This is telling from : around 2/3 of papers that researchers could freely share online (some 40 million) are NOT shared by them for one reason or another.
Dissemin detects papers behind pay-walls and invites their authors to upload them in one click to an open repository.
Bonjour à tous et en particulier à l'ESR français. J'aimerais faire la promotion d'un outil aidant les chercheurs a identifier leur publication non disponible en #openaccess Faites un tour sur pour voir. C'est super simple! RT appréciés !
How helped authors make over 3000 articles green open access via
detects papers behind pay-walls & invites their authors to upload them in 1 click to an open repository
The 5 shades of Open Access by at — Try their #OA DOI resolver at too! #OAweek
And/or through to highlight unused OA potential...
We <3 , we work(ed) together frequently & we'll likely reuse some parts, although they're not super supported anymore it seems. Our emphasis is quite different though, upgrading IRs, simpler UIs, help uploading, content checks and so on.
Our new version is out! You can now upload papers to via . Feedback welcome!
Take a look at which does some of this: . You can simply append any ORCID to their root URL.