Please share far and wide: I've made some updates to this article. This is the man who claims to be advising Facebook and Google on who to ban for 'extremism'. Mo Shafiq: Supporter of Blasphemy Laws and Hate Preaching Extremists
And TV producers treat him as the go-to 'moderate'.
This has to be a joke. Mo Shafiq has used his Facebook page to promote extremist preachers & their events, defend blasphemy laws, incite death threats against Maajid Nawaz & to post "RIP" style tributes to literal, murdering terrorists
'You have to question the priorities (and sympathies) of a group of people that get this angry at hearing a Muslim terrorist being referred to as a terrorist.' via
Read this excellent article by , it's bizarre who companies like Facebook are taking at face value.
Yes. That is a shame. Perhaps you could have asked Mo Shafiq why he's welcoming hate-preaching extremists with open arms.
It's worse than that, Shafiq is no journalist. He's a one-man foundation 'moderate' who advocates for blasphemy laws. Check out his record.
Here's more background on Shafiq from . He should be on your show!
I've been keeping an eye on Mo Shafiq for some time. I've documented his extremist views and associations here.
Essential reading on Mo Shafiq if you're inclined. Don't be fooled by his opposition to grooming gangs. Opposing the mass gang-rape of children is a low bar to clear. The man is an extremist.
A comprehensive piece on Mohammed Shafiq and his support for blasphemy law from
If you think Mo Shafiq is a moderate then I suggest you read this by the
I don't think it was wise for Facebook to take advice from a religious extremist like Mohammed Shafiq
It should come as no surprise that extremist supporting Mo Shafiq would welcome stealth blasphemy codes in the UK Mo Shafiq: Supporter of Blasphemy Laws and Hate Preaching Extremists
There's a reason Mo Shafiq is critical of this and not Khan's support of blasphemy laws
Mo Shafiq is a man who will incite death threats against fellow Muslims, defend blasphemy laws, demand that people lose their job for having the ‘wrong’ faith and roll out the red carpet for extremists who demand and celebrate murder for blasphemy.
Dear @5_News. Please do your job and ask Mo Shafiq about this tonight