Startup Clarifai also worked on the Pentagon's Maven AI project It got hacked. Ex-employee's lawsuit alleges she was wrongfully dismissed for arguing the company should disclose a hack to DoD.
Former and current employees at Clarifai say the company was working on the controversial Pentagon project Project Maven—and that Clarifai’s computer systems were less secure than they should have been
Scoop from : A startup analyzing drone imagery for Project Maven (as does Google) was hacked last fall, probably by Russia, and didn't immediately notify the Pentagon via
Pentagon AI software, a windowless "Chamber of secrets," broom cupboard rendezvous, and malware from Russia. Former and current employees say startup Clarifai mishandled a contract under the DoD's Maven AI project.
AI company Clarifai had a room called the "Chamber of Secrets." Turns out some secrets slipped out.
Fired employee alleges in a lawsuit that Clarifai, an AI startup working on Project Maven, was hacked from Russia and did not promptly report it to the Pentagon ( / Wired)
A very different version of *tech worker fights employer over Project Maven* from . A startup analyzing drone imagery for Maven was hacked, employee said Pentagon should be notified, they fired her
Should have known the meme thing would get all the attention :/ but this is the more important thing I tweeted yesterday: Also this paper is v. interesting, by Gupta et al.:
Holy cow. A new lawsuit alleges Clarifai mishandled a Russian hack while working on Project Maven for the DoD