to see your data go to your facebook settings click 'Download a copy of your data' they'll email it to you once it's downloaded, you can open it to extract all the files out. then open the 'index.htm' file and go to the 'contact info' tab
So... I present to you the Trans Psych Network () This is intended to be a place where trans folk involved in psych at various levels can get together and connect. I would love to see y'all on there 💜
Just a reminder: this is where you can check which apps have access to your Facebook data, or which sites you’ve logged in to.
Following on from the series of posts hosted on my blog and my posts under #TalkAboutComplications myself and have been working with BCV on a soon to be launched campaign #DiabetesComplicationsTalk Please join the Facebook group here
WATCH THIS: "Justice" for #GeorgeFloyd in Rochester NY when a Villa Shoes was looted. Looters stop cars in traffic to loot the store. Video via Dawayne Fields Facebook
This video of Wisconsin Speaker Republican Robin Vos defending holding the election – while he is wearing full mandatory PPE and a face mask – is remarkable. "It made no sense to cancel the are incredibly safe to go out."
If you a lecturer or university staff member on a Tier 2 work visa and participating in the #USSstrike & you have concern about how taking part in the strike may affect the remits of your work visa, please follow this FB closed group
A new group on Facebook which all of you wonderful people should join: "The Quillette Circle aims to bring discussions that occur on Quillette into the real world through organising meet-ups in cities around the globe."
We just set up a FB group on embodiment in psych. RT-join-discuss ( )
Calling all #doctors, #Engineers and #Designers? Join the amazing Open Source Ventilator Project to give your time and expertise to help develop low-cost ventilators to fight #COVID19. I joined the fight via #coronavirus #COVID2019IRELAND #technology
Out here LIVE-STREAMING with the best gubernatorial candidate for Michigan, ! Wifi was sparse, so forgive the video quality. Watch our short 2-part FB Live:
If you are Black, Latinx, or from an indigenous group, and you're a student or faculty in cognitive psychology, cognitive science, or linguistics, consider joining the SPARK Society Facebook discussion group! Allies also welcome!
Wow!!! The new #LMHR Facebook group is exploding! So many amazing health stories from this incredible population. #RethinkLDL
WOMEN of Econ & Finance - I was asked to create a 2nd network open to women at any degree level (undergrad, grad) or career path (profs/teachers, industry) to connect us to each other for convos, mentoring & idea/research sharing. Join: #AllTheECONLadies
"At what age would you send your child into the supermarket on their own just to grab one thing? I said 7ish, depending on maturity level and if they can count money. The popular votes were all 14+." Join the conversation at the Let Grow support group:
CAR T-cells were supposed to revolutionize cancer care. But at $373,000, only 5 patients have used new lymphoma drug. What should we do? Join discussion here
Hey anthros! Check out some of the great sessions/events sponsored by the Biological Anthro Section (BAS) of the AAA! Including the 2017 Howells Book Award winner & Distinguished Lecture by Debra Martin! #AmAnth17 #anthropology
Here is Facebook's archive of ads with political content. Friends in the transparency community, I hope you find this to be useful to your mission!
What to see what Facebook has on you (at a minimum)? 1. Goto 2. Click "Download a copy of your Facebook data" 3. Wait for automatic email from Facebook 4. Download the ZIP file link in the email 5. Extract it and open 'html/index.htm'
COVID-19 may quickly deplete the world's supply of ventilators, respirators and other medical supplies. Join a global effort to design and develop open-source solutions to this problem: More info: (v/)
This is a private group for former Trump supporters like myself & it will keep trolls out so people can freely express their regret in voting for Trump. I will share stories with their permission to show there's a lot more of us out there. Please RT.
So, has a new political ad transparency site You can’t get to it unless you’re logged into Facebook: This would be hilariously ironic, if it weren’t for the context. Self-regulation is not enough.
Paeds types- we are DESPERATELY looking for Paeds Reg and junior locums TOMORROW at Sheffield Children's Hospital. Please share / get in touch.
**TODAY at 4pmET/1pmPT**: Join me & for a VoxCare Q&A abt our piece "Nothing Protects Black Women From Dying in Pregnancy & Childbirth" Read: Join the conversation:
Facebook now shows you (some of) the places it tracks you that are not Facebook. I was not happy to see on my list. The setting is not easy to find so here's a direct link:
Have you been awarded one of our medals for living with diabetes for over 50 years? Want somewhere to share your experiences, stories and achievements? Why not join the Medalists Facebook group:
DC/MD/Virginia: We are duplicating 's efforts in the DC Metro Area. Please join this group: 1. Post your location I will be reaching out to churches in the area to establish community needs.
Facebook's database of political ads is live ... this will be useful tool for political communicators if nothing else
New Facebook group just for UK Dads of kids with Type 1. Been up for 36 hours, 199 members already and a really active, fun and friendly group. #GBDoc
If you're an academic trying to move right now, there's a low stress support group on FB
We support the Widening Access initiatives led by & the Diversity Working Group – which the London DClinPsy courses make up. FB: This group also holds an annual event for BAME aspiring #clinpsychs
Aloha, offering $200 scholarships for members to study Evol Quant Gen at the most beautiful lab on earth w/ Felsenstein, Arnold, , Carter, Jones, , , Price, June 9-15, 2019
We're excited to announce our new LGBT+ Facebook group! It’s a safe space to network, collaborate and share opportunities and advice. Join in! #lgbt #ecology #science #pride #lgbtSTEM
My first post about my Diabetes Complications is up on the Facebook page. Please take a look, join the conversations and post your stories. #TalkAboutComplications #DiabetesComplicationsTalk
Starting at 4pm: Join , and I for a VoxCare Q&A about their piece "Nothing Protects Black Women From Dying in Pregnancy & Childbirth" Read: Join the conversation:
For the past year, has run a Facebook group for ACA enrollees. Today we’re opening it to anyone interested in health policy. Come join us!
Great catch-up committee meeting today w/some of the best: & Andrea Eller. Hey all you like-minded anthropologists - join us in the #BAS section of the AAA!
I am shocked and saddened at the sudden loss of our kind, brave and dedicated friend and colleague Stephen Tindale.
#AbroadForYes is a place to connect supporters with those who wish to travel home to vote. #Repealthe8th #HomeToVote Join our closed Facebook group to connect - .
Facebook now defaults phone number search to "everyone". Unless you change this setting, anyone with your phone number can look up and confirm your Facebook profile. Here's where to change it (and no you can't turn it off altogether if using for 2FA)
Welcome to the #wefbookclub account 📚 Our 8,500 member group has featured authors such as , , , , , & , , . Join here:
MAD MAX SUPPORTERS IN THE TERRITORIES You can start talking to each other and organizing a group in your region. Answer this tweet and say in what riding you are. Follow, DM each other and exchange contact info. RT to reach more people. On Facebook
I am currently developing a history research project examining ‘perceptions’ of abortion provision. I am seeking healthcare professionals who worked on the island of Ireland between 1960 & 2000. Information & contact details can be found here ...
