is thrilled to honor with its Innovator Award! Check out the full profile to learn about all the great work they are doing to promote #OpenEducation
. is thrilled to honor UPenn's with its June Innovator Award! Check out the full profile
We're thrilled to recognize with our June 2018 Innovator Award for the project's work building a vision for the future of science & scholarship that is open, equitable, & inclusive—and demonstrating how that vision can be brought to life
Big congrats to our partners on winning the #Innovator Award for supporting diverse modes of scientific discovery and dissemination in the Global South! #openknowledge #openscience #globaldev
"Science has no borders. It’s important that we share," says Robert-Jan Smits, honored by SPARC with the January 2019 Innovator Award. Read more about his work to champion Plan S
Importance of diversity and inclusion in the open sharing of science highlighted in June SPARC Innovator Award via
. has won a Innovator Award! Find out more here
Very proud of my open education colleagues on winning this award. Being in the company of some of those previous winners, like the Gates Foundation, PLOS ONE, and The World Bank, is humbling.