nice! I'll leave three links related to Miller & Sanjurjo (2018) for those who want to entertain dinner guests with coin flips & b-ball & econ General Interest General Academic Miller & Sanjurjo (2018)
Our first write-up on the hot hand for the general reader, thanks for the invite !
Miller and Sanjurjo describe their hot hand fallacy fallacy in kinda sorta plain English
Understanding the hot-hand (fallacy?) and the challenges of statistics with streaks
Love this explanation of why the hot hand fallacy in basketball is itself a fallacy. The math resembles the Monty Hall problem in its elegance. Also, I just like living in a world where a shooter can be en fuego.
Since the World Cup is about to start, I’ll post this cool article by economists and vindicating what every athlete knows and believes—the hot hand and momentum are real.