Woman spraypainted "n***** stay out," "Hail Trump," & swastika on neighbor's home. US president's name used explicitly for racial intimidation. Sad, not surprising. "Arrest made in racially charged vandalism in Toledo."
When the graffiti includes “n*ggers stay out” I think you can just say “racist” instead of “racially charged.”
Travel Tip: No outlets at the airport? Just type the N-word into Notes repeatedly to keep your phone “racially charged.”
woman arrested for vandalizing her neighbors home with spraypaint that read "hail Trump," "nigger stay home" and a swastika. still, headline uses "racially charged"
Here we go again Another deranged tRump supporter expressing her true racist self to her neighbors.
“The police report says Edelen spray painted "N" (word) stay out" "Hail Trump" and a Swastika on her neighbor's home.” Sad that some people think using the President’s name can be an intimidation/harassment tactic against racial minorities.