Slate is hiring a science and tech writer. It's important we diversify our incredible team, so please share with anyone who is fascinated by the topic and can write. No specific background is a perfect fit. (I became a journo after 10 years in nonprofits)
Job alert: is hiring a science or tech reporter. CC
Good job alert, science and/or technology staff writer for Slate
The now-very-good-looking Slate is hiring for two great positions: 1) A senior editorial mind to oversee our technology and business verticals, and 2) a staff writer to be a star! Please spread the news, apply, or DM me recommendations!
slate is hiring an intern to work on SLOW BURN for 30 hours a week. if you work for an org that helps people find internships, or if you have access to listservs where such info is distributed, or if you just know someone great, please pass it along!
Hey you! (Yes you.) Apply for Slate's summer culture internship! NYC-based, 40 hours/week, paid, runs June thru Aug.
We're hiring for a new politics editor. Come work with us!
We just posted a job listing for a technology and/or science staff writer, and you or someone smart you know should apply
. is looking for a fall editorial intern in DC, Oct-Dec (paid)
Are you a lawyer who'd rather be a writer covering the law for Slate? Consider this job!
Slate is hiring for a lawyer who would rather write for Slate than practice law!
Slate is hiring an editor to work on news and politics coverage; come work here if you are smart and a nice person
Slate is hiring two people for our audience development team: A senior producer to work on Slate Podcasts: And an audience engagement editor:
Slate is hiring two people for our audience development team: A senior producer to work on Slate Podcasts: And an audience engagement editor:
Job alert: Slate is looking for a new politics editor! Come work with us. It'll be fun.
🔔 Job Alert! is hiring an Interactives Editor. If you love experimenting with backend frameworks, design/UX, and finding good stories in data, you should apply. Also lots of good collaboration with Design and Dev teams
🚨 ATTENTION 🚨 is looking for a host for our forthcoming daily news podcast. POC strongly encouraged to apply!
Slate is hiring a senior producer of audience engagement, an audience engagement editor, & more: via
Slate is hiring a politics editor via
The DC office is hiring an editorial assistant
Come be my boss at Slate.
Come edit us! Slate needs a senior editor to help lead our news, politics, and legal verticals.
I'm hiring an intern for the science section of ! Please apply if you have opinions about science!
Slate’s culture department is looking for a fall intern—paid position, 30 hours/wk, out of NY office. Apply by 7/30.
i don't know if i mentioned this but slate is looking for a new politics editor! it's a great job with great colleagues and the unique perk of being able to tell me, to my face, that my takes are bad.
come work for Slate where you can help me write my spiciest takes