critically important piece by "For decades, a handful of boutique colleges and powerhouse universities have served as emblems of our system of higher education[...] This has remained true during the pandemic"
Congratulations to our five new Research Grants recipients on reducing inequality in youth outcomes, including , , , , ,
Together with members of , we're putting a spotlight on healthworkers and launching a call for them to be supported physically 💪 + mentally 🧠 to do their jobs. On #InternationalNursesDay, read the blog and learn more: #SupportHealthWorkers
🔵 Blue Ant & T-Error Machinez on Synthentral Thanks to 🔥 👇 (13:25) #ebm #synthpop #futurepop #industrial #goth #synthwave #dark #newwave
are running an survey on gaps & positives in the health response. We need views from #frontlineworkers. Takes 5-10mins, Pls help with a RT
Can someone turn from far right extremism to radical compassion? Tony McAleer proves the answer is yes. Read our interview with him and find out how, in our latest blog: . #notohate
Amsterdammers, please consider signing this citizen initiative that asks for a better balance between #tourism and #liveability Link: Of course tourists should feel welcome in #Amsterdam, but so should its citizens.
SECOND EVENT TONIGHT! Net Zero Climate Series with of at 5-630pm. 'Pathways to Net Zero' with and Ambuj Sagar Watch: Register: Info:
Did you know that gut feelings play a key role in the career of a financial trader? To learn more, join us next Monday 8th June at 4pm to hear Prof. Sarah Garfinkel speak about her research on interoception: #UCLChangingMindsS
Join our #RushGenerations Men's Health Roundtable tomorrow, June 3 from 1-2:30pm CST with and ! To read more, register, & join online, click here: or join by phone: 1-844-621-3956, Access code: 192 382 218 #menshealth
could you please share : Please see our appeal video featuring our lovely Samaritans Southampton & District volunteers. Due to COVID-19 we can't fundraise, we hope that our video will help keep our branch open. If you can donate visit: 💚
Instead of writing my proposal (!), I’m going to tweet about some (i think underappreciated) methodological issues in the Lancet hydroxychloroquine study. #EpiTwitter 👆Hazard ratios = useless ✌️Immortal time bias 🤟Missing data 🖖Model misspecification
New article with on why global health needs are unmet by research efforts. We find: i) Concentration of research in Global North; ii) Public research and pharma agendas surprisingly similar; iii) More misalignment in middle income countries.
Many Brazilian analysis have shown optimism about COVID-19 vaccine development. So do I. However, they did not take into account the vaccine availability challenge. Thanks for this analysis! Every policymaker adviser should read it!
Earth Day in a time of pandemic: On April 22, I’ll be joining my talented AP colleagues and in a NYU Washington D.C. webinar on environmental reporting. Register here for this free event
On April 26th a motley crew of staff are running/cycling/crawling a series of relay-marathons for the #TwoPointSixChallenge to raise money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health Please donate if you can!
Webinar 7pmEST 4/16-COVID-19 and impact on black workers and communities. you will hear voices of Black nurses/unionized healthcare workers on frontlines...talking about health, community and economic implications and what we all can do to promote change
We measured overconfidence by field of study, might give an indication of the ranking
📢Did you know our platform hosts a variety of #COVID19 initiatives categorized by provinces and territories? 👉 Our list is constantly being updated, if you have an initiative that you would like to share, you can add it here 👉
Our team were temporarily deployed to help frontline workers within North Central London (NCL), to support staff wellbeing during the Covid-19 crisis. Visit the webpage for NCL in Mind: Resources Inc. podcasts & wellbeing questionnaires!.
scientists Konrad Stopsack, , Wassim Abida & colleagues identify genomic alterations in mHSPC #prostatecancer and associations with disease progression in IMPACT: cool focus on de novo vs. mets recurrence
Virtual academic life goes on... #Casestudy of collaborative #realisteval on #policydialogue. Hope you'll find useful tips to plan yr next #realisteval. #methodscases
The AIDS outbreak brought about social change that still persists. Coronavirus seems to be doing the same. People may permanently avoid handshakes and crowded areas. Read Virginia Postrel's opinion piece on it in
Fascinating new paper by , J Aker and : Two-sided randomized access to Yellow pages in Tanzania: Benefits for firms, spillovers through production networks, customers increased access to markets.