Jubilation on the streets of Yerevan after PM Sarkisian resigns, reports 's Amos Chapple, who's at the scene and snapped this image. More here: #YerevanProtests
Our new book for September has just been announced: "Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think" by Hans Rosling, and Join the book club to read and discuss it: #wefbookclub
Voor alle mensen van Gent. Aub, even jullie aandacht. En goodwill. In Gent hebben we met reeks basisorganisaties een solidariteitsfonds opgezet voor mensen in zeer kwetsbare situaties. Nood is extreem hoog! Dus aub delen? RT
Enrollment for 2018 starts today 🗓 Got Qs? If you're an #ACA enrollee, join our FB group and ask a navigator
i'm setting up a radical mental health reading group in london. join here if you want to attend/have a say in the form and function of the group
I recently launched a Facebook community for healthcare providers interested in the ketogenic diet. Please join!
I have started a Black, Asian, minority ethnic cancer support group on please share this tweet and group link so I can find others to connect and share our cancer stories and cultural experiences 👊🏽👊🏼👊🏿👊🏾
Yo #scicomm people! I made a science communication job board for any & all #scicomm opportunities out there. It’s a closed Facebook group but open to users: you’re responsible for content and members. Anyone can add new jobs or members - spread the word!
I've created a new public FB group, 'Innovative Social Research Methods'. Feel free to join and share relevant content
If you have not gotten caught up on the weekend's family separation developments (I forgive you but also) you should know I'm doing a Q&A at 1p for members of the Weeds Facebook group. Join, and join in!
I have set up a Covid-19 Mutual Aid Support Group for those who are most at risk in #Kent and may need support. If you’re based in Kent and can help and volunteer please join and let us know what part of Kent you can help. Our group is here:
Interested in innovative social research methods? Come join our Facebook group - only a few days' old, but lots of interesting discussion and info already
####### Are you a Diabetes Specialist Nurse? ##### Come and join our forum of nearly 900 diabetes specialist healthcare professionals Come and find out our plans to be #strongertogether here
Hey Twitter, I run a completely FREE online support group for anyone looking for help w/ weight loss, wellness & nutrition We discuss various medical issues: -GERD -NAFLD -Diabetes -Cholesterol -HTN COME JOIN! 👇🏻 👆 #keto #lowcarb #lchf #Ketogenic
Teachers: Given the mad dash to switch to virtual classes, we created a group to connect econ educators so that we can figure things out as a community (delivering lectures online, student engagement, tech, etc.) Join: #COVID19 #Coronavirus
FYI for English speakers developing their Kurdish & Kurdish speakers developing their English: join this Facebook group (link below). Mods are fluent in both languages & are very helpful w/ idioms & phrases that are difficult to translate.
Have you been awarded one of our medals for living with diabetes for over 50 years? Join our dedicated Medalists Facebook group here:
Are you doing research in educational technology and/or e-learning? We have a research support group on Facebook for aspiring and practicing researchers in this field - share resources, network and participate in discussion:) #EdTechAfrica #emergeAfrica
Living with chronic pain can be isolating, especially when it feels like no one can relate. Join our #MoveAgainstMigraine support group and get connected with more than 13,000 people who truly understand.
Thanks for all the follows, 110 in 48 hours! Please help spread the word far and wide about the new on FB . Latest chat #hypoboxes #libre #personaldiabetesconnection
#derbytwitter can you help me signal boost our team Armenian page? Right now we only have four LOL and I’m hoping that we could find at least eight more people!
This Facebook group is the official account of the Special Interest Group in Public Health Vision to provide an integrated approach to strengthening the interface between public health & emergency care EM and PH folks, pls join #rcemph
For those looking for a Patient Group for MET patients, look no further than the ! Facebook group here: #lcsm
From 1968 to 2012, every single Olympic Games ended up costing more than originally estimated. That’s from sports economist Victor Matheson’s paper on the economics of the Olympics. Got questions? Join him in #TheWeeds FB group for a live discussion
Shawna Johnson, 30s, Navajo Nation nurse, Tucson AZ, died of #covid19 7/2. A Navy Vet, she was proud of her Dine heritage, loved traditional song, and her nieces’ pow wow dancing. She was a mother to 3 -two are little babies.#heathcareheroes #WearAMask
A group of taught postgrad masters students set up a campaign to withold their fees in support of their striking lecturers. They understand the value of a fair pension, & the right to retire. Thank you to all our student supporters!#USSstrike
Sheila Steinbacher Clark, 50yo NP, Goshen Health, Indiana, died of #covid19 10/20. She fought for 40 days on a vent. Before being intubated, she posted a plea to #WearAMask. Her daughters and husband were able to say goodbye in person. #healthcareheroes
We know that living with migraine means living in fear of the next attack. Join our online support group to find a community that not only understands your pain, but has also been through it too.
Parental Brain now has a facebook group. Join at
I've made a Facebook group (don't ask me how) called BMJ Wellbeing as a place to share work around doctors' wellbeing and hopefully as a place for you to share your thoughts and initiatives. Check it out
If you're a cognitive scientist of color, feel free to add your name to the database. Also, feel free to join the SPARK Facebook discussion group. All cog. scientists of color and allies are welcome!
If you're a woman of color or nonbinary sociologist of color please join ! Sister2Sister co-chairs (Drea Boyles and I) created it with president . Come for the solidarity and conversations #SWSS2SCommunity #spreadtheword
We have paediatric nurses, nurse consultants, advanced practitioners, DSNs in training and more experienced DSNs. Inpatient, community, antenatal....... it’s a great place to network with other specialists across our 4 nations
New from student liaison to the Exec Comte , a new resource for students (& all of us) traveling to #aapa2018 (and for research) - use this page to get connected to potential roommates, and advice on safe local lodging
Student-led group redistribute surplus food from the University of Sheffield's food outlets to charities who give it to those in need. If you'd like to get volunteer, just join their FB group & post on the wall. #zerowaste
Hier is trouwens het linkje voor het deleten van je Facebook-account. (Dus niet deactiveren met een bedenktijd van 2 weken).
And... We have a facebook community for early-career chemistry profs. Faculty, please share with your new hires!
While everyone living with #migraine has different symptoms and experiences, they still share a common understanding of what it means to navigate an #invisibleillness. Join our migraine support group on Facebook today.
New Facebook discussion group, Open Science Psychology, for people that want to learn more about open science, ask questions, network, etc..
