Friday #longread: James O’Keefe can envision a new golden age of undercover journalism. But first, Project Veritas must reinvent itself—and its founder is standing in the way.
Political journalists shall not rest until every maladjusted white guy dickweed has his own loving profile.
Politico has an inadvertently hilarious story on James O'Keefe premised on the idea that he really just wants to be a non-partisan journalist.
Few friends warned this morning that O'Keefe would be stinging me for revenge after making him look like an inept clown But afternoon Twitter was outraged at how gentle/sympathetic I was to Project Veritas and its ringleader What will this evening bring?
Hannah Giles: “I actually became pretty repulsed and disgusted by the conservative movement. I saw a lot of hypocrisy. They thought because I exposed ACORN that I must be some rightwing fan girl. … But I dropped off. I stopped going. James couldn’t stop.”
Saving the latest from for when I have more time later via
Another killer profile from in on James O'Keefe of Project Veritas. He wants to be taken seriously, but he's still paling around with cranks like Alex Jones and engaging in ridiculous counterattacks like when WaPo busted his sting
It was for this Politico Mag piece on James O’Keefe
Two people were just placed on leave after an expose by . Seems like is doing fine.
Funders of Project Veritas: Robert Mercer, the Koch brothers’ network, Donald Trump.
It's this kind of garbage thinking I was getting at in the G-File. If you can't find a *single* negative word about Alex Jones, at least stop talking about journalistic ideals and the need for truth telling.
Friend with experience makes solid case for his harassment of reporters, civilians, anyone in his sights. Sends this piece - which is also convincing. But why are we left with this guy and these tactics to learn about what happened at ⁦⁩???
My God, this is an actual puff piece on James O'Keefe. I give up.
“Marginalized by the media, despised by the left and banished from polite political company, the man who still longs for legitimacy as a journalist sees his foxhole so scarcely populated that he partners with known liars in the name of spreading truth.”
Re: O’Keefe’s love of Rules for Radicals - 60’s, 70’s radicalism inspired the agenda of our slumbering, monolithic, powerful news industry. It’s terrified of those tactics used against it. No doubt! They’re brutal.