The latest version of Mendeley prevents you from getting all of your data out of the app. We’ve added instructions for transferring your full library to Zotero — which will always remain open — while you still can.
Elsevier-owned Mendeley now encrypts users' hard drives w/o permission (falsely citing GDPR as reason). And decrypting is anything but straight-forward
Finally cancelled my Mendeley subscription, as finally having more time to set up an alternative system. Such a sad story about an amazing software going down the drain of unscrupulous business practices (see ) not to mention a drastic decline in quality 😢
1) GDPR doesn’t require you to lock users out of their own data. 2) Encrypting a local file provides essentially no additional security beyond what the OS provides. 3) Exports exclude a lot of important data. This is a self-serving, user-hostile move.
Hey users, your citation database is no longer open. You have one last chance to export to BEFORE you upgrade to #Mendeley 1.19!
Fuck Elsevier and fuck Mendeley. Choose your tools wisely and try to pick ones that aren't owned by assholes.
BLOCKED: Mendeley won’t let you export data to Zotero any more through ‘encryption’- see 21 June 2018 - #repofringe
DO IT before Mendeley further locks your database! Instructions for me were simple, install v 1.18 over existing 1.19. Though I couldn't easily re download all PDFs into 1.18 so I exported half as Bib and copied the other PDFs from their location on disk
Woah, is now locking you in, starting with version 0.19, by encrypting the local db. Fortunately, I still had 0.18 and could convert to . Make sure to backup your library!
Brilliant! I only found out about the Mendeley thing thanks to , and some twitter exchanges. Expected and predictable for workflow lockin. That's an amazing photo BTW! 😍
Open Sci peeps: JSYK Mendeley used to be OA then it was bought by Elsevier. In 2018 Mendeley began encrypting its local database using a proprietary algorithm, making it difficult for users to export their data (creating a potential lock-in situation)