Those who study political ads (, for example :)), Facebook has released an archive of 2018 campaign paid ads: #ica_pol
Please share this event with your friends, we will remember the barbarian flogging of Raif Badawi! #WeWillRemember #FreeRaif
Someone should call DOD/USAF and try to get them to confirm, but there are about a dozen people who got photos and/or video of two flights of four and a flight of two. You can see them all if you check out the MSP Spotters FB Group
The first ZK-LND is on! You are invited to listen to our amazing guests: & Harry, teaching how to ZK-SNARKs in practice. Thanks to , and More info on the following links
English, Francaise, Espanol #KeepThePromise facebook frame to celebrate #UHCDay2019 🎉🎊 🔹English: 🔹Espanol: 🔹Francais: Created by team. #LeaveNoOneBehind
HELLO WEEDS LISTENERS. and and I are doing a(nother for them, first for me) Ask Weeds Anything episode! Drop your q in this thread before 5/14 at noon EDT, & we might answer (&even ask you to tape yourself asking for the ep)
Your weekly reminder that we LOVE talking about health care policy at . Join us: Facebook group: Newsletter:
English, Francaise, Espanol #KeepThePromise facebook frame to celebrate #UHCDay2019 🎉🎊 🔹English: 🔹Espanol: 🔹Francais: Created by team. #LeaveNoOneBehind
English, Francaise, Espanol #KeepThePromise facebook frame to celebrate #UHCDay2019 🎉🎊 🔹English: 🔹Espanol: 🔹Francais: Created by team. #LeaveNoOneBehind
Today’s hot topics: the diabetes technology network, cats wearing libre, cost of insulin in the USA
Need a place to stay for the #aapa2018 meetings? Traveling somewhere to do #data collection and want to meet colleagues and find a place to stay? Join the #AAPA Room Sharing group
Please help #puertorico #cayosantiago
Hi Howie fans! We've started a Facebook group for discussing #biointeractive and #scied Come and join the conversation! #APBio #NGSSchat
We will be live on Facebook tomorrow at 7 pm for our first session. Drop by & say hello. and me . We will be introducing Social Library, what it’s all about & next steps. You can follow via which is our Facebook Group..
Updated information on the Aprill NAAP meeting in Manchester from - note deadline for graduate bursaries (27.3.2019)!
We are hiring a PM for Mobile AI focused on PyTorch. Feel free to reach out to me to chat and connect on this!! As a background, Facebook ships neural networks to more than 1 Billion devices for applications such as AI Camera, Neu…
Going to have fun with this. Here is an archive of all the political ads on Facebook (going back a few weeks). FB says this archive will run for the next 7 years.
I've started an echoism support group for discussion and info. Spread the word :-)
I'm at the #WebGL & #WebXR Meetup at #GDC2018. These folks are building the decentralized open web & open Metaverse. Livestream is here:
Hey folks, if you teach , or just want to follow along, there's a brand new teaching-focused facebook page for the book. Please feel free to join!
Ironic that this disgracefully shamefully dishonest reporting is coming out the same day people are complaining that the Trump administration is going to hold reporters to the same standard. Here is the plainly ironic statement at issue:
Join us for week 22 of a year-long quest to become better human beings! It doesn't matter if you started with us or not. Here is the group: and here is the book:
can we get a mention please 😃
Looking for a place to discuss parenting with others who want to give their kids a bit more independence? Join our Facebook page!
Also, join the FB page!
10/20 is #OpenlySecularDay Join us. It's vital Watch and intern minister
ATTENTION: Dear Academic Twitter, while you've been diligently RTing my tweet about the machine (thanks!), and I formed a community of like-minded people where we can freely discuss our hopes, dreams, and fears about leaving academia. Join us!
KCCure's papillary #kidneycancer community just hit 100 members! if you've been diagnosed with papillary RCC, please check out this amazing community for support!
I keep meeting people from UCL who are in Extinction Rebellion (or vice versa - people in XR who turn out to be at UCL) and thought it might be good to collect us all in a FB group, so if this is you, please join us on ! Please RT
I created a facebook group for neuroscientists who do #scicomm and SciCommers specialized in #neuroscience, to share work, expertise, interesting articles, and for networking!
Inspired by , I started a Facebook group for academics interested in make-up. Or at least, academically inclined people with an interest in make-up ;)
If you’re black and in #AI there’s a group on being black in AI: Via #NLProc #ML #MachineLearning
Hey health nerds, we have a newly expanded health care group. Join and I!
Tuesday, December 3rd (AKA Giving Tuesday) is an opportunity to support an amazing organization, . You can get a headstart. Donate here: Want to know where the money goes? What programs are ongoing?
I started a fb group for Finnish biomedical scientists abroad! If you are/were/want to be one, feel free to join!
Happy #WorldBookDay! If anyone wants to join my facebook Book Club, send a request. It's called 'People of The Books.' Great name right? 📚 
On our Let Grow Support Group Facebook page, 80 comments on: What age you think you can let your child play in a fenced in backyard? What age can they go to the park on their own? Join the discussion: #Parenting #LetGrow #Parents
ٹوِٹر کے علاوہ میاں صاحب () نے اپنے آپ کو دیگر سوشل میڈیا پلیٹفارمز پر بھی فعال کرنے کا فیصلہ کیا ہے۔: یوٹیوب: فیس بک: #TwitterWelcomesNawazSharif
The Black Disability Collective is officially LIVE I created this group solely for folks who identify as black and disabled. If you are an ally please share this tweet so it can reach black disabled folks far and wide!
Follow this #Cryptocurrency Facebook Group by experts >>>> #Cryptocurrency #Crypto #Coin #altcoin #Fintech #ICO #ICOs #Money #Investor #Investors #Investment #Bitcoin #DASH #BitcoinCash #NEO #NXT #Cool #trade #AI #Future #CryptoCurrencies
I believe we can beat The NRA, in fact we must. If you do too, I hope you'll join my gun violence prevention group on Facebook: One Pulse for America. #GunReformNow
это обращение к народу, в котором Чаушеску заявляет о готовности армии стрелять в народ, записанное 20 декабря 1989, так и успели показать на ТВ 22 декабря армия перешла на сторону восставших, наступил перелом, а 25 декабря чета диктаторов была казнена..
MULHERES QUE ESTÃO APRENDENDO A PROGRAMAR: Criamos um lugar seguro para tirar as dúvidas e aprender com outras mulheres! Entre no grupo do projeto: Qualquer linguagem e nível de aprendizado! 💜 RT do amorzinho 💜
Let’s break this open Ryan... Yes the man arrested for anti-Semitic graffiti and for setting fires outside of Schuls & Yeshivas does appear to be the same guy. Here’s his Facebook and in this thread I’ll highlight some interesting facts about James Polite.
Once you're a member of #ForBritain you can join our group where branches are formed and friendships are made. RT
LOOKING 4 SUPPORT? Join Beyond the Pink Moon 24/7 365 #breastcancer #ovariancancer #BRCA #HBOC #survivors #previvors
Hi everyone, Please join our Architecture group and share with us your favourite architecture photos.
HORSE EVACUATION NEEDED? Here is the Facebook group to help
RT: North LDN Mutual Aid Groups: Haringey: Newham: Islington: Tower Hamlets: Waltham Forest: Camden: Hackney:
The science is clear. Climate change is already happening and is increasing at an alarming pace. Join our online community today and become part of a movement for change - . #ClimateRedi #ForOurKids
Richmond Police act like drunk college kids but with an arsenal and the legal right to do whatever they want. This came to me from Lana Martinez. This happened last night after the Lee statue was empty of protesters.
Nancy Nell, 60yo LVN, Nocona General Hospital, Nocoba, TX, died of #covid19 10/7. She was a master fisherman, a gifted artist & award-winning painter, and an adoring grandmother. #healthcareheroes #WearAMask
We’re never lost if we can find each other. If you need help, or can offer it, visit our support hub:
STEP 1. If you're interested in helping here in DFW, please join the Facebook group I created like the boomer I am (SHARE THIS PLZ): We need to at least have a central form of comms asap. Thank u for giving us all hope for humanity
We've a Labour Against Brexit FB campaign group & FB Page. Join us there & RT: Group: Page:
Facebook just told me this fake account doesn't violate their community standards: . It's an admin in a pro-Trump group run by "The BL": . They said the same thing to me today about 20 other fake accounts. Happy Monday.
