useful web tools for bitcoin core development: — twitbot that posts merged PRs () — tracks number and kind of ACKs for PRs () — tracks test/benchmark performance over time ()
This week's rip of RHR is live! & I discuss: - news - Kucoin hack - bounties - month in privacy - Software updates - - much more Peep. Share. Subscribe. Review. Be civil.
✅ impersonator scams ✅ shitcoin scams ⛔️ funding open source development Twitter will not approve to use their API.
Without a properly equipped toolbox, you're just flying blind. Some of my favorite tools: , , , , , , , , ,
The Monthly #Bitcoin Funding Roundup for September is out: - sponsored for another year & for his design work - sponsored Antoine Riard - added pledges to More 👇
. will be presenting at (remotely from the US) on Wednesday. We're planning to livestream it on YouTube (link will be posted on the day). If you'd like to attend in person, sign up here:
Paid toward my first Pull Request by ! 73,000⚡️sats in exchange for further work on MuHash implementation. 👏👏 Will probably re-up on this as progress is made, will keep an eye on it. Thanks for putting together, this is cool AF.
On November 14th will present remotely on , the productivity tool for reviewing PRs. Also an opportunity to ask him about Bitcoin governance, Lightning Residency, lnd in Excel and of course the !
Awesome project by to monitor development in #Bitcoin
Damn! and his Excel sheets are at it again!
Thanks 🙏🏻 to for two of the coolest support apps for Bitcoin Core dev, the bot on both the fediverse/mastodon and twitter, and , which I personally keep permanently open as a pinned tab in the browser. Great ideas 🤠
Thanks, , for giving me a chance to pay for Bitcoin development using . Just gave sipa's taproot a little boost 😁, hope it helps
I'm very excited to announce that is now sponsoring ! The health of the Bitcoin ecosystem relies on leaders like Riot Blockchain who recognize the importance of investing in open source infrastructure. Huge thank you to !
Pull requests that are high priority for review are now pinned to the top of the front page on . I've also added a shortcut button to filter for open pull requests. #PrioritizeAndExecute #BUIDL
You can implement the API in any language you want, doesn’t care.
It's now live if you want to poke around!
I’ve written a blog post for the 1.0 release of and would really appreciate any and all feedback before I publish it:
Thanks to 's first contributor you can now see what the ACK comment says in the details view! Justin also added steps in the readme so you can set up your own server, to hack on or to not have to trust my site 🎉 Huge thanks Justin! 👏👍🤝
My 2018: • first son was born • built • spoke at BNY Mellon • hosted Bitcoin dinners • made Node Launcher easiest BTC/LN onboarding • set up Thank you all, and happy new year! 🍾🥂🎆 See you in 2019!
Happy to enable some of these experiments with
You're not a developer, why would you care? Only the developers need to pair their BTCPay with
New feature for ! Tested ACK and utACK become stale if they don't have the latest short git hash in their comment. I've added a legend, let me know if you disagree with the colors!
Thanks for taking ownership. I should have created and much sooner, maybe #9049 would've gotten one more set of eyes on it that would've made the difference. Instead I was writing a trading bot 🤦‍♂️.
I've added staleness! Thanks for the great feedback
How big of a bounty do you want to put on it? I can extend the BIP repository