A study of SABR + Pembro in #lungcancer investigates abscopal responses... and this time finds it. #lcsm #ASCO18
At #ASCO18: cancer patients who enroll on clinical trials live longer than those who do not. Our findings support the mission of , , . Work from
20 months OS improvement in pancreatic cancer, thanks to fine tuning of cheap chemotherapy. a v nice illustration of what clever minds can achieve. important for patients. #ASCO18 #ASCO2018 . sponsored by the 🇫🇷 academic group unicancer/prodige
This shows us that some of the metrics we #oncolgists love so much, such as PFS, OS, ORR etc, may not be the most important thing to our older patients, and that this MUST be a part of the discussion #gerionc #pallonc #ASCO18
PERSEPHONE study (n=4089) 6 months of Trastuzumab non inferior to 12 months and fewer cardiac events #ASCO18 #bcsm Great effort
In our #ASCO18 abstract from , and I show that a) QoL reporting in cancer drug trials is poor b) PFS has poor correlation with QoL. Many studies on PFS-OS correlation, but we show that PFS-QoL correlation is also poor.
As we all suspected, HPV a driver and prognostic in more than just oropharyngeal HNSCC. According to Winship, look for it hypopharynx, LA larynx, and prob oral cavity. Vaccinate your kids and don’t smoke! #ASCO #ASCO2018 #HNSCC
Important confirmation that EGFR TKI treatment should be first line therapy over anti-PD1 therapy regardless of PDL1 status. #ASCO2018
SBRT + pembro vs pembro mono in NSCLC. ORR of 41% vs 19%. Looking forward to see this presentation at #ASCO2018!
Looking forward to seeing the plenary session by KEYNOTE-042 study: Pembro vs platinum-based chemo as 1L tx for adv/met NSCLC w a PD-L1 TPS ≥ 1% - Open-label, phase 3 study #LungCancer Sunday 3:15pm #ASCO18
We don’t know as much as we should about #immunotherapy for older patients as they are poorly represented in #cancer #clinicaltrials. . Current data for older patients: #GeriOnc
#ASCO18 abstracts are out, here is the web link:
Looking forward to seeing the #GeriOnc and #Geriatrics research being presented at #ASCO18 soon! #PallOnc
The IDO inhibitor death march continues at #ASCO18 $NLNK IDOi in 1st line #PancreaticCancer Via & colleagues PS: FWIW, I think there are subsets this strategy will work (like BRCA mutant tumors, but everyone is pulling trials!)
#ASCO18 $BLUE $CELG BCMA CAR-T focus likely on the 2 deaths
#ASCO18 abstracts released: check out the exciting #PallOnc research that will be presented! #PalliativeCare
Talapro-2: A 2-part placebo-contrl p3 study of talazoparib w background enza - will set new SOC in DDR+ men with new mCRPC #prostatecancer ✅ #clinicaltrialrecruiting K.Fizazi #ASCO18
Things that make you go hmmm: Late stage cancer pts (died w/in a month of treatment) were far less likely to receive surgery & chemotherapy when they were uninsured #ASCO18 abst 6526
Dr. Jim Doroshow, Director, 's Division of Cancer Treatment & Diagnosis joins Dr. Alice Chen of the Developmental Therapeutics Clinic and Dr. Kevin Conlon of at their #ASCO18 poster today: Phase 1 study of IL-15/nivolumab/ipilimumab:
Axitinib on an individualized titration schema resulted in robust clinical efficacy after checkpoint inhibitor therapy. #ASCO18 #kidneycancer
Gr8 abstract & : Genomic alterations that may contribute to treatment resistance & be targets of interest for further drug development #ASCO18
Additionally, 80% said it was more important to them to maintain their thinking ability than to live as long as possible, and 60% favored independence in daily activities over survival #ASCO18 #gerionc #pallonc
High and low PD-L1 expression in the tumor and adjacent microenvironment and the association with variations in key checkpoint molecules. #ASCO18 #immunotherapy #Oncology
#ASCO18 $LOXO-292 RET data 69% ORR (22/32) in RET fusion+ pts --> $BPMC
To successfully accrue every cancer clinical trial, about one in 15 patients would have to enroll in a trial. #ASCO18 e18615
ALT-803, an IL-15 superagonist, in combination with nivolumab in NSCLC in developmental ther oral session, 27% ORR and 91% DCR in PD-1 refractory NSCLC #ASCO18 #LCSM
CheckMate 9ER: nivo+cabo vs sunitinib in previously untreated adv/met #RCC #kidneycancer ✅ #clinicaltrial R.Motzer #ASCO18
PERSEPHONE Rand p3 non-inf CT: Shorter adjuvant trastuzumab tx = longer tx (6 vs 12 m) - less risk of cardiac side effect. Very interesting! #breastcancer #ASCO18
20 patient extension of our recent cohort to be presented - n=50: PSA decline ≥ 50% achieved 62% (95% CI 47-75%) #ProstateJC
A rand p2 CT of a fasting-mimic #diet prior to #chemotherapy : the impact on toxicity and efficacy. #breastcancer #prostatecancer ✅ #clinicaltrialrecruiting #ASCO18 #Oncology #cancer
#ASCO18 This will be the #bcsm trial with huge implications globally: PERSEPHONE - 6m vs 12m of adj trastuzumab - 6m is non-inferior. Will await further data on subgrp analysis. PHARE trial had concluded inferiority of 6m vs 12m (Pivot et al 2013).