This asshole, Michael Hawron who’s now passing himself off as a former missionary now writes inspirational drivel about missionary shit. He wasn’t a fucking missionary. He was a leader in the Children of God, aka the Family.
HAND BACK PLASTIC ! Our planet is wrapped in harmful #plastic. The British public is sending a loud message to supermarkets this Sunday - we don't want the packaging. #EndPlasticPollution. Will you join this peaceful protest for #EarthDay2018 ? More:
BATTERSEA! LEWISHAM! HACKNEY! Facebook groups have been set up to help residents of these boroughs coordinate support for neighbours who might need it. Please share far and wide: Hackney: Battersea: Lewisham:
New evidences of cultural destruction in Kashgar, by Gene Bunin 中国当局在喀什摧毁维吾尔文化的新证据/转自Gene Bunin的脸书
BATTERSEA! LEWISHAM! HACKNEY! Facebook groups have been set up to help residents of these boroughs coordinate support for neighbours who might need it. Please share far and wide: Hackney: Battersea: Lewisham:
BATTERSEA! LEWISHAM! HACKNEY! Facebook groups have been set up to help residents of these boroughs coordinate support for neighbours who might need it. Please share far and wide: Hackney: Battersea: Lewisham:
Calling all LGBTQ+ people of colour working/volunteering in the non-profit sector! Have you heard that we now have a network? Join us on Facebook: We are having our first meeting on Fri - the link is in the FB group or you can DM me for it🤗
One day, God asked the Angels To create Colour. Thus India was born.
We are working on ways for everyone to be involved in #Unity2020! We are putting the finishing touches on our very own slack channel for volunteers, coming soon, as well as a brand new Facebook group - join us!
Are you a teacher interested in protecting our oceans? 🌊👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 Join our UK Ocean Schools Resource Hub! Find free teaching resources, event details and school projects on marine education. Please share with your friends and colleagues!
Are you Trans or Non Binary and work in the ? Join a new Trans NHS Facebook group. Run by trans staff for trans staff to celebrate & support each other and to help uplift our voices. #BLFI
Apparently a #ReopenNY group just started today. I would imagine it will be much slower to take off than some other states (Michigan now at 330,000+), but interesting to see it's started at all.
Hello, my academic follower friends. To keep myself accountable, I created a group called Academics say no: A place for academics to log requests and "opportunities" that they have turned down in order to STAY SANE. Feel free to join.
#SuperTuesday is just two days away! Show that you’re all in for with our new Facebook profile photo frame
Did you know there is a #70daychallenge #EndPJparalysis Facebook page, here's the link Please share with colleagues @07702034Ciara
Please RT: I have set up a Facebook support group for any family members involved with children's services during #COVID19 This is a safe, moderated, space to support and inform where appropriate. Please share with any family members this may help:
We're doing county banners for #Together4Yes over on #OMGWACA and it's SO MUCH FUN - come join in!
Identify as a woman and work in or have an interest in cyber security? Join the L4DY H4X0R GIRL CTF GANG for IRL and virtual competitions! It's a great way to level up your security skills.
Today, I'm excited to begin sharing a project I've spent the last year on. In July, will release LARGER THAN LIFE, a documentary podcast on legendary street racer Big Willie Robinson. We've launched a Facebook group to discuss the story. Join us!
#Doctors, #Engineers, #innovators and #Designers. Help develop Open Source #HealthTech to help #COVID19 started by . Join the fight here: #coronavirus #covid_19 #technology #CoronavirusPandemic
Me Facebooking: Structural racism is structural. Self-help books won’t help.
If you are an ally please share the facebook page information with the black disabled community
🚀 Big news, science nerds! 🚀 We just launched The TED Science Club on Facebook, where you can chat about today's discoveries, participate in exclusive Q&As and ponder the extraordinary. Join now: Here's TED science curator on what to expect.
It's time to do an annual backup of your data from online accounts. Here are the links you need: - Google: - Apple: - Twitter: - Facebook: - Microsoft:
NEW #LofB EVENT: Leavers of Liverpool meetup, 10th July, Philharmonic Pub, 7pm Come all Merseyside leavers and those who respect the referendum result. also, join us on facebook:
Even if you don't #DeleteFacebookNow you should at least audit all the APPS that have access to your Facebook Data. Do that here
"You can't pick and choose which public health guidelines you want to adhere to," Dr. Angela Rasmussen says of how the White House has handled the coronavirus outbreak. Watch more Global Hangout:
Once you're a member of our party you can join our closed members only group. RT
My good friend Coach Terry Kitchen lost his battle with pancreatic cancer a little over a week ago at age 66 — not quite making it to 100 years as he had hoped. He was one of the finest men I’ve ever known — so much spirit & faith. What a unique character.
If you are in an 'at risk' group, or want to help those that are, join our self-organised Facebook group. We are accumulating good advice and actions. Pleae also share this.
Hi community 👋 Exciting news! We've just launched a new facebook group for #GlobalDevWomen. Join the discussion on all things careers and lifestyle now: #IWD2018
Once you're a member of 'For Britain' you can join our 'closed members only group' and find other party members in your area. RT
We believe that #AidWorks . If you do too, we’d love to hear from you. We have set up a Facebook Group for you to discuss stories whether you work for an #NGO, #Charity or just have questions about #UKaid. All are welcome to contribute. #AidMatch
This is going to be interesting to dig into. Here’s Facebook’s searchable archive of political ads. I typed in immigration and the first ad asks people to sign a petition supporting Trump’s “beautiful” wall.
Are you a physical or occupational therapist working with #LongCOVID or #MECFS patients? Please join this FB group (for professionals only) to learn how best to support complex patients living with post-viral sequelae: . Follow:
I just started a facebook group for women amateur astronomers, come join us if you fit that description!
Self-organized Facebook group for #Columbia students who need housing
Imagine attacking homeschooling during a time of national crisis when schools are closed & kids are home. This is when we should look at it with fresh eyes, even if it's not for you. Thankfully there are people like standing up for it.
Our members-only group, where our party members can meet up, form branches, campaign together and socialize. RT
Our new book of the month for May has just been announced: "Enlightenment Now" by . Join the book club to read and discuss it #wefbookclub
last week i gave a talk at ACM at NYU () on brief and incomplete history of deep learning for object recognition. it was a pretty fun talk (i think..) and the...
Happy Holidays from 🎁 FREE ACCESS to Interactive Microscopy Course with 👉🏽Join USCAP Dermatopathology FB group and use the exclusive Promo Code #DermPath #BSTPath #Pathology #IMUSCAP
Trying to keep us connected during lockdown. Skysail is a virtual book group for young people reading historical fiction. Please retweet. If you’re interested or know anyone under 21 who might be, reply below or pass on the links:
You can now see which privacy-violating companies send your browsing activity to Facebook and disable these integrations here:
For any general surgery residents out there, I am running a facebook group for my residents doing daily ABSITE review questions. Please feel free to find us on Facebook ("ABSITE Daily") and join!
