Our field has lost a giant. Jeff shaped the intellectual landscape I found myself in as an emerging PhD computational psycholinguist, and the university landscape that I found myself in as a new assistant professor twelve years ago.
R.I.P. Jeffrey Elman, influential UCSD cognitive scientist and member of the original "PDP Research Group" behind the seminal books in the field of neural networks, "Parallel Distributed Processing: Explorations in the Microstructure of Cognition" vol. 1&2
sad to hear, Elman really influenced my thinking about cognitive science and his work was basis for my dissertation.
Prominent UC San Diego scientist Jeff Elman dies
Very sad to learn of the death of psycholinguist and neural net modeler Jeff Elman (we disagreed about much, but I admired him as a creative thinker and a decent human being).
Words escape me. Jeff Elman was a giant in our field and lit the way for so many of us. My heart goes out to all my friends who knew and loved him.
Prominent UC San Diego scientist Jeff Elman dies at 70. He helped explain how humans learn and process language.
1/ Elman had become such a friend and mentor these last few years as we worked together to start our "startup-y" new Data Science Institute . We'd walk-and-talk as he moved from place to place on campus to share his vision of the Institute.
Devastating. Feels like I’ve been punched in the stomach from the inside. Even after days I can’t find words beyond thank you Jeff for your contributions to UCSD, , the field, & for being/staying human, always #JeffElman #Ucsd #CognitiveScience
How is a world suddenly lacking Elman’s vibrant presence even possible?
This was seen/shared by most by now but since I can’t seem to write anything of substance... Jeff was a pioneer in the field, an inspiring and truly interdisciplinary researcher and...