+ 's own great work. Ex: w/ et al. on connections/tensions btw UHC and global health security & w/ on pitfalls of treating outbreaks as security threat w/out acknowledging humanitarian issues
+ 's own great work. Ex: w/ et al. on connections/tensions btw UHC and global health security & w/ on pitfalls of treating outbreaks as security threat w/out acknowledging humanitarian issues
Pour les députés de la majorité , la FR🇫🇷 doit « donner l’exemple en réaffirmant son ambition en santé mondiale » lors des grands rendez-vous de 2020 #ForumGénérationEgalité #GAVI #LOPDSI 👉
Our latest metering update documented 15,000 asylum seekers on waitlists in 11 cities across the border, a 30% decline from November. This downward shift is in large part due to U.S./Mexican policies.
Just published in Cancer Discovery ➡️ Our review on “Advances in Targeting RET-Dependent Cancers” #LCSM #Thycsm #nsclc #thyroidcancer
1st VAWG Network Meeting – Tuesday 28th April 2020 10am-4.30pm, including presentations by network members, discussions and lots of networking opportunities. To book your free place follow this link
new piece by former CCIS fellow Adi Hercowitz-Amir & Rebeca Raijman on "Restrictive borders and rights: attitudes of the Danish public to asylum seekers"
We need to change the paradigm: #sustainability and #development at the 21st century - intro chapter #openaccess via #SDGs. What is the role of #circulareconomy in achieving #SustainableDevelopmentGoals ?...
Ready for the first Regional workshop on Implementation Science on #HIV and viral #hepatitis , 10–11 February 2020, Berlin, Germany, see the program Watch live as of 9 AM Berlin time
Perfect timing to hear talk today on account of the pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes studies being released
. is "live" at The Well for a discussion of her new book: The Revolution That Wasn't: How Digital Activism Favors Conservatives*. Open to everyone ... *
Cultivating a supportive and understanding workplace is absolutely key for employee wellbeing. That's not only true in Scotland but all over the world. The article by the discusses the topic in more detail: #addwellbeing #mentalhealth
While the world’s fisheries still face major challenges, there is some true hope for the future. Appropriate management techniques can make a major difference. #resilience #resiliencejournalism
Eight Nobel price-winning papers by Gregg Semenza (Nobel 2019) are published in Oncotarget We will prepare a special collection Editor-in-Chief
"Summary: Status of Working Memory The progress in this field might be likened to an upward spiral. We make steady progress but meanwhile, we go in circles." - 😅 (full text
's 'front row' vs 'back row' America discussion with re: Arnade's book Dignity. Aarnade's insights are as valuable to making sense of 2019 as 's from Coming Apart and 's from Hillbilly Elegy were to 2016.
We recorded some exciting podcast episodes to wrap up 2019 with! 🎁 Make sure to subscribe on your favorite platform you don't miss them: Apple: Spotify: Stitcher:
Need something new to read over breakfast #AGU2019? Well 👀👉 new paper in provides timely perspective on the geological imprint of Antarctic ice shelves and how this data can help validate predictive models. Read it here
A reviewer claimed that Paul du Gay & Signe Vikkelsø ignore the "human dimension" because they focus on formal organization in their book. Here's their response. #orgdesign
Need some #RebelliousTeaching✊🏼👩🏽‍🏫? A few places left 4 our event in #Berlin with #PolCapdevila () & #educators #artists #academics 🗓15.–16.12.2019 📍 🖊signup: Soon: Pol's full manifesto 🔗
Dikketruiendag is een sensibiliseringsactie rond klimaat, maar we leggen dit jaar de link met biodiversiteit. Het IPBES-rapport en ook geven aan dat de klimaatverandering een steeds belangrijkere factor in de erosie van de biodiversiteit is.
