Learn how youth volunteers are helping assess urban heat islands in Richmond, Virginia, though . This project is partially funded by 's Environmental Literacy Program. #citizenscience
Check out this very informative and actionable RVA heat island study. Thank you to the dedicated researchers, scientists, community members, universities and nonprofits who volunteered their time to make this happen.
Here's how of convinced his community in Richmond, Virginia developed a method to map urban heat islands. #SciFriLive
Throwback to July 2017 when led the volunteer project to map Richmond's heat. (Sensor on my car measured trips from downtown to the Museum District; Maymont to Jackson Ward) Today, the effort moves on to D.C.!
Thanks for the case study on our experience using citizen science to map #RVA's urban heat islands in summer 2017 and what's happened since
really liked your NPR piece, btw! we did this last summer in Richmond: cameras FTW!