Really! Where's the ethics? Did many take lead from top Wits University (my alma mater!) ethics chief on way to go to discredit ? Or they just 'lost their way'? Found it yet? The thlot pickens!
In #LoreofNutrition and I document all those and their universities who lost their way trying and failing to discredit and destroy him. Time for to get back on track?
great post by on the unethical behavior of the bioethics head at the University of the Witwaterand from the trial travesty
Did so many really just hopelessly lose their way trying to discredit and destroy one distinguished scientist? Or so many just seriously lacking in moral compass?
Double standards on ethics by HCP's plays havoc with people's lives - patients & other HCP's. My advice - be true to yourself. Pity many can't see their own hypocrisy & admit guilt when guilty. #wecandobetter
Good comment from reader of my latest column. Wits ethics chief should have asked at start of trial of : Cui bono - not hard to work that out!
Interesting: chooses not to investigate conduct of ethics chief in trial of . No apology from the professor even after comprehensive exoneration by 2 committees. Documented in upcoming revision of #LoreofNutrition