KEYNOTE-564: a P3, randomized double blind, CT Pembrolizumab in the adjuvant treatment of #RCC #kidneycancer ✅ #clinicaltrial #ASCO18
#radonc GOG-249 QOL analysis also at #asco18 fatigue+neuropathy higher in chemo/brachy vs. EBRT arm. GI tox as expected higher in EBRT. Together with efficacy results EBRT likely better tx for most high risk/early stage endometrial patients.
Just read the KN042 abstract (). Excited to see the presentation later today, but going in I have a few thoughts #ASC018 #LCSM
#ASCO18 Patrick Hilden is presenting a poster tomorrow morning evaluating new endpoints for Phase II oncology trials. supported by
One of two research posters at #ASCO18 - our findings thus far in our #PrecisionMedicine trial for #LungCancer #LCSM
Very happy to collaborate w/ friend & colleague Dr Paul Hamlin & others on this multicenter ph 2 study for older #HodgkinLymphoma pts at #ASCO18; these data illustrate prognostic importance of co-morbidities & pt functionality in these pts
Today at #ASCO18: presents results of exciting study of #immunotherapy agent pembrolizumab in #esophageal #cancer
Don't know if it's not the right target or not the right drug...but EZH2 do not worK in #mesothelioma with BAP1 alteration. #ASCO18 More transnational research needed.
I'll be presenting at #ASCO18! Taking a deep dive into COIs with industry, and when they are associated with changes in oncologists' treatment preferences. Come by the HSR posters on Saturday afternoon!
KEYNOTE-045 p3 trial: Pembro vs investigator’s choice (pacli/docetaxel/vinflunine) in recurrent, advUC: 2-year FU. Y.Fradet, N.Vogelzang #ASCO18 #bladdercancer #immunotherapy
The prognostic value of genomic alterations of DNA repair genes in adv #bladdercancer #ASCO18 Dr. M.Yin, Dr.M.Joshi
#bevacizumab failed again in NSCLC. No OS difference when added to Erlotinib for EGFR+ #LungCancer, despite significant PFS in favor of combination was noted. #LCSM
Correlation of degree of tumor immune infiltration and indel burden w outcome on PD1 tx in adv RCC M.Voss N.Tannir, R.Motzer #ASCO18 #immunotherapy #kidneycancer
Live from #ASCO18: Findings from examination of biological features of #UTUC, presented by Hem/Onc fellow Dr. Panos Vlachostergios
Adoption of a low-fat diet did not lead to led to a reduction in mortality from other cancer sites, as it did for breast cancer (prev. reported). #ASCO18 abst 1500
. was involved in the evaluation of an immunotherapeutic DNA vaccine in people w/ relapsed #prostatecancer, via #ASCO18
CaboNivo w or w/o Ipi in Treating pts w Metastatic GU Tumors #bladdercancer #kidneycancer #ProstateCancer ✅ #clinicaltrialrecruiting #ASCO18
Atezo in special populations (mixed histology or compromised renal function) Analyses from an expanded access program in plat-treated loc-adv/ mUC #BladderCancer Jean Hoffman-Censits, Hanzhe Zheng, Darren Tayama, #ASCO18
$JNCE -- early loser of #ASCO18 abstract palooza very underwhelming activity for anti-ICOS esp in PD1 combo mono: 1/7 PR in GC; 0% ORR in TNBC combo: 2/19 PRs in GC; 1/15 PR in TNBC
$NKTR-214 vs Epacadostat in combination with Nivolumab in treatment naive advanced melanoma PIVOT vs ECHO-204 comparisons: ORR=52% (12/23) vs 65% (26/40) ORR=59% (5/9) vs 75% (9/12) in PD-L1+ ORR=44% (4/9) vs 56% (9/16) in PD-L1-
$NKTR-214 vs Epacadostat in combination with Nivolumab in treatment naive advanced melanoma PIVOT vs ECHO-204 comparisons: ORR=52% (12/23) vs 65% (26/40) ORR=59% (5/9) vs 75% (9/12) in PD-L1+ ORR=44% (4/9) vs 56% (9/16) in PD-L1-
Very interesting findings by Dr R. Chlebowski : Low-fat dietary pattern led to a lower incidence of deaths after breast cancer He will be discussing this topic at oral abstract session #ASCO18
As always, some important lung abstracts in non-lung-track sessions: LOXO-292 phase 1 in RET+ pts showed 69% ORR #ASCO18 #LCSM
Interesting factoids in #ASCO18 abstract on BRCA1/2 mutation in #PancreaticCancer (offshoot of $AZN POLO) ~7% of unselected pts have BRCA1/2 germline mutations (more in USA & Israel) Pts tend to be younger Significant racial disparities on genetic testing
Proud to present our VA registry study evaluating the outcomes of nearly 4000 pts with LA-HNSCC treated with XRT and either cis or cetux. In PS matched analysis, median OS 4.2 vs 1.8 yrs, favoring cis. Cis better in all subgroups. #ASCO18 #HNCSM
