"Even the most superficial reading of Peterson’s oeuvre suffices to show he’s an uncompromising enemy of anti-Semitism. . . he has spent the last 30 years lecturing and teaching about the horrors of the Holocaust.”
The Weekly Standard comes to my defense () re the recent Forward piece...
The Forward just jumped the shark by going after & gets royally nailed for it by the Weekly Standard. Shameful disregard of the truth.
[Yours truly mentioned among many other Jewish supporters; I hate that this identity card needs to be used.]
The Shameful, Unethical Smearing of Jordan Peterson: The psychologist and intellectual might be controversial, but he's not 'enabling Jew hatred.'
Still more. The fiasco makes the hatchet job look like a masterpiece by comparison.
Uh, no. is not “Enabling Jew Hatred.” What an irresponsible accusation.
I have my own reasons for not being all that fond of Jordan B. Peterson, but the kind of vile smearing, described here, of people we dislike, or merely disagree with, has to stop.