Girl posts lyrics of a rap song to her private Instagram account. British authorities prosecute her for a hate crime. What the actual fck
This outrageous story should be a wake-up call for the people nattering on about how no one except Nazis should be worried about outlawing "hate speech"
You have to be fucking kidding me Britain, jesus Christ
Attacks against free speech may be considered even more 'grossly offensive'.
BBC News - Woman guilty of 'racist' Snap Dogg rap lyric Instagram post
British authorities doing a stellar job policing Instagram bios for rap lyrics
Teenager posts rap lyrics on Instagram as a tribute to her friend who died in a car crash. Is then charged with a hate crime for "grossly offensive" and "racist" language. No it's not the Onion, it's the UK.
You asked for this. Guess what? You got it Enjoy your silent, obedient world. You deserve it. BBC News - Woman guilty of 'racist' Snap Dogg rap lyric Instagram post
A 19-year-old woman *quoted* a *black* American rapper's lyrics including the word "nigga" on her *private* social media profile. Someone anonymously screengrabbed it. She now has a conviction for a "hate crime" on her record. WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS END?!
BBC News - Woman guilty of 'racist' Snap Dogg rap lyric Instagram post The UK is one big joke lol.
When your country doesn’t guarantee the right to free speech . . .
This is just astonishing - rap lyrics as hate crime in the UK
This is about the case. It’s an abomination.
I’d say I have no words for this - but I do. It just might be illegal to say them. #censorship #1984
Tyler the Creator is banned from the UK for his old rap lyrics. The country really has lost its mind. And it gets old hearing Brits say, "But that's just the government!" Take ownership of your shithole nation.
Why we shouldn't budge one inch on legality of hate speech, Exhibit A
A lady in Liverpool posted a rap lyric on Instagram in tribute to a boy killed in a traffic accident. She was convicted of a hate crime. This is as the capital struggles with a violent crime wave. Nice to know resources are being properly allocated.
UK: A teenager who posted lyrics in tribute to an accident victim on Instagram, has been found guilty of sending a grossly offensive message because it contained "racist language." So quoting rap lyrics is now racist? Where does that leave the rapper?
This should be a national scandal. You got rid of Section 5 of the Public Order Act only for it to be replaced by the Communications Act.
maybe the post was racist, what i want to know is exactly what sort of post resulted in a "eight-week community order, an eight-week curfew and costs of £500 and an £85 victim surcharge." Let's see her entire account.
Son, now everyone in the UK is at the mercy of what anyone finds offensive. BBC News - Woman guilty of 'racist' Snap Dogg rap lyric Instagram post
Lots of the art theatre I go and see is illegal but avoids prosecution (I assume) because of the higher social status of its patrons. Nice to have a perfect example in this story
Woman guilty of 'racist' Snap Dogg rap lyric Instagram post - BBC News
Did anything happen about the girl who has a fine, criminal record and legal curfew(!) for posting Snap Dogg lyrics to her private Instagram?