#ASCO18 Merck KgaA bi-spec PD-L1 and TGF-β trap decent data, much better looking than SITC17 data 6/16 (37.5%) ORR in HPV associated cancers
Can #medicalimaging #ArtificialIntelligence predict treatment success of #Immunotherapy Our results #ASCO18 indicate strong correlations #PhD of ,,,,, with ,
Elli Lilly will be chomping at the bits to get "their" backbone (Gemcitabine-based) with pegilodecakin thanks to recently acquired asset ($ARMO) mOS of 10.2 mo, 1y & 2y survival of 43% & 28.8% in multi-line Rx #PancreaticCancer is impressive #ASCO18
This is a tease! The NCORP randomised trial of GA is a late-breaker and we have to wait until June 1 to read the abstract. #gerionc #ASCO18
Exciting day for affordable innovations with #drugrepurposing at #ASCO18 A positive RCT in #NSCLC, an HIV drug in #NSCLC and great R0 resection with an anti-hypertensive drug in PDAC
After glancing through the #ASCO18 abstracts...I maintain that most progress against cancer is incremental and unexciting, however real; it adds up to huge progress!
#ASCO18 $EPZM another very underwhelming dataset 3% (2/61) ORR rather laughable in a biomarker enriched population Oh btw the drug also on clinical hold for causing secondary cancer...
A cast of PICI researchers share 5-year survival results of #melanoma patients treated with #immunotherapy #pembrolizumab in KEYNOTE-001. at #ASCO18. Learn more:
Exciting day for affordable innovations with #drugrepurposing at #ASCO18 A positive RCT in #NSCLC, an HIV drug in #NSCLC and great R0 resection with an anti-hypertensive drug in PDAC
Exciting day for affordable innovations with #drugrepurposing at #ASCO18 A positive RCT in #NSCLC, an HIV drug in #NSCLC and great R0 resection with an anti-hypertensive drug in PDAC
CARMENA is here absolutely surprised Cytoreductive Nephrectomy did not add benefit to systemic therapy only (sunitinib). Should CARMENA change standard of care ? #ASCO18
High deductible plans are even worse for cancer pts than others: reduced access to care, high out of pocket costs, more ED use. #ASCO18 abst 6582
From 1995 to 2015, average cigarette pack price in Indiana rose from $2.29 to $5.41. Higher tobacco taxes/cigarette prices ---> less smoking; lower lung cancer mortality #ASCO18 abst 6559
PICI’s Jedd Wolchok of and Antoni Ribas team for a study of IPI-549, a tumor macrophage-targeting agent combined with the #immunotherapy #nivolumab. #ASCO18 Learn more:
Awareness months lead to higher volume of Google searches for breast & colorectal cancers, but not for prostate and lung cancers. #ASCO18 e13544
Affordable Care Act led to significant reductions in financial worry/access issues among cancer survivors. #ASCO18 abst 6565
B-F1RST trial testing TMB biomarker in atezolizumab 1st line NSCLC, presenting in oral tumor biopsy session. Median PFS was 9.5 vs 2.8 mo for bTMB high vs low. #ASCO18 #LCSM
“In the first randomized phase III comparison of a chemo-free regimen vs standard R-chemo followed by rituximab maintenance in previously untreated FL, R2 showed similar efficacy and a different safety profile to R-chemo”.#ASCO2018 Relevance study
. speaks to research he was involved in at #ASCO18, which explores the use of #VitaminD supplementation in addition to chemotherapy treatment for patients with non-Hodgkin #lymphoma: . CC
A synopsis of the #lymphoma vulnerability research presented today at #ASCO18, courtesy of Dr. Peter Martin
Circulating miR-371a-3p for the detection of low volume viable germ cell. #ASCO 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting Abstracts moving forward #PrecisionMedicine
Visit #ASCO2018 poster session on #melanoma and #skincancer to read about redirected T cell lysis in patients with #uvealmelanoma:
#ASCO2018 Despite a positive meta-analysis of 5 small RCTs, perioperative cimetidine for 5 weeks did not improve DFS in CRC, regardless of sLe Ag expression. Congrats to Michael Jameson . Question to : how an RCT ends up as an e-poster?
#ASCO18 The use of pre-operative PET/PET-CT does not improve OS or DFS in CRCLM. In addition, there is moderate to high quality evidence demonstrating it has a minimal impact on planning surgical management, and does not prevent unnecessary surgeries.