This is a link to our group to join for the cannula sleeve patterns and safety advice. We have worked hard gaining advice and promoting this, devised by over the last few months. Please encourage your knitters to join our community first.
Then this happened - FREE CME/SAM Course from this Holiday weekend! Come check out the #Dermpath Facebook Group for free access to an excellent course by Dr. Alex Lazar! Join here 👉🏽
When you find yourself on the friends list of a member of Attomwaffen that was arrested by the FBI for nazi shit and you’re an open Nationalist in the .
For anyone interested in meeting others who are interested in Chinese Science Fiction and keeping touch with them, I've just created this fb group which can be found at: #chinesesciencefiction #chineseSF #sinology #SFinTranslation #sciencefiction
Exciting news! We're expanding 's Facebook group for ACA enrollees to encompass health care policy more generally. Come join our community:
JOIN THE GROUP! 🌟 Are you a nutritionist, just graduated or working in public health? Do you want to meet like-minded people or just keep up to date with new info? Then this is the group for you! Join here👇
Love dinos? A Museum team is reassembling fossils from a 1930s dinosaur dig and working to identify specimens. Join our new Facebook Group and interact with Museum paleontologists! Become a Dino Detective 🦕🔍 >> << #FossilFriday
Are you attending #IMCC5 and are looking for a roommate, or someone to travel around with? Connect with our community through this Facebook group!
Renal Failure in Acute Heart Failure Patients #Infographic #VisualAbstract #meded #Nephpearls #FOAMed
helping admin a fb group for staff using psychological approaches with medically unexplained symptoms please share!
Any remainers will to act as a proxy can sign up to this FB site. Pleas will somebody retweet to reach a wider audience. I don't have many followers.
Calling all teachers - I've set up a Facebook group for advice and support during this difficult time. We are 'front line' workers and so need to look after each other.. Please retweet and like so we can build a loving and supportive community ❤️
We have created a free, therapist-led support group for those affected by the #SouthernCaliforniaFires. Please share with anyone who could use the support right now. Join here: 💜 #Therapy #SoCalFires
The first #BitcoinCash meetup in Kampala, #Uganda was a huge success! #Bitcoin Cash is a grassroots movement for economic freedom. 💪💥 👉Join the group: #BCHforEveryone 🌎
Looks like is missing ads in its new political ad archive. For example, this campaign ad from indivisiblecharlottesville: Doesn’t show up: Despite the group being clearly political.
Are you a #pwme who is 25 our younger? Join our new support group for youngins! (Which I am no longer!! 😭) #mecfs
Your #migraine is more than just a headache and you should surround yourself with people who understand. Our migraine #community is a source of advice, support, hope and love for more than 14,000 people living with migraine.
We have a group created for all Max supporters in South Western Ontario and surrounding areas.
Another great meeting in the riding of Durham! We had some members pledge to apply for positions within the EDA! PPC members in riding of Durham, join this group for meetups and contact information to apply for a EDA position!
Escocia ha publicado su estrategia para hacer pruebas a posibles infectados, seguimiento de contactos y aislamiento. En una población de 5.5 millones calculan 2000 rastreadores. Podría España inspirarse en esta estrategia? Necesitamos un plan urgentemente
🔴LIVE: is outside to demand lower the price of lifesaving TB drug bedaquiline following their US$82.1 BILLION sales announcement #NoMoreTears
Next meet up Wednesday 19th June - 7pm We will be discussing our latest strategy - any ideas you would love to share? Why not come along? 🤝🍻🥂🤔🇬🇧 #Burnley #BrexitBetrayal
Are you a friend, family member, or ALLY of #pwme? Please check out these two new groups, FFAME, an advocacy group: and this caregivers-only support group: #mecfs
New postnatal depression support group being planned for #perthshire. Please share for us. We have a Facebook group to help bring mums together. #perthshire #dundee #mentalhealth
Justice League by Anthony Castrillo #Hawkman #Hawkwoman
Thanks, Shelley for reading the story. We really want to hear from people of all races in the Boston area. There's a comment board here & Facebook group here
Join my newly created Facebook group supporting those struggling with grief (old, new and anticipatory) around the COVID crisis:
Here is your periodic reminder that academics have outside lives and hobbies. Please RT because you never know who needs to hear this right now. My new hobby is make-up; I have 2 groups - a secret one you can DM me about, and one you can join right away
Thanks to everyone who participated in MasterpieceVR Halloween Sculpting Contest! Winner announced tomorrow: #vr #3d
Are you a friend, family member, or ALLY of #pwme? Please check out these two new groups, FFAME, an advocacy group: and this caregivers-only support group: #mecfs
The has created a LGBT+ Facebook group. It’s a safe space in which to network, collaborate and share opportunities and advice. Join in!
Invitation to all our alumni to join the CODATA-RDA Research Data Science School Alumni Facebook page!
Ever wanted to regularly discuss health care policy with ? Who am I kidding, everyone wants that. Which is why you'll want to join our new Facebook group WHERE YOU CAN DO EXACTLY THAT!
Here at tide we want to continue to support you through these difficult times. Following government guidelines, we have cancelled all face to face events. However, as a team, we are here to support you. Join us in our new Facebook Group for virtual support
Want to join a community seeking to reduce restrictive practices through sharing good practice, resources, discussing challenges, presenting solutions, asking questions and celebrating success? Join our Community of practice:
We are BACK and prepping for next term! Join our group to see who the new committee are: and get in touch with Amy (ah1[email protected]) if you want to get involved!
Catch our CEO presenting on what every founder needs to know about raising capital online during the 12-5pm session of on April 9th in SF. Don't have tickets? No worries! Join to watch the live stream:
Unable to access our old FB accounts. Had to create a new group. Please join: #GSC #English #Graduatestudents #lostpasswords
"Anger that sinks into despair is powerless to make a change. Anger that evolves into conviction is unstoppable." Join to discuss Chapter 1 of and 's "The Future We Choose":
Friends! I've been working on this cool thing for awhile and now it's finally live! has started a Facebook group (like the forums of old) to discuss all things TV! You should join and come shout about TV with me!
This Thursday, Oct. 18 at 1 p.m. ET — co-creators & will be answering all your burning questions about the series live in our Uncover Facebook group:
NOW: Facebook Live on resources for small businesses with , , and .
Policy nerds! Join for a fascinating Q&A now on Facebook — about how school districts could gerrymander attendance zones to reduce segregation.
UNGA Event - Youth In Global Surgery starting now! If you've missed the signup you can still catch the session on Facebook live: #GlobalSurgery #UNGA75 #UHC #FutureOfTheOR
It may help This is how you can delete your facebook account: click the following link and choose the ‘Delete Account’ option. #DeleteFacebook
TOMORROW One Day to Go #drinkandthinkmlb Imperial Hotel 12 Sep 18 6pm 2-8 Brouke Street Guess Speak Iain MacGillivray Please visit our FB Event page and let us know if you are attending so we can gauge numbers.
