You might learn something at #Unconfiscatable 2019! #Bitcoin development panel featuring , , & Johnny Dilley. 1/26/19 in Downtown Las Vegas. Tickets still available. 1st annual #Bitcoin not #Blockchain conference.
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We are LIVE! From the VIP Room Backstage At #Futurist19 #Toronto🕺 Great to catch up with my man, 🇺🇸 to talk #Bitcoin, the #crypto tour and his plans to work with traders to giving them strategies to succeed in the volatile markets. More at
Has the role of the VC changed? Watch , and have a panel discussion at Unconfiscatable 2019. Las Vegas 1/26/19. #bitcoin not #blockchain conference! Register at tickets still available!
Mastering Options Trading - Only tech this class 2 times a year. It will take place this Saturday at 10am ET Day 1 - Undersigning Greeks & Options for Hedging Day 2 - Speculative Direction & Non-Directional Trades Day 3 - Application in Live Market Action:
You might learn something at #Unconfiscatable 2019! #Bitcoin development panel featuring , , & Johnny Dilley. 1/26/19 in Downtown Las Vegas. Tickets still available. 1st annual #Bitcoin not #Blockchain conference.
Poker Seats still available! Battle with , , , , , , , , and more in this first annual #Bitcoin poker tournament! 1/25/19 Register here
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START YOUR OWN CRYPTO HEDGE FUND. A Free workshop (with ticket to conference) this year at #Unconfiscatable 2020. On Friday Feb 22nd a at 9AM is the expert and giving this workshop to all attendees who want to sit in.
We decided to organize a "Running Bitcoin" workshop in the context of the next "Unconfiscatable 2020" conference in Las Vegas, on February 20th and 21st. Registration here: 👇Continues👇
BlockSpaces presents : - Trading Bitcoin Live! on December 14th from 7 PM to 9 PM - Tone Vays Trading Workshop on December 15th from 10 AM to 5 PM
Little Known Fact: #Unconfiscatable 2019 has ZERO SPONSORS! 1/24-1/26 in Vegas! Learn something this weekend! Programming #Blockchain w/ , Professional Trading w/ , #Hyperwave w/ & Support and get your tickets
On my way to #Montreal to teach a #TechnicalAnalysis Workshop this Saturday July 23. For those that always wanted to learn the basics of #Trading of $BTCUSD $SPX $Gold and more, registration is still open at:
Going Live for some more #Bitcoin #TechnicalAnalysis + LIVE Q&A. Also need help with a new Logo for site. $BTCUSD
I'm looking to hire an for & all related conference sites + full back end database work. Please see below Job Ad:
Trading #Bitcoin - Huge Move for Stocks, $BTC Not Much Action. let's take a final look at all the charts including $SPX, $GOLD, $OIL. NOTE: Due to Option Workshop Next 3 Days, there might not be videos until Tue: ----------
Just got to #Montreal for tomorrows workshop on $BTCUSD trading... my phone has blowing up all day in light of the #Bitcoin price dropping under $6k bet.
As mentioned on today's show: If anyone wants to volunteer their graphic design skills, would love to get a new image for website along with other uses like in social media & even conference image. Here is what i'm thinking, but creativity is welcome :)
LIVE at Top of the Hour for Trading #Bitcoin with Q&A. Let's look at some $BTCUSD charts real quick then off to #Philadelphia for the Meetup tonight: Then Workshop tomorrow: only 7 seats left LIVE:
The Carnivory Networking Dinner is BACK! Join & I in Amsterdam Sat June 8th to talk #Bitcoin & more. Amazing menu planned (YES w/ vegan options 😂). Very limited seating, first 10 for 0.02 $BTC then prices rise:
The #Paris & #London #Bitcoin & Traditional Trading Workshops are now open for registration at:
For those affected by #BitMEX email account leak & potentially looking to trade elsewhere, please consider supporting my work by choosing $BTC Trading Alternatives from my affiliate page. From LVL & eToro for US Residents to Deribit & ByBit for non-US
Looking forward to speaking at this event in Vegas. My talk, ‘Hard Money meets AI’ is meets Ray Kurzweil.
Tomorrow 9am ET, I will be hosting a webinar on: "Risk, Money Management, Position Sizing & Leverage" A necessary skill to master to avoid getting #REKT & blowing up your portfolio. Register here
For those looking to learn options trading, I only teach this course 2 times a year, it's coming up in one week
Check out my Top 5 trends of the year that was and Top 5 trends for 2020, the year ahead. The Blog is back after 2+ year break!
This Saturday July 7th, I will be doing an Intro To Trading Workshop in #Atlanta. If you ever wanted to learn #TechnicalAnalysis to be a better trader of #Bitcoin $BTCUSD, other liquid #Altcoins or Traditional Markets like $SPX $GOLD $USD, got 5 seats left
Tomorrow 9 am ET, I will host a private 3 hour Q&A session for $50, only about 5 people signed up so for those that been asking for a private consulting hour, this might better bang for the buck
The end. (PS: the website is a bit slow. It's to test your commitment)
Finally we have #Bitcoin, all bearish targets are back on the table with a Weekly Red 2 under Red 1 while breaking short & intermediate Moving Averages on Weekly Charts. $BTC has never fallen under 200 Week SMA. Please re-read my 2020 outlook:
Less than 17 days to go and 13 seats left for "Running Bitcoin" Workshop in Las Vegas, February 20th/21st.
I am off to #Dublin #Ireland tonight to speak at Mon-Wed but this upcoming Saturday Jun 9th, I will be teaching a Workshop on Trading $BTCUSD or any other assets you like with Into to Technical Analysis
Starting in 15 minutes. For those still thinking about it, if you know Candle Sticks feel free to join late then get the full video of today's session. Not sure if there will be a market video today, might take the rest of the day off
In one hr, will be teaching the TD Sequential webinar. 33% register in the last 24 hours so here is your last chance to attend live
There is still time to register for tomorrow's "Intro to Trading" Webinar. It will cover Candles, Trend, Fibs, MA's Chart Patterns, Oscillators but will NOT include TI Indicator Explanation or Talk. 3 hrs long + Q&A #Bitcoin, $BTCUSD
Starting in 1 Hour. Intro to Trading Webinar. Approximately 4 hours & does not include or cover the TD System. Registration still open.
First online Intro to T.A. Webinar. Tomorrow 9AM EST. 3 Hours + 1 Hour Q&A #Trading #Bitcoin Details at
Thanks to for sponsoring next weeks in person Advanced Trading Workshop in #Amsterdam. Tickets still available. Saturday June 8th (10AM-5PM) at THE STUDENT HOTEL WEST. Learn to #trade & includes TI Indicator. Register at #bitcoin
It's NOT too late to register for this Saturday's Trading Workshop in #HongKong hosted by if you wanted to learn TA and take your trading to next level & perhaps beyond #Bitcoin Markets.
Who's going to Unconfiscatable? #bitcoin
Excited to head to Texas & speak at #BitBlockBoom this Saturday. 9:50am come say hi! Also, tickets still left for my Dallas trading workshop this Friday! See you there.
There are scammers all over & pretending to be ME messaging anyone in my networks trying to sell them this weekend's Options Trading Class. (from Option Basics to Advanced Spreads) ONLY Register on Official Site