Children's Oncology Group (COG) at #ASCO18 - A randomized trial testing nelarabine in newly diagnosed t-cell malignancy (AALL0434) - Oral Presentation, Saturday, June 2, 2018 #pediatriccancer
Head scratcher: Academic centers way more likely to make incidental findings during lung cancer screening: 61% vs. 25.2% at community imaging centers #ASCO18 e18915
FDA publishes update on new drug approval times: Median review time 193 days; not much of a change, but says range of approval times has shrunk "indicating a more consistent process" #ASCO18
Oncology trials increasingly using surrogate endpoints to speed drugs to market (73.1% between 2006-2017). #ASCO18 abst 6517
#ReutersHealth #ASCO18 circulating tumor DNA " Liquid biopsy" is an important development, still in its infancy but with important implications for early detection and monitoring of #bladdercancer
Using activity trackers to identify post-surgical patients at risk of hospitalization. #ASCO18 abst 6519
Older pts from high poverty areas less likely to receive recommended chemotherapy #ASCO18 e13563
On that checkpoint inhibitors plus brain SRS question: seems safe in large retrospective database. #radonc #asco18
Radiation recall: rare inflammatory reactions at a previously irradiated site; triggered by antineoplastic agents. 'To our knowledge, this is the only review of all published cases." #ASCO18
Expecting great #less is more breast cancer studies in #ASCO2018 - less chemo & less herceptin needed for some
See #ASCO18 poster by Naoko Takebe, MD, PhD, in collaboration with for an ongoing #NCICTEP #clinicaltrial (9350) , " Safety, tolerability, and antitumor activity of once-daily Wee-1 inhibitor AZD1775”. See more:
Prospective phase II multi-center study of individualized axitinib (Axi) titration for metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) after treatment with PD-1 / PD-L1 inhibitors #ASCO18
Low-fat dietary led to a lower incidence of deaths after #breastcancer . No reduction in mortality from other cancer sites - Rand CT. Rowan Chlebowski MD Oral Abstract session #ASCO18 #Oncology #diet
Alterations in key clear cell renal cell carcinoma (RCC) genes to refine patient prognosis #ASCO18
Aurora Health Care's presents our poster findings on molecular test actionability at a session titled "Overcoming Unique Obstacles to Implementing Precision Medicine Trials in the Community Setting". More on the poster here:
Look who we found today - Drs. Geraldine O'Sullivan Coyne and Alice Chen from Developmental Therapeutics Clinic. Here's their abstract: #NCIDTC #ASCO18
$AGIO #ASCO18 Pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) of ivosidenib in patients with IDH1-mutant advanced solid tumors from a phase 1 study.
Cancer's lasting financial toll: Non-elderly survivors report higher worry about standard of living, bills, food insecurity, etc. than people w/out a cancer history #ASCO18 abst 10075
Regular use of cannabis improves quality of life and cancer-related symptoms (dude). #ASCO18 e18812
Expected patient out-of-pocket spending for advanced NSCLC: <$40 to $3,000/month for a Part B drug and $1,800 to $3,500/month for a Part D drug. #ASCO18
Poorer outcomes suffered by cancer patients from rural areas disappear when pts enter clinical trials #ASCO18 abst 6569
Dr. John Allan, Dr. Rick Furman & research colleagues are investigating demographic impact on #CLL incidence and outcomes, via #ASCO18
#ASCO18 attendees: Winship investigator and cancer genetics expert Cecelia Bellcross, PhD, is in S404 at 4:45pm presenting the session, "Identification and referral of women at risk for BRCA mutations."
COG at #ASCO18 - Phase II trial of irinotecan/temozolomide/dinutuximab/granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor (I/T/DIN/GMCSF) in children with relapsed/refractory neuroblastoma (NBL): A report from the Children's Oncology Group - Oral Abstract
Gr8 study: pt-reported frustrations #RCC care delivery: Results of a joint EAU/KCCure survey Proud to be in this powerful group: #ASCO18
Promising ph2 study of daEPOCH-R with HD-MTX for CD5 positive DLBCL (n=47), which has poor outcomes with R-CHOP. 2 year PFS 79% and CNS relapse rate 9% - both better than historic controls #lymSM #ASCO18
Great CT to determine if accelerated BEP is superior to standard BEP in #germcelltumors -#testicularcancer #ovariancancer ✅ #clinicaltrial Dr.P.Grimison #ASCO18
#postoperative #ICU admission is a horrific experience for #gerionc population. I will describe the population at risk for such event and their outcomes. #ASCO18 Helping #gerionc pts one step at a time.
$SNDX #ASCO18 Efficacy and safety of entinostat (ENT) and pembrolizumab (PEMBRO) in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) previously treated with anti-PD-(L)1 therapy.
$TSRO #ASCO18 TOPACIO/Keynote-162: Niraparib + pembrolizumab in patients (pts) with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), a phase 2 trial.
