My favourite quote from #CIES2018 so far: "That the origin of the Matthew Effect is commonly attributed incorrectly to Robert Merton is a perfect example of the Matthew Effect." (see and ) ($$)
The poorer districts will suffer. We called it the Matthew Principle in our MA Ed program.
Last thought from for 2018: The “Best of” lists websites and news organizations do every year are a perfect display of the Matthew Effect (htt ) in action: driving still more traffic to the articles that are already the best-trafficked on a site
10% of scientists receive 40% of the [NIH] money - I was just talking with someone here last night about “the Matthew effect” which seems relevant to this graph #NORDP2018
Science is dominated by a phenomenon called “the Matthew effect”. In short, the rich get richer. Getting one grant makes it more likely you’ll get the next. Winning one prize makes it more likely you’ll win another.
Also, when evaluating candidates, keep in mind the Matthew Effect And Matilda Effect is a bias against acknowledging the achievements of those women scientists 5/n
I've been reading about the Matthew effect in authorship (roughly - better known/more credible people get more credit for the same work) It seems like there should be stuff on gender and this effect, but I can't seem to find anything. Any leads?
The Matthew effect of accumulated advantage, described in #sociology, is a phenomenon sometimes summarized by the adage that "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer." #science #scichat
Anyways, not as many people know that the Matthew Effect was originally coined to describe the academic system. As I go along in this career, this effect gets more obvious. When I was junior I could excuse it because well. But it keeps happening
Matthew effect. Biblical. Basically it means that "the devil always shits on the biggest heap."