🛎️ Our very own gives his take of the TLDR for 's 110-page Q2 State of Blockchain Report - hit that RT to save your followers some time today⏱️ cc
Since the Tether news broke, the price of Bitcoin reported on has been quite different from some other data sites. Sometimes by as much as 2 percent. Here are the key underlying reasons
When no one builds the crypto dashboard you want, you build it yourself. So proud of what this small team at has accomplished in its first six months. Data + Curation + Community + Self-Regulation A trusted source for crypto information:
Read "🔥 Augur burns the network's kill switch" on the newsfeed section at . We're reading and synthesizing news on the hour so that you don't have to. 🕑
🥊 pulling no punches this year: "🏦 Coinbase Q2 2018 updates" summarized by .
hi heard you guys like Bitcoin, think you’ll like too- we have crypto news, price, and research 👑
Couple of us ordered dinner to the office and found this in one of the fortune cookies. 🥠 Can’t. Make. This. Up. LET’S GO @
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Crypto markets data hurt to look at right now, but at least it’s pretty to look at (and is reliable) (w with metrics that make sense) (and highly customizable)! Head on over to our newly integrated site at and create your own markets dashboard! 💥💥
Here is a list of what the Messari Team is reading this weekend 🤓 Any thing we missed/ should read next week? Let us know. PS Links are available on our homepage over at 👩🏻‍💻
👩‍💼 Messari’s covers the three U.S. crypto-regulatory headlines from this week: + 🇺🇸 First US Congressman to disclose crypto holding + 🏈 SEC punts on another Bitcoin ETF + 👮 The DEA's latest report Text summaries and links are on ! 💻
Hard to believe it's only been *24 hours* since the announcement of our website () relaunch.💥 Would love to get your feedback on the new site- what can we do better? 👉
"💰 ICOs were 45% of IPOs in Q2 2018": The ICO volume in Q2 this year reached $7.2 billion. 😱 via
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For someone who’s not full time involved in crypto like myself, ’s curated list of articles is a huge win. Filters away a lot of the crap. That’s their killer app for me so far.
Do a deep dive on your favorite cryptoasset via Messari’s asset pages: price, overview, metrics & related news. (cc ) Bonus: It looks good on both mobile 🤳🏻and desktop! 👩🏻‍💻 Just click on any of the ones featured on & happy analyzing!
Keep an eye on , these guys move fast. Check new NEWSFEED and save many hours going through noise on twitter, excelent content curation!
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Big fan of the updated website from which is now my go to place for crypto news and prices
You want a crypto dashboard? Check out Messari's new homepage! #crypto #startup #entrepreneur #hustler #bitcoin #ethereum #Proudinvestor
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. really acing the high growth handbook: "✈️ Binance plans expansion to South Korea" from
We did some reading this weekend so you don't have to. Read "🌐[Analysis] Financial Stability Board publishes review of cryptoassets – Financial Stability Board" from & happy monday 🤓
🗣 Last week, SEC Commissioner Hester M. Peirce publicly dissented from the SEC's denial of the Winklevoss' ETF. 🧐 We read the dissent and summarized the three major points of the dissent here at .
I'm watching the House hearing on the homepage so I can see whos testimony makes the market pump and who makes it dump (love real-time prices)
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Every Friday, we compile a list of what we want to sit down & read over the weekend. Here’s what the Messari team is reading this weekend! (Source links at )
More 🗞️ from + 📝 "Big Four" firm EY acquires crypto-assets tax tool to audit blockchains + 💳 Coinbase launches gift cards so you can spend your crypto at the mall +📡 Ethereum's node infrastructure provider Infura handling 10 billion requests/day
Launching Messari 2.0: not only do we have a new look, we've also completed the integration of our crypto data dashboard (which is optimized for mobile, too)! More details in the link below, but in the meantime, head over to 😎
Not so fast for the “Winkling”: ❌ Winklevoss brothers' Bitcoin ETF rejected by SEC for the second time ⛔️ (cc )
Ryan CEO of rockin his pitch at Demoday11. invites a couple of our seed fund investments to present in Seoul to 2,300+ attendees to each event #Startups #crypto #vc #korea #btc #blockchain
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One thing you might have noticed on our new site is the introduction of new data types on the home page. These cards will be updated with new research, data features, and items related to trending news. Check it out
I am so happy that includes my favorite ICO of all time
👀 Hmmm anyone notice something different about
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So you lied about Brad Garlinghouse lying. Got it. Hopefully ’s search engine won’t miss this in case anyone is wondering what kind of “unbiased” information to expect from Messari. () $XRP Truth/facts > Ryan Selkis
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🎪 Here's what the Messari Team is reading this weekend- head over to for the links! 🤓
👑 Friday mood: You can't sit with us. "🔨 Poloniex announces delisting of nine assets" from .
It's shaping up to be a real builders #FF launched , which features thoughtful news summaries. I’m v interested in the tokenized fund/localized investor approach of + boss team: /1
A summary of Zcash's next update in October: "🌱 Zcash's Sapling upgrade seeks to improve the performance and functionality of shielded transactions". As always, we read it so you don't have to over at 🤓
Dramatic day for : delisted this morning from the Chrome webstore, but looks like its back online now. (cc ) 🔑
Check out the new front page which is shaping up very nicely esp with the data! Messari continues to bring much-needed transparency to crypto and gives a platform for anyone looking to submit quality research. Exciting!
Money never sleeps in crypto: "💰 Bitmain hoping to receive another nine-figure fund injection prior to IPO" from
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Unusual or just early stage? 🧐 reads: "🍴 [Analysis] Do financial incentives increase the threat of forks? – Nadia Eghbal"
🖥️🔧 UPDATE: now auto-refreshes on Market Data (every 10mins) and Community Activity (every 30mins) so feel free to keep that tab open ;) keep the feedback coming!
Crypto is a mess so curation and transparency are extra valuable. I highly recommend you follow and keep an eye on the company he co-founded . They are building the new “front page for crypto.”
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I haven't felt this level of professional excitement since April 2016, right when CoinDesk and Consensus started to take off and the company went from nearly dead blog to roaring back to life.
We re-launched ! 🚀🚀🚀 Streaming quotes. No ads. Lightning fast page load (HUGE for mobile). Quick charts. data + quick links to our asset research & pro screener. Quick category filters. + = 🔥🔥🔥
It’s hella addicting watching the prices on climb and change in real-time. 😎
The home page got a face lift and I'm excited. is just getting started.
At least the design looks pretty. (From )
1/ Pulling together my daily bit is going to be so much easier with this crack team of analysts . Here's what I digested in 20 minutes this morning
More users, visiting more frequently, and staying longer than ever before. Strong start to Q2. Looks like we'll beat March numbers by end of next week. Come play around at: (curated news & research) and (asset rankings) 😎
Check out our lightning fast search and people and organization bios. The bios on are spot on.
Front page for news: Cryptoasset dashboard:
Now this looks GREAT!!! ->
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Updated my Zephyr cybercoin dashboard to use data. If you are peered with the main network, subscribe to coinbot,*,.MIT.EDU :-)