$PTLA #ASCO18 The dual SYK/JAK inhibitor cerdulatinib demonstrates rapid tumor responses in a phase 2 study in patients with relapsed/refractory B- and T-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).
$TSRO #ASCO18 TOPACIO/Keynote-162 (NCT02657889): A phase 1/2 study of niraparib + pembrolizumab in patients (pts) with advanced triple-negative breast cancer or recurrent ovarian cancer (ROC)—Results from ROC cohort.
$AGIO #ASCO18 Mutant IDH (mIDH) inhibitors, ivosidenib or enasidenib, with azacitidine (AZA) in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML).
$AGIO #ASCO18 Clinical pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) of ivosidenib in patients with IDH1-mutant advanced hematologic malignancies from a phase 1 study
$AGIO #ASCO18 Ivosidenib (IVO; AG-120) in mutant IDH1 relapsed/refractory acute myeloid leukemia (R/R AML): Results of a phase 1 study.
$AGIO #ASCO18 Alterations in serum bilirubin during enasidenib treatment in patients with or without UGT1A1 mutations.
$AGIO #ASCO18 AGILE: A phase 3, multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled study of ivosidenib in combination with azacitidine in adult patients with previously untreated acute myeloid leukemia with an IDH1 mutation.
#ASCO18 report: Early data show promise of chemo-free treatment combo ibrutinib + venetoclax in previously untreated #CLL. Dr. John Allan elaborates:
#ASCO2018 abstract online search engine.
. will lead a phase II #clinicaltrial of SM-88 as 2nd-line treatment for advanced #pancreatic #cancer patients . Study rationale presented today at #ASCO18
. comments on agent w/ potential to fulfill unmet treatment need in certain #bladdercancer pts. Phase 2 #clinicaltrial results presented today at #ASCO18
From AUS: women who attend breast screening have *other* health behaviors that reduce cancer mortality risk. #ASCO18 e13579
PROSPER trial - adjuvant Nivo on #RCC #kidneycancer ✅ #clinicaltrial N.Haas, C.Drake McDermott M.Carducci #ASCO18 #immunotherapy
Assessment of GA in key genes can further prognosticate IMDC int. risk pts & be useful to stratify pts in cl. trials. Honored to collaborate on this great study! #ASCO18
Only a few days away at ASCO. The myeloma community has many questions and is hoping for a 360 degrees view now that FDA has looked for the last 10 months at data from all the PD-1 and PD-L1 trials in myeloma #mmsm
OS advantage in clinical trial enrollees #ASCO18 . Analytically, hard to tell if the 10 variables selected are enough to adjust for baselie chr given et al work on selection bias favoring enrollees even in the same disease space
Learn more about #nivolumab + #cisplatin / #pemetrexed or cisplatin / #gemcitabine as induction in resectable #NSCLC: #ASCO2018
Self-stated vs actual practice patterns of medical oncologists: use of CLL prognostic ASCO Annual Meeting Abstracts
We asked older adults starting a new line of chemotherpy which outcomes were more important to them: survival, independence, maintining their thinking ability and being symptom-free #gerionc #patientsfirst #ASCO18
Almost half of our patients rated OTHER outcomes as being more important than survival, regardless of the stage of their disease #gerionc #pallonc #ASCO18
#ASCO18 Oral session by Dr Capucine Baldini #DITEP, presenting benefit of molecular screening and early clinical trial for patients with recurrent #glioma. Abstract ▶️ #PrecisionMedicine
RELEVANCE: Phase III randomized study of lenalidomide plus rituximab (R2) versus chemotherapy plus rituximab, followed by rituximab maintenance, in patients with previously untreated follicular #lymphoma #lymsm #ASCO18
At #ASCO18: cancer therapy is expensive to patients. The primary source of copay/deductible payments comes from complex surgical procedures. Work from . See more at #ASTRO18.
#ASCO18 update: The PROPHECY trial validates CTC biomarker detection as a predictor of unfavorable outcomes in men w/ mCRPC receiving abiraterone or enzalutamide. Hem/Onc Chief elaborates:
Conclusions: The study illustrates that 4-1BB CAR-T cells (kymriah) show enhanced safety, efficacy, and expansion than CD28 CAR-T cells (Yescarta)
More than 4 in 10 older adults with limited life expectancy say they'll keep getting PSA & mammography. Fewer than 1 in 4 recall ever discussing with their doctor that the tests are no longer necessary. #ASCO18 e13546
Interesting mPFS of 6.4 for various VEGFR-TKIs post IO combos. Our prospective axitinib post-IO data show PFS > 9 months though admittedly many of those pts received single-agent IO which can account for some differences #ASCO18 #CleClinicCancer
The landscape of kinase rearrangements detected in ctDNA B. Creelan S.M.Ali #ASCO18
Model combining genomic and clinical factors to predict clinical benefit from PD1/PD-L1 inhibitors for advanced UC. #ASCO18
#ASCO18 Stanford/Forty Seven anti-#CD47 early data quite encouraging -> $TRIL Decent data with rituximab combo in NHL 40% ORR, 27% CR in DLBCL 71% ORR, 43% CR in FL Single agent activity in solid tumors (2PRs)
#ASCO18 Stanford/Forty Seven anti-#CD47 early data quite encouraging -> $TRIL Decent data with rituximab combo in NHL 40% ORR, 27% CR in DLBCL 71% ORR, 43% CR in FL Single agent activity in solid tumors (2PRs)
#ASCO18 $AZN PARPi Olaparib randomized Ph2 data in mCRPC --> $CLVS $TSRO Decent rPFS data: 13.8 vs 8.2mo; HR=0.65 But OS data rather underwhelming: 23.3 vs 20.9mo; HR=0.89
$CTMX 2/17 PR for CX072 mono in solid tumors. Worth the 1B MC?