If you're questioning #HPV vaccination you'll definitely want to hear this podcast with cervical #cancer survivor from on the HPV Cancer Free Family FB pg #cervicalhealthmonth #HPVFree #2shot2protect
Circles Connected. A partnership of & powered by 2 keep pple connected when they can’t meet face to face. Building a daily programme of stuff & open to ideas & members
We are proud of this and event which is dedicated to discussing the situation in #Togo! Watch live @ . #TogoDemocracy #TogoDebout #AfricansRising #Togo #KilimanjaroDeclaration
Someone has info 're #stolenace pls pls let us know where he is. He is desperately missed #findace #Barnes #London
Seeing first notices of new academic hires. Know someone starting their first #chemistry prof job? We'd love for them to join our fb community:
دلوقتي ناس كتير سافرت و مش عارفه ترجع و أهلها كبيره في السن او حتى مش عارفين يطمنوا عليهم احنا جوا البلد الدنيا الي حد ما سامحه بأننا نقدر نساعد بحاجات بسيطه و نقدر نكون ظهر لبعض فعلا لو تقدر تساعد او محتاج مساعده انضم لحملتنا #احنا_في_ضهرك
Hey neuropsych Twitter! Let’s spread the word about the newly founded Society For Black Neuropsychology! Click on the link for the Facebook page. Please RT.
Book lovers! Join The Times and Sunday Times Facebook book group, First Edition. It will modestly enrich your life!
FB announced to create this in May 2018 to slow down lawmakers+regulators. Back then, FB stated it "will take a few months to build Clear History". After postponing it several times, it's here now: ...Facebook's typical "delay, deny, deflect" strategy.
I'm delighted to share this new group-page for Parents,Grandparents of biracial/multiracial children of Irish descent. This is a space to share and connect with other like-minded people. Feel free to invite your friends /family to join.
Retweet to let your follower family know that you’re here for them 💙💖 #WorldMentalHealthDay #LetsTalk
The sad thing about reviewing Facebook app permissions is that it's like walking through a time warp of failed app nostalgia - from Burbn to Bread, Cliqset, Convore and AOL Lifestream. If I revoke access, I'll likely never see their logos again.
If anyone is a avid book reader 📚 You can join my book club on Facebook And friend me on Goodreads
Our first official meeting is booked for June, with thanks to join the forum for more info
Join the Genetic Genealogy Facebook group to see #GGI livestreamed
this is New Zealand Prime Minister’s response to #covid19 confidence, clarity and exemplary leadership in stark contrast to most of her male contemporaries
Living with #migraine or supporting someone with migraine results in a range of feelings. The misplaced guilt when you’re unable to help. The trepidation when making plans. Join a group full of people who understand.
Are you a member of CYPNAUK? Did you know we also have a facebook group? Open to all members, request to join
hi, tweeps! if you're from the philippines 🇵🇭 and you want to learn about and advocate for open and better science, join Philippine Researchers for Open Science (PROScience) 💛 #openscience #openscienceph facebook: twitter:
On this mental health nursing group there are posts calling people attention seeking. Making comparisons to Munchausens and claiming self-harm is competitive and that any attention from staff 'feeds' the 'behaviours'.
Are you a lonely book lover? Do your friends routinely ignore you when you try to talk about literature? Then join our Facebook community for chat, gossip and news about books.
Members of our community share uplifting stories and #migraine survival tips in our Facebook group every day. Join our group to meet people who can empathize with exactly what you’re going through.
¡Ya mañana empieza #1Bib1Ref! Desde 👉 coordinará y compartirá materiales y tips 📚💻 👉 llevará este grupo de FB donde nuestros bibliotecarixs y resolverán dudas de cómo agregar referencias a #Wikipedia 💜
Notice: We have set up a closed facebook group for members who might be isolating due to the Corona Virus or in the event of Gateshead Clubhouse closing, this group is a place where we can offer peer support to each other during a period of isolation
You can watch a live stream of the estimated 10,000 people rallying against anti-Semitism today crossing the Brooklyn Bridge here, courtesy of
The FB group which appears to have organised Melbourne protest today. All gathered in one place on Facebook. #covidiots Members: Video footage: Future planned events:
#ExxonKnew about climate change for DECADES, but lied to block life-saving response measures. That should make them last in line for Big Law backing, not first. Watch full video of the protest as law students tell to #DropExxon
The FB group which appears to have organised Melbourne protest today. All gathered in one place on Facebook. #covidiots Members: Video footage: Future planned events:
If you're not a member yet of the Avon Contemporary Romance Readers group, now is the time to join! is joining as a Writer in Residence all week! Ask her all of your questions about #swordbae, island life, & adorable animals.
Postdoc available in Rob Paxton's lab on viral evolution in bees.
Just found out you are off to this September or you are a returning student excited to come back?! 🎉 Don't miss out on our Freshers updates!😀 Join our Facebook Group via this link #CUInSeptember #CUFreshers20
Are you a man who has undergone, or is waiting for, breast surgery? Although bc is rare in men there are still about 390 men diagnosed each year in the UK. We now have a mens support group and would love you to become part of our Community #bcsm #bccww
With the new RCGP MSFY committee we are looking to create better forums for discussion between aspiring GPs around the country! Starting with a national foundation doctor facebook group - know anyone interested?! #spreadtheword #discoverGP
Nyt on facessa pistetty pystyyn ryhmä "Aikuisten apuverkosto nuorten ilmastotoiminnalle" eli jos kiinnostaa oman osaamisen ja jaksamisen rajoissa tukea nuoria ilmastojutuissa ja oot facessa niin tänne liittymispyyntöä! #ilmastolakko #ilmastokriisi fb
Here’s how you check what data you’re sharing with Facebook apps
The next Brighton Type 1 Diabetes social meet up is on Saturday 31st March 14:00 if anyone fancies coming along :-) Join the group here for more details: #GBdoc #Type1Diabetes #T1D #Brighton
Inspirational did not let #arthritis stop him from enjoying #parkrun! Read about his journey 👉 If you have arthritis or #musculoskeletal conditions, check out the parkrun support group ➡️ #loveparkrun
Here's a link to our Family Caregivers Group, which offers support AND organizes for solutions to caregiving challenges. #TogetherWeCare
Please use Atheist Alliance International's Facebook frame in support of our friend Mubarak. #FreeMubarakBala
Join our migraine support Facebook group for access to empathetic people, headache specialists, doctor-sourced information and more.
We’re less than two weeks away from launch! In the meantime, make sure to join our Uncover: Escaping NXIVM Facebook group — a place to discuss episodes with others, view special content and get the latest updates:
Also, claims Jepson expresses “violent far-left views on social media.” Here’s a Facebook page that appears to belong to Jepson. It don’t see anything of the sort. please tell us where you saw those posts. 6/
Lots of men joining the online support group this morning, thank you
Facebook has released its archive of political ads and China's CGTN (formerly CCTV) gets labeled as such. Ad performance metrics indicate that English-language, Chinese propaganda concerning the South China Sea targets South Asian audiences.
