Martin Shkreli, the "Pharma Bro" who was easy to hate, is going to jail -- but not Elizabeth Holmes, whose falsehoods told to investors in her company Theranos cost them far more. Was that fair?
Martin Shkreli, his arrogance aside, appeared to get a much harsher punishment in his fraud case than Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos received in hers.
"Mr. Shkreli’s defense lawyer, told me this week that in his four decades of representing high-profile clients, he’d never encountered so many potential jurors who asked to be excused because they didn’t think they could give his client a fair hearing."
The fraud perpetrated by Elizabeth Holmes at Theranos was facilitated by venture capitalists' and other investors' belief in the myth of growth-oriented high-cap firms as the way the USA rolls.
Stanford, Harvard, Pepperfine - Elizabeth Holmes fooled them all. Should we feel sorry for Martin Shkreli, who in contrast to Holmes, couldn't play the game politely? #VC #Silicon_Valley #entrepreneur #investing #growth #fraud
Shkreli vs. Holmes: 2 Frauds, 2 Divergent Outcomes. Were They Fair?