Hot off the press in : Our new data showing dramatic increase in conservative management for low-risk #prostatecancer in US #Veterans Affairs system- by 2015, 72% of newly diagnosed low-risk men <65 & 79% age 65+ managed conservatively #pcsm
In this study, researchers use data from the Central Data Warehouse to examine the utilization of conservative management among veterans with low-risk prostate cancer. Learn more: #prostatecancer
Great review about conservative management of low risk PCa An integrated health care system w/equitable access for pts. and w/o volume-based incentives for physicians may overcom adherence to guideline-recommended conservative management
Happy to see AS being increasingly utilized at the VA
Conservative Management of Low-Risk Prostate Cancer in the VA System, 2005-2015 JAMA study documents substantial shift in management of Veterans with low-risk Prostate Ca, in line with evidence generated by PIVOT study. Good for Veterans and VA.
ICYMI: Authors suggest 'an integrated health care system w/ equitable access for pts & w/o volume-based incentives for MDs may overcome many barriers to guideline-recommended conservative management'
Management for Low-Risk #Prostate #Cancer in the Veterans Affairs Integrated Health Care System From 2005-2015 Needed for #DCIS too! #bcsm
Utilization of conservative management has increased significantly among US veterans with low-risk prostate cancer, suggesting a substantial reduction in overtreatment during the past decade.
Very good to see that rates of conservative management have increased amongst men w low-risk #ProstateCancer via