The Tories have set up a Facebook Live with Michael Gove to take 'your questions' and are running it at the same time as the Channel 4 debate
Tesla Model 3 Introductory Workshop in San Diego county, California. This is a two hour long group course aimed at owners or reservation holders of the Tesla Model 3. Share this link on Facebook: Sign up here:
Mens Danmark er lukket ned, vil vi gøre en ekstra indsats for at hjælpe, hvor vi kan. Derfor har vi skabt Danmark Lytter, som er et fællesskab, hvor vi mødes online, deler erfaringer og støtter hinanden. Kig forbi 💙 #sundpol #dksocial #COVID19dk
DO-GOODER TIP: Itemizing your donations for tax-deductions? You can see all the donations you've made via Facebook here → Thank you, , for the reminder! #socialgood
If you're one of our new #GMTS Trainees starting in the North West this September then join this Facebook group set up by the Trainees on your patch ... meet your peers, get networking and get and give the support you might need!
Massachusetts has cut per student funding to public higher education by 32% since 2001. It is families and students who have been forced to pick up these costs. Want to learn more?
Attention MCB students, alumni and faculty! MCB now has a facebook group specifically for you! Please join the community and share you successes, opportunities and news with each other!
Have you been diagnosed with unclassified #kidneycancer? KCCure's newest patient community now has 65 members. Unclassified RCC is rare - but you aren't alone! Join today!
Check out this DSN Facebook group set up by . Great platform for sharing ideas to improve care of people with diabetes. #sharingbestpractice #drivingchange #diabetes
Diabetes Specialist Nurse Forum UK worth taking a look, good format to share ideas and link up with colleagues
Only one to go until the first #MLBDrinkAndThink at the Duke of Windsor! Join our Facebook group for more details
Starting a new exercise program in 2019? Looking for a supportive, non-judgemental online group to support your efforts to incorporate more movement in your life? Whether you're a regular mover or just getting started, we will support you! #IMovedToday
This afternoon we sat down over coffee and cookies to plan #kidicalmass rides for spring and summer. We're going to lead monthly family #cycling rides starting in East #Bristol from the end of April.
The latest newsletter features & #parkrunpractice!👍 👉 Great blog by ARMA CEO ! #parkrun has a facebook support group for #arthritis & #MSK conditions ➡️ #loveparkrun #socialprescribing #health
If you are a MAN and you have experienced Domestic Abuse, here is a new Facebook group to support others and share your experiences! Please joins and grow the community
Various groups have come together to form The Coalition for Genetic Truth, a Facebook group that aims bring awareness to issues associated with genetic identity. Join us. #NPEs #adoptees #Donorconception #geneticidentity
Want to join a collaborative forum exclusively for UK doctors and medical students? Following the closure of the JDCF it is really important we have a forum which is an open space where we can all engage. Join us in The Consulting Room #TheConsultingRoom
Did you show your kindness to someone today? Take part in #microactions to make the world a better place with Faya now at
You are interested in #maritime issues 🌊🐟🎣⚓️🚣‍♂️ You will be in #Brussels on 26 April and You like #Brussels bars 🍻🍸? Join Friends of the #Ocean group on #Facebook And get on board the First #OceanSocial #FriendsoftheOcean
For the most succinct take down of current tax bill, listen to The Weeds this week with and . At some point Matt’s head will explode while talking about Paul Ryan’s hypocrisy, but it hasn’t happened yet.
Nancy Veto, ICU Nurse at Community First Med Center, Chicago Illinois passed suddenly at home while in quarantine for #covid19 on 5/26. She leaves behind a young daughter.
A5. Opt-out of your data being used to target ads. You will still see ads, but this severely limits how FB can use your data. Go NOW to and select ‘No’ three times. #UMichChat
#PalliativeCareVoices was set up by as a spin-off from the project on direct stakeholder engagement in #PalliativeCare #advocacy. Whilst was set up as part of that project, it's completely independent. Want to join?
The regional road authority asphalted a street in the village of Ostrowo. Local residents are, unsurprisingly, not feeling particularly grateful
If you're over 18 and require mental health support, there are a range of local support groups to help you. The You're Not Alone Facebook group is run by volunteers with lived experience of mental health issues. Join the group for support:
Just in case you have been on another planet for the last week - Stonyfield has reached a new low in fear-based false advertising. and 871 people have spoke out against Stonyfield here
A PAC funded by & is running a truly bizarre Facebook ad in English & Spanish featuring a woman doing "interpretive dance" of 's policies, including opposition to raising the minimum wage #NVGov
Just a regular reminder that is here to offer mentorship and networking opportunities for underrepresented cognitive scientists of color. Join the ongoing discussion on the Facebook discussion group.
Kaiser Health News has a new Spanish-language health news site on Facebook. Check it out!
Thread on how Facebook's "archive of ads with political content" is bringing transparency to China-related news/fake news ads. The info on who is advertising, how much they spend, who they target and which ads are deemed political is truly insightful.
Some really wonderful folks started a Spout Lore fan group on facebook! Anyone who would like to connect with other fans and discuss the unbridled and enthusiastic stupidity that is our podcast can check it out here
Have you been diagnosed with Unclassified #kidneycancer? Connect with others at KCCure's newest patient community!
We’re on Facebook Live at 7pm tonight for our virtual launch! Join our group at The video will also be uploaded to YouTube. See you there!
We have a brand new closed Facebook group just for #carers and supporters of people with #cardiomyopathy. The group is called Cardiomyopathy UK Carers and aims to be a safe and supportive space
The first #BCH meetup in New Brunswick is June 16th at 5pm. Live music, drink specials and free admission! 🇨🇦🌎🌱 #BitcoinCash #Canada
A group of students have created a Facebook group to help healthcare workers who might require practical assistance (childminding/dog walking/groceries) during #COVID19. RT or tag to spread the word!
Can Bristol be a pilot city to trial radical new policies on green thinking? #OnebyOne is a new discussion & campaign group run by local people demanding change, to reduce impacts on the environment. Debate & contributions welcome. This is our new page:
The #MoveAgainstMigraine support group connects people with #migraine together and shares doctor-sourced information and resources to help them manage their symptoms. Become part of our #community today.
Njuki Githetwa's Article on Mwalimu Nyerere Intellectual Festival, interesting story!!
🔎Join us tonight at 8pm MDT for another POD AUDIT Session. Larry Roberts is in the 🔥HOT SEAT tonight with his podcast . Come hang out with us tonight and share your feedback and discover ways to improve your own podcast. 👇👇
Equine evac group for So Cal posting for the #thomasfire
If you'd like to join our Facebook Group, please send a request to We will be live tomorrow from 7 pm for our virtual launch.
Live feed outside hospital just said he's stable...
Member quotes “so much on here now I can’t keep up” “it’s ace” “ best CPD ever! “
At last, it being Father's Day (well 3am Sunday morning) I can reveal the launch of The Espresso Bar - it's group designed specially for men over 40. . Welcome in.
New call for an open postdoc in the field of environmental studies w a focus on ecological economics/social solidarity economy. Located in the #CzechRepublic at For more
Did you know our Wellness & Integrative Health Center is open to former patients as well as current patients? Check out our website to learn about services () or join the HCI Wellness Center Facebook group () to stay updated!