The gut #fungus Z. culisetae influences the transstadial transmission outcomes of #mosquito microbiota. Check more details at by et. al. WGS of this gut fungus is publicly available ()
📕Researchers with participation of from #IBE_Barcelona reveal what the mysterious #Denisovans looked like based on the tip of a pinky bone. The study in reveals 56 physical features of #Denisovan only from molecular data. ➡️
📕Investigadores con participación de de #IBE_Barcelona revelan qué aspecto tenían los misteriosos #Denisovanos a partir del #ADN de un dedo meñique. El estudio revela hasta 56 características físicas en base a datos moleculares.Lee aquí ➡️
My favorite report of the year is out! #Goalkeepers2019 . And my favorite graphic is on #GenderGap. Couldn't be a better visualization. And nothing is changing. Download here.
What's the "return on engagement" re: patients and R&D? Interesting study for all of us in #SDG3
Dr. de presentó estudio sobre reducción de #hipertensión por sustitución de #sal / Congreso de la Sociedad Europea de #Cardiología #ESCcongress #WCC2019 #ESCcongress2019 Ver más en: Foto:
Feeling very honoured to have been invited by to present @ "Madness, The Mind & Politics" conference next week on how our current narrative of mental health is determined by values of productivity. Looking forward 2 this! 🙋‍♀️
"La tendencia de los investigadores a evaluar las contribuciones de sus pares más jóvenes usando criterios de calidad extraídos de su propia experiencia científica puede contribuir a un conservadurismo estructural" (leído en
Only 4 studies on nutrition outcomes ➡️ mixed results w/2 showing ++ impacts & 2 null effects, all in LAC [see table 2b] Not included is Baird et al. in Malawi finding ++ impacts on height 4 children of young women targeted for CTs during sec school ages:
.'s report on Jaipur's sewage system suggests Decentralised sanitation systems and co-treatment of faecal sludge in sewage treatment plant. #FlushKeBaad #WorldToiletDay Read full report -
Excited to see our multi-center phase 2 trial of individualized axitinib in pts with metastatic RCC who received prior checkpoint inhibitor therapy- published For those unlikely to read full article, a brief tweetorial ⬇️
I spent my 1st year in philanthropy trying to grasp what funders learned from last era of ed reform. Seems like each one learned something different. Not sure that's a good thing for the next stage.
It's tonight! #Hamwe discussion on how #music influences #mentalhealth with Dr Tasha golden from Dr Lasanthi Manaranjanie from the University of Ljubjana Register: #ArtsInHealth #ArtsInMedicine #MentalHealth
Christmas can be a hard time for people experiencing difficulties with their eating. Disappointed to see publishing an article discussing 'How to enjoy your Christmas dinner without guilt'. Just not sure how these messages are helpful?
INCYMI (like I did) a thoughtful read. "#STAMPEDE has confirmed that... #RT provides the most cost-effective & least toxic method of delivering life-prolonging therapy in metastatic #prostatecancer. ?s remain about sequencing & alternative treatments..."
Our most recent work on the topic (with and ) uses sms-based behavioral experiment and actual voting data to measure changes in politics after contact with migrants through different types of social networks. Published version here
Miloš prati odnos pozitivnih u ukupnom broju testiranih u Srbiji u odnosu na druge zemlje. ⬇️ Meni je takođe interesantno koliko je testova sprovedeno na svakih milion stanovnika, što nađoh na nekom španskom sajtu (). Srbija bi bila pri dnu ove liste.
These results could help explain why (i) local rumors are mostly true whereas global rumors are mostly false, (ii) extreme exaggerations in rumor transmission are rare, (iii) so many rumors are about unverifiable threats. Read the paper to find out 😊
Thanks for the heads up. Working moms are feeling it. And I am concerned about soon-to-be-mom friends. --Pandemics affect men and women differently, and the coronavirus is going to set back women's rights in the Atlantic
Very proud of mentee who is the sole recipient of the prestigious Long-term International Fellowship (LIFe) award from . He will spend a year to study FGFR and CDK4/6 alterations in #BladderCancer
"“Life is suffering”, said Gautama Buddha. But will this always be true?" A great debate between and on if it were possible to abolish suffering, should we do it?
