Karolinska requests retraction of Macchiarini and Jungebluth papers via
SWEDEN "On 25 June, the President of Karolinska Institutet made the decision to find seven researchers responsible for scientific misconduct in research. The case concerns six...
Updated: retracts Macchiarini's plastic trachea horror paper Jungebluth et al. 2011
Update: Whistleblower Karl-Henrik Grinnemo on being fingered by for misconduct: "Being judged by KI is like a soccer game where the other team’s coach is the referee"
Ernstig. En hier helpen echt geen verplichte 10 cursussen Research ethiek en integriteit of BROK cursussen om het te voorkomen, zoals sommigen denken.
Wow. Did the Karolinska Institute really just judge one of the whistleblowers who exposed Macchiarini to be just as blameworthy as Macchiarini himself? What could possibly be the justification?
"all 6 papers are to be retracted, 7 scientists found guilty of misconduct."
For Better Science: Karolinska decides on Macchiarini and Jungebluth papers
Karolinska requests retraction of Macchiarini and Jungebluth papers via
Today will announce decision on Macchiarini's trachea transplant papers. Jungebluth's email indicates: misconduct findings and call for retraction to be upheld
Karolinska requests retraction of Macchiarini and Jungebluth papers via
I don't read Swedish so can't confirm this blogpost is accurate. But, if it is, this scientific misconduct case is jaw-dropping. 3 dead patients! Breaking the 1947 Nuremburg Code! Faking both a license to practise medicine and a PhD! Retracting 6 papers!
Nothing to see here folks, there is NO, I repeat, NO COI possible without industry involvement. H/T
Disclaimer: I may be unfairly biased against medical reliability because I'm Italian.
Waiting for decision on Macchiarini trachea transplant papers. I publish email by Jungebluth: "We already know the result of this “all show lawsuit” but this won’t help Karolinska Institutet to overcome their incompetence"
Comment : Macchiarini showed in a tissue section claiming it's 4 years post-op. Elsewhere, he claimed it was 2 months post-op
Today will announce #Macchiarini decision