Thrilled to announce our latest partnership with ! Zenodo is an #openscience research data repository created by and
Open Access Helper (macOS) learned a new trick over the weekend. You can now activate a request button for when there is no Open Access yet. Requests will be sent to and their fancy tech might surprise you with a link to or help ask the author
Have large (in terms of file size) datasets to publish? I found the CERN-backed to be pretty neat! #scicomm #openscience
Please lobby your Uni to not fall for the latest scam by commercial publishers to suck up valuable and limited funds from the science community. Plenty of publicly funded open-access access repositories such as
Implementing #openscience: The Tanenbaum Open Science Institute has created an Open Science Agreement Toolkit (OSAT), available for download at and #OpenScienceinAction
Great talk by Ainsworth on 1/radio obs’ns of star formation and 2/open science: github for data, not just code. Also, & Mozilla’s Resources for Open Science in Astronomy.
Github itself doesn't have a status of a sustainable repository, in theory, it could go down any day. However you can easily connect your github repository with and archive the relevant version of the code there
We conducted this analysis with our open source Temoa model. The code and data used to produce this analysis are publicly archived through
With: * OSF Preprints * Zenodo (which, yes can host preprints!) * MDPI Preprints * Biorxiv and more... it's really not a problem if PeerJPreprints closes to new submissions
Zenodo helps researchers receive credit by making the research results citable and through OpenAIRE integrates them into existing reporting lines to funding agencies like the European Commission #openaccess #oat18
Back from vacation and catching up on everything. Super excited to see Foundations of Open Science from and on the landing page of #openscience #opendata #openlabnotebooks #letsgoteamopen
Não sabe onde depositar os dados da sua pesquisa? Você pode optar pelo depósito em Repositórios Multidisciplinares: Figshare: Dryad: Zenodo: Saiba mais:
So what’s the deal with vs - likewise vs ? Are these mirrors?
Programming Historian as an e.g. is in DOAJ (discoverable in lib cats). (via DataCite). Also Google tools (esp structured data) . Or try .. but depends on the audience as well ;)
the front page shows a stream of #COVID19 data sets :)
Having issues with DNS configuration. (with www. prefix) is up, but (without www.) is down.
7/ meets all my criteria. Great Kudos to CERN. Their main business is international High Energy Particle physics but they have a great history of public service in information (WorldWideWeb). Zenodo is in this tradition.
Zenodo - - associated with CERN.
A possibility is for to put this interesting commentary on a website that will provide a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) like or
Wist je dat je met een Author Accepted Manuscript (postprint) al heel veel mag? Dus opslaan in een institutioneel repository, of eigen website. Of ... kijk voor deponerimgsbeleid van tijdschriften eens op: / of de Journal Browser.