$LOXO RET response rate is 69% in new abstract vs. 45% for $BPMC … See previous coverage:
Funny how years after the $PCYC acquisition by $ABBV for $21B which assigned singificant value to Imbruvica for success in solid tumors that utter failure goes unnoticed... #ASCO18
#ASCO18 $JNJ FGFRi erdafitinib very nice data in FGFRalt bladder cancer --> $ARQL 42% confirmed ORR; 80% DCR 70% cORR among pts with prior ICI
Prostate radiotherapy in newly-diagnosed metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer #asco18 #radonc
Breaking abstracts: Adjuvant denosumab either does (ABCSG: ) or does not (D-CARE ) improve DFS in breast cancer.
Breaking abstracts: Adjuvant denosumab either does (ABCSG: ) or does not (D-CARE ) improve DFS in breast cancer.
$MRTX Sitravatinib mono 20% ORR in RCC 1B MC
#ASCO18 abstracts just released at
Decision aids for prostate cancer screening from the CDC and AFP did not change minds. But the one from the USPSTF did. #ASCO18 abst 5085
Here is 8512. Would have made plenary session at surgical meeting! #lcsm
Women switched to high deductible plans by their employer experienced delays in diagnostic breast imaging, breast biopsy, early-stage breast cancer diagnosis, and chemotherapy initiation. #ASCO18 abst 6560
Asking cancer patients about time since last cigarette (rather than 'have you smoked in the last 30 days) better way to ID who can benefit from cessation support. #ASCO18 e13542
Dartmouth researchers find that health care providers in northern New England (live free or die) prefer LinkedIn to Twitter as the social network of choice by more than 3 to 1. #ASCO18
Here is the one about lymph nodes. #lcsm
"The NETTER-1 study did not show any evidence of nephrotoxicity associated with 177Lu treatment, even in patients with mild to moderate baseline impairment in renal function." -ASCO 2018
Factors influencing first-line therapy of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients (pts) in the Connect MDS/AML Disease Registry - et al. #ASCO18 Poster 97, abstract 7037 - Monday June 4, 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM #AMLsm #leusm
Implementation of electronic medical record-based application leads to more smokers referred for screening. (Cancer found in ~1% of screened pts) #ASCO18 abst. 1558
"MRI-based breast screening has proven to be a very reasonable alternative to risk-reducing mastectomy" in BRCA mutation carriers #ASCO18 abst 1523
Preliminary results from an ongoing phase 2a study of RX-3117, an oral nucleoside analogue to treat adv UC #bladdercancer #ASCO18
A phase 2 study to assess the safety and efficacy of #umbralisib (TGR-1202) in pts with #CLL who are intolerant to prior BTK or PI3Kδ inhibitor therapy #CLLsm #ASCO18
PREOPANC-1 shows OS benefit for preoperative chemoRT compared to immediate surgery for resectable and borderline resectable #pancreaticcancer. Both arms got adjuvant chemotherapy. #ASCO18 #radonc
In Boston, significant breast cancer treatment delays for black women and those on Medicaid compared to white and privately-insured women. #ASCO18 e18620
Presented in Plenary #ASCO18 by , the CARMENA study shows efficacy of sunitinib alone vs surgery+sunitinib in metastatic renal cell cancer #RCC. (Dr Escudier in the study steering commitee) Abstract ▶️
Breast density laws lead to more ultrasounds... but "no significant relationship between inform mandate laws and ... the likelihood of cancer detection." #ASCO18 abst 6579
About to start a trial with cabo
#ASCO18 Dr Laura Mezquita presenting an amplicon-based #LiquidBiopsy for detecting ALK and ROS1 mutations in advanced non-small cell lung cancer #NSCLC patients | w/ Abstract ▶️
CBT-I and acupuncture were effective in treating moderate to severe insomnia, although CBT-I was more effective for those with mild symptoms #cancersurvivor #ASCO18 et al.
