From a lefty perspective, Freddie de Boer argues persuasively that standardized testing is a much more objective measure than other things, and can actually be gamed less easily (the tutors don't help as much as you think).
1/ This is a really smart defense of the SAT that, in my view, demolishes arguments that more "holistic" measures of college potential will benefit less-privileged rather than more-privileged ones. If you grew up in a wealthy suburb you're likely aware
If you believe in equality, you should defend the SAT.
The Progressive Case for the SAT
Among high schools, "whiter schools, more affluent schools, and private schools are all seeing far more grade inflation than higher minority, poorer, and public schools. In fact, public schools have seen little grade inflation"
I didn’t really know that this was much of a contested ideological issue
relatedly, this piece is fucking insane