A great article: could easily restore academic free speech with an executive order that withholds federal research money ($150bn/year) from any university that violates existing federal laws & policies that protect viewpoint diversity.
Over the weekend, Trump announced an executive order that would deny federal research funds to colleges and universities that do not support free speech. Last year in , and I laid out what such a policy may look like
National Affairs argues that Fed grant money should be withheld from U's without strong policies in place (endorse UChic principles, sanctions to those who disrupt legitimate speech) to strengthen support for speech and academic freedom
In the latest issue of , and discuss "Restoring Free Inquiry on Campus."
My first essay in (!) with is now out, exploring a potential way to protect free speech and inquiry on college and university campuses.
I was initially unclear how Trump's executive order to withhold federal funds from universities failing to uphold free speech would legally work. Well, read & who mapped out the precedent and the president's power to do so.
My new essay with incorporates the work of and many others to explore a potential way to protect free inquiry.
“Restoring Free Inquiry on Campus.” & I in the new .
Very good news for those concerned about free inquiry on campus. If you’re seeking more background or particulars, you can check out “Restoring Free Inquiry on Campus” in last spring’s .
This—>Restoring Free Inquiry on Campus by Frederick Hess & Grant Addison via
In the new : Fed taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize research at universities which impede free inquiry.