This is telling from : around 2/3 of papers that researchers could freely share online (some 40 million) are NOT shared by them for one reason or another.
Dissemin detects papers behind pay-walls and invites their authors to upload them in one click to an open repository.
Bonjour à tous et en particulier à l'ESR français. J'aimerais faire la promotion d'un outil aidant les chercheurs a identifier leur publication non disponible en #openaccess Faites un tour sur pour voir. C'est super simple! RT appréciés !
How helped authors make over 3000 articles green open access via
Ich bin beim Tool-Markplatz auf den #oat19 vorbei gehuscht, lese mir von allen Tools die Abstracts auf der Seite der durch (, unter Info/Abstracts)und was sehe ich da:Dissemin.Wie ich finde ein cooles Tool!()
detects papers behind pay-walls & invites their authors to upload them in 1 click to an open repository
The 5 shades of Open Access by at — Try their #OA DOI resolver at too! #OAweek
We <3 , we work(ed) together frequently & we'll likely reuse some parts, although they're not super supported anymore it seems. Our emphasis is quite different though, upgrading IRs, simpler UIs, help uploading, content checks and so on.
Take a look at which does some of this: . You can simply append any ORCID to their root URL.
Our new version is out! You can now upload papers to via . Feedback welcome!
And/or through to highlight unused OA potential...