Just to be clear: the oil industry is now artificially chilling Alaska's melting permafrost to make it solid enough to drill for and transport yet more oil
Just when you think it can’t get any more surreal: NPR photo of 4 of the thousands and thousands of cooling tubes oil industry is burying in the Arctic to keep permafrost from melting so they can keep drilling.
So let's get this straight: 1) Oil industry digs up oil in the arctic that heats the planet; 2) Planet warms, arctic thaws; 3) Oil industry desperately tries to cool arctic in order to keep drilling oil. Hm, seems like there's gotta be another way. 🤔
Frightening and bizarre. Oil companies invent technology to re-freeze melting permafrost, so they can continue to harvest oil, the burning of which melts permafrost (ht )
This story is truly amazing and not really in a good way
Fascinating story on the irony that oil companies are struggling with the loss of permafrost in Alaska, by ⁦⁩’s ⁦⁩ — my former reporting neighbor at ⁦⁩! Nice work.
The oil industry is refrigerating thawed permafrost in Alaska so it can keep drilling - great story by
Just when you thought things couldn't get more absurd - Here comes the oil industry artificially freezing permafrost (thawing from climate change) so they can drill for . . . wait for it . . . MORE OIL. Circle of death continues. NPR
Alaska businesses are creating products to help the oil industry cope with #climatechange, including keeping permafrost cold