Patient-defined goals & prefs among older adults w cancer starting #chemotherapy #gerionc #ASCO18
About 6 in 10 oncology articles with marginally significant results lacked adequate "expression of uncertainty"* #ASCO18 *new band name
Rising proportion of colorectal cancers in young individuals at academic center with a linear ongoing rise of rectal cancers in particular #ASCO18 e13575
Early Medicaid expansion reduced uninsured rates among children with cancer; greatest uptake seen in children residing in higher poverty counties, Expansion may improve childhood cancer prognosis and reduce disparities in outcomes #ASCO18
Recommendations to stop pap testing in women age ≥65 do not appear to have led to increased cervical cancer mortality #ASCO18 abst 1556
Pre-menopausal women w/ #melanoma on #immunotherapy more likely to have side effects AND quit treatment than men. What will this mean as we study these drugs in (mostly) young women w/ triple negative breast cancer? #bcsm #ASCO18 Great work
Risk of second malignancies higher in breast cancer patients who received chemotherapy #ASCO18 abst: 1565
#ASCO18 Oral presentation of the phase II TRINITY study: Efficacy & safety of an immuno-conjugate (antibody+chemotherapy) in small cell lung cancer #SCLC. Pr Benjamin Besse co-author Abstract ▶️
#ASCO18 abstract on patient views of cost underscores the danger in the word "value." Per a patient: "Value is not a word that I can associate with cancer care. As far as I'm concerned, cancer care should be the absolute best that it can possibly be.”
This pooled analysis from 5 registration trials with CDK4/6 inhibitors and endocrine therapy in ER+/HER2- metastatic #BreastCancer shows consistent benefit in a broad population of patients #bcsm
Great look showing similar efficacy of CDK4/6i in less common subtypes, such as PR-, de novo metastatic & lobular #breastcancer by Looking forward to discussion! #ASCO18 #bcsm
#ASCO18 #Gerionc abstracts
More up to date $RHHBY $ABBV Venclexta AML trials: #ASCO18 and #EHA17
And SYD985, an anti-HER2 ADC currently tested in a phase 3 clinical trial for metastatic HER2+ breast cancer #bcsm
Promising agents: tesetaxel - an oral taxane with good response rates in early studies: #bcsm Ongoing in Phase III study!
I missed this poster during ASCO. Very interesting abstract.
Interesting results from ECHELON-1 trial #ASCO18 & impact on interim imaging on primary endpoint. CC
Dr Axel Le Cesne presented at #ASCO18 the T-SAR trial, validating the efficacy of trabectedin in metastatic soft tissue #sarcoma. Abstract ▶️
Factors influencing first-line therapy of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients (pts) in the Connect MDS/AML Disease Registry - et al. #ASCO18 Poster 97, abstract 7037 - Monday June 4, 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM #AMLsm #leusm
Study of 300 metastatic cancer patients on immunotherapy meds: Use of antibiotics (ABX) associated with avg 97 vs 178 Progression Free Survival days & 317 vs 651 overall survival days. Dir of causation? ABX shorten life or those who need ABX sicker?
A rare cancer study in #ASCO18 Plenary Session! Nice results in rhabdomyosarcoma treatment with maintenance of chemotherapy: the RMS2005 study promoted by (Dr Véronique Minard, inv.), presented by Dr Gianni Bisogno #EpSSG Abstract ▶️
Nice depiction of efficacy and toxicity data for #CART CD19 therapy by Dr Jeremy Abramson. The latter may be the main differentiator w/ the current class of agents for #DLBCL. #ASCO18
Excellent presentation by Dr Ranjana Advani elucidating data w/ new novel therapeutic agent anti-CD47 antibody in #lymphoma. #ASCO18
Very nice presentation by Dr Casasnovas. To optimize decision making for individual HL pts, we need to identify which pts should start w/ BEACOPP & deintensify for neg PET-2 (vs start w/ ABVD & intensify for + PET-2) #ASCO18 #HodgkinLymphoma
Fascinating result. #carmena #ASCO18
Olaparib + AA/P #ASCO18
Can tumor contact length predict extracapsular extension, lymph node involvement, and biochemical recurrence? #asco18
A study of SABR + Pembro in #lungcancer investigates abscopal responses... and this time finds it. #lcsm #ASCO18
Abscopal effect of questionable significance in SCCHN, #ASCO18; ;
Nivolumab effective regardless of age in SCCHN; #ASCO18; ;;
RT Transplant_Doc "Multiple infusions of cryopreserved expanded NK cells can be safely delivered after high-dose chemotherapy, with an overall marrow response rate of 85% Haplo_Doc
Multiple infusions of cryopreserved expanded NK cells can be safely delivered after high-dose chemotherapy, with an overall marrow response rate of 85%
Longer-term industry relationships may be assoc w/more prescribing changes vs time-limited. #COI duration disclosure?