There can be a tendency to take quite polarised views of neuroscience in psychiatry: blinkered and negative or grandiose and unrealistically positive. Great to see this open-minded, level-headed and thoughtful piece by
Join on our next webinar June 11 at 12:30pm to hear from 's Chief Scientist give a presentation on "The Enduring Legacy of Inequitable Heat Exposure in US Cities". Register today!
Join for a webinar June 11 at 12:30pm to hear from 's Chief Scientist give a presentation on "The Enduring Legacy of Inequitable Heat Exposure in US Cities".
The year grows darker... return to the #HauntedLandscape for an exploration of the #folklore, #magic and #monsters of the British Isles. On Sat 23 Nov, speakers discuss the undead, witches & familiars, and common folk magic. - Tickets:
Qué refrescante es escuchar voces diversas y compasivas también desde la #Economía. "El dilema entre economía y salud para proteger a la población pobre es bastante falaz" Una entrevista muy completa a Ana María Ibáñez, asesora económica del BID.
"Timing Questioned: Govt. Report Released Early, in Middle of Holiday Weekend | My interview with this morning on new #NationalClimateAssessment report: #NCA4
Good that G7 Leaders will confer on coronavirus on Monday. But we've been in a G20 world for over decade. Need to include China, S Korea, other G20 countries on pandemic and economic measures.
Harvard Business Review just published my article "Are Businesses Ready for Deglobalization". Let me know your thoughts - Read it here: #getsmarter #globalization #deglobalization
Thrilled that , through actionworks, is currently doubling all donations to (the climate org I work w/ & home to @350Mass). If you can, please give through this link Your donation will matter a lot--We are very careful w our $$
My talk at #GTC19 China on latest works on generative models that I have been involved in both at and Some topics: competitive optimization, disentanglement in StyleGAN, flow-based models for turbulence modeling, CNN-feedback networks
CVS and Segway inventor get together for major push into home kidney dialysis that could threaten giant incumbents
Tomorrow I'll be speaking about "Refuge beyond Reach" at Casa del Migrante in Tijuana for #WorldRefugeeWeek to register:
Quedan pocos días para postular a la III Convocatoria Internacional CAF de Evaluaciones de Impacto para una #MejorGestión. Instituciones Públicas pueden postular proyectos para ser objeto de una evaluación hasta el día 30/06
For my global healthcare colleagues, please look at this: The Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention & Treatment. Be Careful! #coronavirus #singapore #hcldr please RT
Check out our ICLR 20 paper on the SPACE model for unsupervised object-oriented scene representation. Enjoy the following gifs to see it nicely working on some Atari games. Project page: Paper: #model_based_rl #generative_models
Por tercer año consecutivo celebramos la III Convocatoria Internacional CAF de Evaluaciones de Impacto para una #MejorGestión. Aquellas instituciones públicas que tengan interés en postular pueden hacerlo hasta el 30/06. Más información aquí:
"Study of tooth sockets of famous skull leads to reconsideration of gender": "Mrs. Ples" Australopithecus skull reportedly male. "Gender" may seem politically correct, but simply wrong for fossils!
#COVID19 study in #Iceland: 9,000 symptomatic/exposed and >10,000 population-screening tested. Higher COVID+ in men vs. women in targeted (17% v 11%) and population screening (0.9% v 0.6%). Diverse SARS-CoV-2 sequencing and changed over time
Part of the story of how I went from a slow #rower to a less slow rower is thanks to , which has allowed me to tailor workouts based on muscle oxygenation. I'm beyond flattered to be featured by this spinoff!
