What an important piece of reporting by . Also love that this is a really comprehensive tip sheet for pregnant woman.
Transparency with health consumers is also important, women told us. Yet when asked 75 maternity hospitals whether they follow best safely practices, half wouldn’t answer the questions. #MaternalSafety
1/ few quick thoughts on 's excellent article and MUST WATCH video 👉 Childbirth should be a time filled with joy but also a time when families are incredibly vulnerable. For too many Americans birth is traumatic or tragic.
The U.S. is the most dangerous place in the developed world to give birth. Why? Hospitals know how to protect mothers. They're just not doing it, ignoring what works. It is horrifying how our medical system knowingly fails women, with deadly consequences
If you care about maternal health, drop everything & read this investigation into how health care systems fail to prevent life-threatening birth complications---------->>>
Important story from : Thousands of women suffer preventable injuries - and some die - during childbirth because hospitals aren't following basic safety practices.
Reproductive rights include a woman's right to give birth and parent.
#BREAKING: Many American moms needlessly die or suffer grave injuries because doctors don't follow long-recommended safety protocols during childbirth, a USA TODAY investigation found #protectmoms
Wow this piece. Women in the US die in childbirth more often than in any other developed country. This is not an accident. This is a choice. Kudos for this.
The U.S. has the highest maternal death rate among the world's developed nations. #protectmoms
America is the most dangerous place in the developed world to deliver a baby. I repeat: America is the most dangerous place in the developed world to deliver a baby.
U.S.: most dangerous place in the developed world for a woman to give birth Georgia: 2nd highest maternal death rate; 5th highest harm rate. Many parts of Georgia lack access to care. Health care is a moral issue.
About 700 mothers die in childbirth each year. The best estimates say that half of these deaths could be prevented with better care. READ THIS STORY. ⁦
“It’s frustrating to me that even at this large, very well-known hospital, people were missing things.” —Rachel Yencha, Lakewood, Ohio
The United States is the most dangerous place in the developed world in which to give birth. A investigation shows how U.S. hospitals ignore safety recommendations.
"These are not complicated... They are basic tasks experts have recommended for years because they save mothers’ lives. Yet US hospitals, doctors & nurses ignore them." Right now, the US is "the most dangerous place in the developed world to give birth."
Hospitals aren’t people. CEOs, physicians, nurses, midwives are working in systems not designed to optimize healthcare of pregnant patients. We need systems solutions with accountability to care for women as though they matter #preventmaternalmortality
"Countries around the world have reduced maternal deaths and injuries by aggressively monitoring care and learning from mistakes... as U.S. rates climbed." (via )
This is extremely long and extremely important. (which is why it's also extremely irritating that they have the thing published on very hard to read black background/white lettering)
As 2018 draws to a close, we're rounding up the year's most important #longreads in Global Health. One example? 's tremendous, necessary investigation for on common safety procedures that could prevent scores of maternal deaths.
The U.S. is the worst place in the developing world to give birth: each year, 50,000 mothers are severely injured, and 700 die, according to a investigation. H/T
USA TODAY obtained more than a half-million pages of internal hospital quality records and examined the cases of more than 150 women whose deliveries went terribly wrong. Here's what we found.
Hospitals know how to protect mothers. They just aren’t doing it. via
The US is failing its mothers.
In the United States
US hospitals know what they should do to prevent women from dying in childbirth. They just aren’t doing it. The result: the US is the developed country in which it is most dangerous to give birth.
The US is the most dangerous place in the developed world to give birth, according to a new study by . “So many of these are preventable. I think the country should be outraged.” - Monica Simpson,
If you have not yet checked out 's investigative report on PPH and other causes of maternal mortality in the USA... get on that... important work. #SDoH
U.S. hospital records detailing cases of more than 150 women with delivery complications "reveal a stunning lack of attention to safety recommendations and widespread failure to protect new mothers," reports : #maternalhealth #qualityofcare
I was so surprised at the lack of postpartum care for new mothers. All the emphasis is on the baby. "Hospitals know how to protect mothers. They just aren’t doing it." via