850 people were mistakenly detained by the Home Office. Let that sink in. Under Hostile Environment innocent people have been locked up & deported. We need an independent review of the hostile environment policy before more lives are torn apart
Home Office wrongly detained more than 850 people and had to pay out £21m in compensation over five years, ⁦⁩ reveals. More stark realities of May’s hostile environment.
Wrongful detention cost £21m as immigration staff chased bonuses. Further proof that our immigration system is completely broken. Thank you ⁦⁩ for your reporting on this.
This is terrifying
Home Office pays out £21m after mistakenly detaining 850 people
'Home Office pays out £21m after mistakenly detaining 850 people. Wrongful detentions came as immigration staff chased bonuses, figures show.' #perverseincentives