The chilling effect of the ArenaNet firings has been swift, both within the company and across the industry — and especially for the female developers whose livelihoods are now being attacked by emboldened trolls. Report by :
"I think this is blood in the water for the worst kind of people." I spoke to devs at ArenaNet and in the industry at large about the impact these recent firings have had
"Multiple developers at ArenaNet tell The Verge that they felt let down by their employer, who... walked back their branding about inclusion and standing against harassment, and caved to the whims of an internet mob." - great reporting by
A few months ago, uncritically reported Jennifer Scheurle and Brianna Wu's sexism allegations about Nolan Bushnell. It took only a little basic reporting to discover those allegations were false. She is now citing Scheurle and Wu again.
“If you’re a woman, you’re just waiting for the wrong tweet to end your life now"
Not that it effectively matters, but I’m curious how many of the “fans” here are trying to get devs fired because they’re actually mad about SJW influence, and how many are just opportunistic sadists.