At blog, a two-man team of serial plagiarists is exposed by 18 plagiarized articles were reported to journals; only 2 retracted over a year later
. restores stealthily deleted papers (incl those in this comment by ), but the one by Tarantino & Finelli remains unavailable. cc
For Better Science: Tarantino & Finelli: i plagiatori di Napoli
Tarantino & Finelli: i plagiatori di Napoli, by
Tarantino & Finelli: i plagiatori di Napoli
2 thieving plagiarists. 18 stolen papers. 2 retractions, 1 paper in disappears completely, other journals can't care less.
Comment: "My first thought upon reading the title “Tarantino…” made me instantaneously think of Pulp Fiction. Guess i wasn’t too wrong with that 🙂"
Seems deletes problematic papers w/o a trace. Comment: "At least 4 more missing articles in Oncotarget. They are not visible in the table of contents but can be still found on Pubmed"