Cambridge Analytica made a big but very quiet push into the virtual currency industry over the last year and planned to launch its own initial coin offering before the Facebook scandal hit
NEW w/: embattled data firm Cambridge Analytica has sought to move into cryptocurrency and ICOs. One effort bought them into association w/a former Macau gangster named Broken Tooth.
"Ms. Carlson said the [Cambridge Analytica] pitch was contrary to the ideas of openness and transparency that drew her to virtual currency projects like Bitcoin." This may be the biggest understatement of all time.
of COURSE Cambridge Analytica was going to hold an ICO.
Documents and emails obtained by The New York Times show that Cambridge Analytica’s efforts to help promote another group’s digital token, the Dragon Coin, associated the firm with a famous gangster in Macau who has gone by the nickname Broken Tooth.
Cambridge Analytica, caught in a privacy scandal, aimed to build a cryptocurrency to raise money for a service: to help protect people’s data
cambridge analytica: - planned to launch an ICO.. that would have sold tokens.. to help users protect their own data - helped a "famous gangster" from Macau named "Broken Tooth" launch his own.. named "Dragon Coin".. that's pretty absurd
Cambridge Analytica, this is perfect, was developing its own cryptocurrency. The purported purpose was to create s sovereign identity ledger that people could use to own their own data. File under #stuffyoucantmakeup
"The way that Cambridge Analytica was talking about it, they were viewing it as a means of being able to basically inflict government control and private corporate control over individuals"
Setbacks did not stop Cambridge Analytica from plunging further into the virtual currency realm. Here's what we found
There have been some good stories about Cambridge Analytica, but this, where they start an ICO in association with a Macau gangster known as "Broken Tooth", may be the best
Dragon Coin raised $300m last year with the help of Cambridge Analytica. Since then Dragon Coin has sponsored a race car team and an Everest climb but they have repeated delayed launching the product they promised last year.
“Cambridge Analytica’s own digital token was supposed to help people store and sell their online personal data.” Hahahahahahahahahaha.... <pausing for breath> Hahahahahahahahahaha....
at this point it would be easier to make a list of the companies that have NOT considered launching their own token
2017 Accelerationist MVP goes to "Cambridge Analytica’s own digital token was supposed to help people store and sell their online personal data"
Cambridge Analytica’s odd connection to the gangster named Broken Tooth.
Inside Cambridge Analytica’s Virtual Currency Plans < interesting take based on limited insights/ data ;)