⭐❤️Calling all #Charities!❤️⭐ ❤️Local & international❤️ If you know of any people or groups who would love to receive a free handmade gift from someone who cares, please visit Handmade Hugs👇 Connecting those in need w/ those who give ❤️ #OTWeek2019
Hellooo twitter! We are Swansea Tree Forum, working with volunteer groups, local government & tree charities to protect, maintain & increase canopy cover in Swansea. Join our FB page for events & meetings
Just set up a Facebook support group for all #OccupationalTherapists! For OTs, any setting, anywhere in the 🌏 to come together, ask for & give support on any issues related to being an OT #OccupationalTherapy
We are hosting an online conference on #COVID19 response and #ProgressiveECON with Nobel Laureate , 🇪🇸Vice President & 🇪🇺Commissioner 🖥️Watch it live: with
Great visit today to dept w/ highlights: the extraordinary support of for our faculty, lab tours conducting groundbreaking work & then meeting President/co-founder of SheisMe, Rachel Anderson unifying women in upper division ME.
Show support for World Kidney Cancer Q&A Day 2018 by adding a special frame to your Facebook profile photo. 1. Go to 2. Search “world kidney cancer day” to locate the frames, select and click 'Use as Profile Picture' to save.
IT'S UP - IMAGES OF HEAVEN POLL 24 (this is now the FACE OFFs / HEAD TO HEAD... and it is looking BAD so far... unless you FANS... assist... HAHA! Peter is very grateful to all that have voted for his song, so far - MORE needed though - else he is OUT!
Russian, Arabic, Chinese #KeepThePromise facebook frame for #UHCDay2019 Arabic: Chinese: 🔹Russian: Created by team - thanks! #HealthForAll
Over at the Mixed Mental Arts page, we're pushing back against #FakeNews and the #FakeNewsMedia by talking about what they don't. Enjoy serious intellectual discussions about the things that matter most to working families. Join in ▶️▶️▶️
🧬🔬 Want to learn more about how TED thinks about science? 🧬🔬 We're doing an exclusive AMA with TED science curator in the TED Science Club today from 2 PM to 3 PM EDT! Join here
Te invito a unirte a este Club de Lectura para analizar, dialogar y debatir sobre la situación de las mujeres en diversos ámbitos. Iniciamos Lectura Colectiva en Septiembre con “Rabia Somos Todas” de Soraya Chemaly. #LCRabiaST 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ Únete al grupo:
Can't make it to Bogota for our meetup at ? No problem! Watch the event LIVE here, and learn about the future of the Internet: #Bitcoin and #Blockchain. We will be live tweeting some highlights in English.
In response to focus groups in August, we have started an ASA First-Gen/Working Class Facebook page. We see the creation of this page as merely a start/immediate reaction, with others to follow! We hope that, as a first step, you will join ()!!!
Russian, Arabic, Chinese #KeepThePromise facebook frame for #UHCDay2019 Arabic: Chinese: 🔹Russian: Created by team - thanks! #HealthForAll
To all followers: I started a local Facebook group for my clinical practice to help local folks who want support with weight loss and overall health. Feel free to join (even if you aren’t local to me)
Online support is offered via the Facebook group ‘Gypsy Roma Travellers in Further and Higher Education’ - do sign-up if you’d like to join.
Looking for more opportunities to connect? We've partnered with to create the FB group "People in Cognitive Science - Canada" to help our cognitive science community feel more connected at this challenging time:
For employees on Facebook, please join the new Facebook group to support the call and exchange ideas on how we could make Uppsala University a climate leader! pleas help spread!
Join the Exodus Community, , a Social Distancing, Training & Support Network in the era of COVID19.
New local humanist group starting up in Wrexham. Good to see humanist activity in North East Wales!
Join our support group to surround yourself with people who understand the true pain of #migraine and can help you through the worst days. Click here to join the #MoveAgainstMigraine.
Russian, Arabic, Chinese #KeepThePromise facebook frame for #UHCDay2019 Arabic: Chinese: 🔹Russian: Created by team - thanks! #HealthForAll
My #MCM is x3 They put together the best show on radio #TellMeEverything --weekdays 2pm (est) on #121 Join our friendly #TME fans book club & chat on FB and help choose the book we'll read in April! 📚📓☕
If you're a queer person who has lost a partner and needs support, I run a group on FB:
Do you work in private practice? Do you have a Facebook Business Page? How about going live on YOUR page (with me) for a short Q&A about what you do? Join our group here and let us know you are I yersted in taking part in our LIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS
Monday 11th is film night! 📽 We're joining here at for a fantastic evening of mental health themed film and discussion led by . Vote for your movie choice in the link below...
I just started a #WomeninEdTech FB Group and would love for my tweeps to join: Once you're in, invite anyone you think would benefit from a community that empowers its participants to advance equity + innovation in education. #shapingedu #edtech
LIVE: The #BrexitTaxHavenTour has now begun! We're visiting key sites in the City of London where 3 leading experts from the UK and the Global South will explain the imminent threat to developing economies posed by the "Singapore on the Thames" strategy.
To Tweeps, I run a closed/private Facebook support group for weight loss and wellness.... If you are looking for general help & support to start or continue on your weight loss journey feel free to join ->
A Handbook for New Stoics, out today, is #1 new release in Greek & Roman philosophy! Join Greg and I at the Fb group devoted to weekly practice, with feedback and advice from the authors!
Very excited to have sex therapist on #hollyrandallunfiltered this Sunday! Join my to watch live: also you can submit your questions here or at my group:
Trying to keep us connected during lockdown. Skysail is a virtual book group for young people reading historical fiction. Please retweet. If you’re interested or know anyone under 21 who might be, reply below or pass on the links:
We started a Punkademics fb group for post-punk Britain alumni at and all others interested in punk + the academy. Share ideas/research/resources, network, etc. All welcome!
The are excited to announce our new LGBT+ Facebook group; a space to network, collaborate and share opportunities and advice. Join the group here
If you listen to #tellmeeverything with on -- you should join the facebook group that is dedicated to the show. All fans of JF and/or #tme are welcome!
"I get knocked down, but I get up again… You're never gonna keep me down!" 🎤🎧 Could you do 2000 burpees in a month? 🦘 Let's fight bone cancer with burpees this November! 💪 Join Adam and 1000s of others for free now:
Fledgling PhD parents group based in Melbourne is just starting out . Help it grow? #phdchat #phdlife
Join an webinar at 6pm tonight with exploring How Change Happens, inc power, systems & campaigners. Link via network fb page at
The homeless cannot shelter in place b/c they have no shelter. Housing is a #HumanRight. We need an effective #GovOfBy4People.
"The Quillette Circle aims to bring discussions that occur on Quillette into the real word through organising meet-ups in cities around the globe."
We are watching LIVE as , along with , , and patients talk about taking control of your #kidneycancer. Join us on Facebook
I founded the all-female to scout, record and document disappearing sea ice in the #Arctic: Since 2014, more than 80 Indigenous & non-Indigenous sea women have participated in ocean research and dive & snorkel expeditions. Find us on Facebook at
Join us Sunday, tomorrow, September 20 at 11am PT, 1pm CST, 7pm BST for a Facebook Live #WHISTalks with and developer of the FREE app: #SDGs #SharedDecisionMaking #HealthLiteracy
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