Really encouraging to see how seriously assessing for alcohol misuse is being taken in the prevention of #dementia and #falls We have come a long way but it’s finally on the public health radar
Consistent with our perspective , the subjective nature of trait knowledge and trait space elevates the need for models of where and when trait space will take different forms and highlights limitations in the search for any single true universal model 6/n
Teachers are reinventing how Black history, anti-racism are taught in schools as system falls short via @1stKiersten @42Lives
In addition to studying trait space structure, this also highlights questions of its use to perceivers, where it may streamline accurate predictions or lead perceivers astray to faulty generalizations based on initial inferences (faces/stereotypes) 7/n
"The workers of Workington... the proletariat of South Wales and of Northern England felt more heard, more seen and more respected – let that sink in, Corbynites – by an Old Etonian Tory than by the party created in order to represent them."
New data strategy: Is as much UN strategy/reform as is DATA. Smart parts #GenderEQUITY, Data Officers. Time now to raise funds & implement. I'm sure Data NGOs +more ready to help/partner wt
#COVID19-solutions Showcase for International Humanitarian Geneva from #VersusVirus and #LauzHack online hackathons! Join online April 29 10am Geneva to discover and discuss how to move them forward, register:
"This trial provides a cautionary.. In developing nextgen AR-targeted therapy heretofore underappreciated neurocognitive toxicity may be a significant limitation despite promising preclinical rationale" #Seviteronel #ProstateCancer
So I'm surfing the web looking for content and I stumble across this little goodie. These people are so damn gullible! "An URGENT Message For #Christians Struggling To #LoseWeight"
Une pensée pour notre collègue Eric Bazin qui nous a quitté subitement il y a 1 an
How does the C$1.4 billion annual spending commitment on the #ThriveAgenda compare to similar past commitments? analyzes the investment and highlights the return on investment in women & girl's health and #SRHR
Great job by our #CleClinicCancer #RCC research nurse Laura Wood RN, MSN, OCN leading this practical report: Toxicity Management of Front-Line Pembrolizumab Combined With Axitinib in Clear Cell Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma:
How Google parent company Alphabet is heating up race for AI to improve big pharma's dismal success rate
Acute #diarrhea is 2nd leading cause of death for children < 5. Every minute, a child dies from diarrhea-related causes worldwide, 1,400 children die every day, 500,000 every year. Oral #rehydration solution & zinc can save lives. #ORS
Insightful #author view of #publishing. Best quote: “The information asymmetry between authors and publishers means that authors can’t realistically assess whether an #APC is reasonable or not.” Do Authors Have Any Power Over Publishers?
Hva skal man si til slikt?
Yep. Need to take the G20 seriously again.
"[T]his shambolic patchwork of a health care system, which purposefully disadvantages poor communities . . . and immigrants, means millions potentially affected by the coronavirus outbreak will be. . . ineligible for care [and unable to obtain it]
Incredible article by #CleClinicCancer about the painful reality of patients on clinical trials who must pay out of pocket for therapy once the trial ends and drug is approved via #clinicaltrials
Shelter-in-place imminent for NYC? () as rapid spread in the US has not shown signs of slowing down. Move from self --> mandatory quarantine amid a continued dichotomy of "things are fine" and "things are on fire". 216k world, 8k US. #COVID19 #coronavirus
I'm supporting to fund research into psychological #trauma arising from #COVID19. Please join us: donate or make a challenge pledge, however big or small! #mentalhealth #trauma #PTSD #stress #anxiety #COVID19
Corporate tax nerd question -- are AMT taxes from pre TCJA years eligible for a refund via this new loss carryback provision? I think AMT interactions caused issues in past reforms and
"لدينا "حرية الإختيار"، قالها أبي بصوت مرتفع في نقاش محتد مع أصدقاء مقربين له في حلوان، مصر، في نهاية الأربعينات من القرن الماضي (......) (......) (......) ما لم يتوقعه أصدقائه هو المدى الذي سيذهب إليه لإثبات موقفه." البقية على هذا الرابط
The "suppress and lift" strategy in Singapore and Hong Kong: "alternating between measures that are serious enough to cause the number of cases to 📉, and more relaxed measures that allow it to 📈 again" (quote from , see also ) 1/n