#Cancer patients treated on #clinicaltrials lived substantially longer than those not treated on trial. Further efforts are needed to increase enrollment #ASCO18
Longer-term industry relationships of Drs may be associated with greater changes in drug prescribing than time-limited ones. CoI policies & disclosures may be more informative if specifying duration of industry relationships. via
FIERCE-21 P1b/2 study: docetaxel + b-701 (a selective inhibitor of FGFR3) in relapsed/refractory mUCC #BladderCancer ✅ #clinicaltrialrecruiting #ASCO18
Fascinating pilot data from a ph2 study to be presented by Ferreri et al: increasing blood brain barrier permeability to treat r/r primary CNS lymphoma with R-CHOP #lymSM
On enabling early detection of cancer via DNA-based signatures in liquid biopsy. | 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting Abstracts
How do open label trials affect PRO results? Stop by and check out work by talented ORISE fellow Jessica Roydhouse at ASCO on Sat. Jun 2 1p-5p Hall A- PRO Completion rates by blinding status
v interesting data from Rummel et al: 2 years of maintenance rituximab after #bendamustine rituximab - longer PFS compared w observation in treatment-naive marginal zone lymphoma #lymSM #ASCO18 still no rand data in FL after BR
to present results phase III RELEVANCE study (lenalidomide rituximab vs R-chemo in treatment-naive follicular lymphoma) at #ASCO18 no superiority for R2 in terms of CR rate at 30 months or PFS. more G3 rash, less G3 neut fever #lymSM
Dyer et al to report on #acalabrutinib monotherapy in relapsed/refractory DLBCL #ASCO18 21 patients, ORR 24% with a surprising handful of CR #lymSM Btk inhibitor monotherapy clearly not the answer for this disease
It will still be discussed in the FDA abstract 8008.
“Early data show promising activity of I+V oral regimen with MRD(-) response in 82% in first-line CLL. Safety was consistent with AE profiles of single-agent ibr or ven. “ #ASCO18
“Acalabrutinib monotherapy was tolerable and had activity in difficult-to-treat DLBCL pts, including ref pts, supporting further studies in DLBCL” #ASCO18
“Acalabrutinib, alone and combined with R, was well-tolerated and yielded promising response rates in FL.” ASCO18
Our survey of 1147 #CLL patients & their perceptions at diagnosis. Importance of patient voice 2b presented #ASCO18 w
Activity of umbralisib in kinase-inhibitors’ intolerant #CLL patients. Data to be presented by & colleagues at this #ASCO18 meeting.
Activity of venetoclax is sustained in #CLL patients refractory to ibrutinib. Data 2b presented #ASCO18
Important abstract by to be presented #ASCO18 & why RCTs needs to be done 2 assure proper SOC #lymsm
Factors influencing first-line therapy of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients (pts) in the Connect MDS/AML Disease Registry - #ASCO18 Poster 97, abstract 7037 - Monday June 4, 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM #AMLsm #leusm
You saw this #ASCO18 abstract?
acknowledging i might be wrong about #FortySeven et al nice ORR/CR in rrNHL, although 2/22 patients required transfusion (RBC loss) I've dissed CD47/SIRPa inhibitors (aside from $CELG/Inhibrx, which looked clean). time for a rethink...
As we prepare for options upon progression after immuno-oncology combinations for patients with mRCC, an elegant study by highlights a safe and active option with dose titration axitinib.
Wow! Surprised to see such a large effect given the recent Chicago single-arm data. Also data form MSKCC in H&N doesn't look as promising... .... this abscopal thing is a tricky beast. Can't wait to see what the off-target biopsies show!
Investigators reanalyze PLCO and conclude chest x-ray *did* did reduce lung cancer deaths among patients diagnosed during the active screening period. #ASCO18 abst. 1552
Despite some knowledge gaps, most providers felt comfortable providing care for LGBTQ population and were willing to be listed as a LGBTQ-friendly provider. #ASCO18 e18645
Collaboration between oncologists produced 32% minority accrual into clinical trials and improved equity of available treatment options. #ASCO18 e18651
Sorry, here’s the correct link
Ph II but this RCT gives permission to switch to maintenance 5FU after 4m 1L FOLFIRINOX in met #pancreaticcancer #ASCO18
Lung cancer pts lacking a primary care provider had 20% higher lung cancer mortality (the same RR difference, coincidentally, assoc. w/screening). #ASCO18 e18614
About 15% of cancer pts missed at least one follow-up appointment w/out rescheduling; more common among vulnerable pt populations. #ASCO18 e18675
Many cancer patients using e-cigarettes also smoke. Those trying to quit more likely to report using FDA approved medications. #ASCO18 e13545
Inflammatory biomarkers (associated w/ poorer outcomes) linked to socioeconomic factors (age, race, SES, overweight/obesity) #ASCO18 e13574
#ASCO18 Annual Meeting Abstracts
Notably at 2018 meeting the Dutch #PancreaticCancer group have presented preliminary data from their ongoing RCT on the benefits of Neoadjuvant Rx in borderline resectable disease. Cc: