"The Bush model was about proving one’s worth and paying one’s dues. The Trump model is about the vain boast and the savage put-down." My tribute earlier this year to George H.W. Bush
Bush 41 offered one model of how to be a Republican. Trump provides another. Comparing the two is a study in American decline
this by draws Bush/Trump contrasts well. but he’s describing the arc of the Republican Party, not America itself
Bush 41, Trump, and American Decline
Very well said, by , "Bush (41) husbanded and enhanced American credibility on the world stage. Trump squanders it. Bush is a respecter of civic institutions. Trump is a destroyer of them."
I don't count myself among the Brett Stephens fans, but damn, this is some mighty fine writing
"The fact that personal virtue does not always guarantee political success — or that private vice may often facilitate public achievement — does not mean countries can afford to remain indifferent to questions of virtue and vice."
Bush 41, Trump, and American Decline via
Bush 41, Trump, and American Decline via