From Sarah Champion to Prevent: the strange coalition dedicated to silencing moderate critics of minority Muslim behaviour. Me for online now - (£)
Shortly before Islam: The Untold Story came out, I was told that the death threats I’d get would most likely be hot air, but that I would also be the target of concentrated efforts by shadowy ‘charities’ to shred my reputation. And so it proved...
What an absolutely awful headline in The Times: "Criticising Muslims doesn’t make you a racist"
No guys, "it is not for outsiders to tell a community what constitutes racist abuse" week was last week.
Well worth a read and apparently not paywalled.
Despite the headline, a much-needed article by ; serious questions should be asked of those orgs (and their funders) who routinely pass off activism as objective 'academia' (£)
"It cocoons some Muslims against dealing with the reality of living in a shared society, while strengthening the claim of the far right that Muslim integration is uniquely impossible."
This is a really good piece by . The Muslim community isn't the only one to suffer from organisations that take noble ends and twis them for extremism either. However he misses on key element of the 'Why' this happens. 1/2