Intense hunt by biotech (i.e. Calico) & billionaires to promote lifespan (healthy aging). Here, a genetic study reveals the secret: avoid a heart attack! Most gene variants identified for lifespan are just common alleles *protective* for heart attack.
I wonder if the folks at are nervous? Genetic study of longevity of 1M parents shows that the diseases most associated with a longer lifespan are those that we can control through lifestyle changes and more education!
"Genomic underpinnings of lifespan allow prediction and reveal basis in modern risks"
Beautiful GWAS of lifespan: "Disease loci explaining the most lifespan variance are primarily associated with neurological disease, cardiovascular disease, and lung cancer" by et al.
Genomic underpinnings of lifespan allow prediction and reveal basis in modern risks Our latest paper builds on work on DNA can predict 5 years difference in lifespan and common genetics of lifespan driven by heart disease
Have a look at this. We are focused on annuities.
We shall see. shows 5 year difference between top and bottom decile very similar to postcode in the UK. (latter not shown in paper). Maybe we will work up 1 and 99 percentiles soon.
2 very different new looks at lifespan prediction: 1. "Phenotypic Age" using biomarkers, disease count (AUC 0.88) 2. Polygenic risk score (not much help, mostly cardiovascular loci)
Time to buy long-playing records? ;-) A polygenic risk score for lifespan, w/ +/- 5 yrs from top to lowest deciles via by and collaborators
Calment is just a weird weird weird outlier in GRG... Context here is thinking about embryo selection & life expectancy GWASes: Looks like you could easily increase life expectancy by half a year using embryo selection and current PGSes? Not bad!