10s of thousands of kids have been unable to get to school in #Cameroon because of school destruction and kids being obstructed. Check out new report for more and facebook live now
Mass displacement. Kidnappings. Killings. Stopping kids from attending school. In Cameroon, security forces & armed separatists have committed grave abuses against residents of the Anglophone region - new report
A new report released today documents how #Cameroon government forces burned villages and killed unarmed civilians while armed separatists attacked schools and kidnapped officials:
Government troops and armed separatists are both committing grave abuses against civilians in Cameroon's Anglophone regions amidst protests and violent clashes: report.
In #Cameroon, new research by shows how government security forces have shot peaceful demonstrators, tortured detainees, burned entire villages, and killed civilians. Adding to the toxic situation: presidential elections are due to take place in Oct.
#Cameroon: Killings, Destruction in Anglophone Regions #AnglophoneCrisis