The Enlightenment Gave Rise to Racism? Balderdash. Mark Koyama shows that racism goes back millennia, and was amplified by the nationalist particularism of the *Counter*-Enlightenment, not the universalism of the Enlightenment.   via
Honored to publish ’s critique of on the Enlightenment. Mark argues that, with Kant as a major exception, the Enlightenment’s universalism was genuine, and the Counter-Enlightenment is the real ideological source of scientific racism
Phenomenal piece by debunking the notion that the Enlightenment is culpable for the rise of racism.
😣 Struggling to choose just one, but here are three I thought were really good: by by And this interview with Peter Singer
Was the Enlightenment racist? A historical analysis by
Enlightenment & Racism: 's "Did the Enlightenment Give Rise to Racism?" & 's "The Enlightenment’s Dark Side: How the Enlightenment created modern race thinking, and why we should confront it
"The critique of the Enlightenment passes over the role of the Counter-Enlightenment, which was particularistic and directly involved in the development of a biologically-based 'scientific' racism." Superb piece by .
not sure if you read this excellent post by inspired by the comments from Jamelle Bouie.
'Did the Enlightenment Give Rise to Racism?' - Very interesting essay  
I cannot emphasize enough how honored we were to publish almost two years ago. This first piece of his on LC discussed 's much-maligned argument that the Enlightenment was the source of modern racism
At a conference so struggling to respond to comments on my Enlightenment & Racism piece responding to But here is another way to look at it . . .
there were very good critiques and objections however. i thought this one stood out at the time, and still does.
A brief follow-up thread on the Enlightenement & racism essay.