My piece on losing my job at the UN thanks to Russia
Yemen expert on how he ended up losing his UN job as collateral damage in an American-Russian diplomatic battle: More on Johnson's case and on the UN's return to cold war style tit-for-tat feuding, by :
Former UN Panel of Experts member on Yemen notes how the evidence of Iranian ballistic missile smuggling to Yemen, in violation of UN sanctions, was "incontrovertible".
Excellent article to consider the next time anyone questions whether Iran has sent missiles to Yemen.
“We knew our report was going to be controversial” writes AF’s when the #UNSC #Yemen Panel of Experts “laid out in detail how Iranian ballistic missiles had been smuggled to Houthi rebels in violation of UN sanctions.”
Read this: - #Russia Got Me Fired From the #UN -:- When superpowers fight, little people - like - get trampled.”
Russia Got Me Fired From the U.N. prostřednictvím
How Yemen specialist lost his job as a UN expert as a pawn in the tit-for-tat battle between Russia and the U.S.