I reported on the Panopticon-like nature of this issue in Miami some years back () good to see and Carol Nesteikis tackle it again
In Miami there are so many residency restrictions for people on the sex offender registry, many live under a bridge. Now they are going to be arrested for...living under a bridge. These people have done their time. We just refuse to see them as human.
Probably the single most difficult thing to write about and not have people try to defame your character or whatnot, but the way societies deal with this issue is often both ascientific and inhumane
Homeless sex offenders are getting kicked out of their South Florida encampment. Now what? There is no evidence that sex offender registries improve public safety. They also prevent leading a normal life long after a sentence is served. by
This story I reported in 2018 did not feature the most sympathetic of offenders, but their liberties were being ruthlessly violated. But this just isn't a hot topic for liberals the way antifa vs Trump is.
America punishes sex crimes brutally, they're just hard to prove sometimes. That's not so much a facet of the judicial system as the laws of physics, evidence, etc.