Want to hear speak w/ me about building #datascience teams, the unique challenges of building DS products for industrial users & how he re-interprets his Venn circles to these ends? Yeah you do. This week on #DataFramed, the podcast
⭐️ advice from on #DataFramed . Certainly been my experience! “The best hack for an introvert is to get yourself out there. Because then you don’t have to spend a lot of energy going and talking to people; they’ll come and talk to you.”
. speaks with about how to build data science teams, along with the unique challenges of building data science products for industrial users in episode 15 of #DataFramed
Listen to our CEO discuss the challenges of building data science products and teams to support industrial customers, and the empathy and curiosity required, on the latest episode of DataFramed.
Nice episode of 's podcast with from March. They emphasise the famous Venn diagram is of Data Science, not a Data Scientist
Always enjoy hearing veteran on a good podcast #DataScience #TeamBuilding
Alternately, if not a full podcast, let me know if you know of recent episodes of any podcasts that cover these topics. I know there was one with on 's Data Framed about data science teams