Extraordinary, courageous editorial in the : “Denver deserves a newspaper owner who supports its newsroom.”
This is a remarkable thing for a newspaper to do. The Denver Post is calling on its hedge fund owners, Alden Global Capital (which also owns the San Jose Mercury News) to sell the paper after it cut two-thirds of the Post newsroom.
This is what brave looks like: editorial blasts its owner, Alden Global, for pillaging the paper. "We've been quiet too long." via
It's a virtue of journalism to not make the story about yourself. But as this editorial eloquently states, "We've been quiet too long." Here's a editorial w/ a plea to save us from our vulture owners Alden Global Capital. Give it a read
One of the most courageous things I have seen in journalism in years. Truly speaking truth to power. Chuck Plunkett is my hero. Will the community rise to the clarion call? I hope so!
The journalists of the Denver Post have gone in open revolt against their hedge-fund owner, asking for the paper to be sold before Alden Global Capital kills it.
Newsroom execs at the are risking their careers by confronting their owner, who has gutted the paper and aims to gut it further. This editorial represents the kind of courage that is necessary to save local and regional journalism.
A truly Brave Editorial. takes on the vultures circling, that is its NYC Hedge Fund Owners who are destroying the paper: via
Editorial: As vultures circle, The Denver Post must be saved via #copolitics #NewsMatters
Denver Post editorial board sounding the alarm on how the NYC hedge fund that owns them is decimating them
Stunning revolt at the . Its editorial board slams its owner. As vultures circle, The Denver Post must be saved
Here's the editorial board's piece: A hard-hitting history of what Alden has done to our Pulitzer-prize winning paper & what needs to be done to save us. "We've been quiet too long." #AldenExposed #NewsMatters
Here’s the , openly calling for its owners to sell the paper. Or, more accurately, release it from hostage captivity.
A remarkable call for help from the Denver Post's editorial board
Love this Denver Post editorial. The photo - wow.
Every journalist, every reader, and every citizen owes a debt of thanks to these courageous writers of taking issue with their own hedge fund bosses and what they are doing to journalism in the name of short-term profit. via
Support your local newspapers.
I'm late to this, but belated kudos to the staff of the imperiled for this brave rebuke to its hedge-fund owners
Read this if you care about journalism and democracy: Editorial: As vultures circle, The Denver Post must be saved via
As vultures circle, The Denver Post must be saved - The Denver Post via thanks
Newspaper runs editorial against its own owner.
Editorial: As vultures circle, The Denver Post must be saved