Saw a new paper on the lead-crime hypothesis, and it is pretty much the perfect randomised intervention. Notes to follow.
Newly out in AEJ: Applied () fascinating paper by Billings & on lead exposure remediation efforts: . Upshot is that early intervention efforts were effective in mitigating lead's harmful effects on cognitive & behavioral development.
Seems like a no brainer that after all this evidence that lead exposure causes crime and many other life problems, the US (and other affected countries) should implement this proven treatment for all affected children (and remove remaining lead pipes).
New in AEJ: Applied: "Life after Lead: Effects of Early Interventions for Children Exposed to Lead” by Steve Billings &
Lowering lead levels reduces crime and other problems. This RCT shows that its a causal relationship. We should have done more earlier to help these children.
Documenting profoundly harmful fx of lead exposure on children's development (Aizer et al 2018 ) *AND* demonstrating that lead-poisoning remediation is possible ( & 2018 ). Local communities are taking action.
Want to know more? Here are some studies that provide examples of prevention programs that are worth investing in: CBT for at-risk youth: Summer jobs for teens: CDC interventions for lead-poisoning: