Corbyn sorry over Labour anti-Semitism
We have reached that glorious day when, even as his followers are still screaming at everyone that there is no anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, the Jezziah himself has said that there is.
So, having apparently realised years later that a mural he supported at the time was actually Anti-Semitic, and apologised for it, #Corbyn now condemns Anti-Semitism...while Anti-Semitism flourishes in his party. Are you keeping up?
I really need him to step up to the plate on this issue as a Jewish member of the Labour Party. Corbyn sorry for 'pain' over Labour anti-Semitism
How many incidents of anti-semitism does Jeremy Corbyn have to be associated with before we start to call it what is - a pattern.
The vast majority of Jeremy's party is against Brexit. It has to be stopped in the interests of the many, the young, and the future. He should apologise for supporting the Tories on this. "BBC News - Corbyn sorry for 'pain' over Labour anti-Semitism
Now I want him to be sorry for Labour's anti-Uk's-interests pro-Brexit stance. "BBC News - Corbyn sorry for 'pain' over Labour anti-Semitism
Corbyn is sorry....until he meets the next extremist that he likes.