Clear My Record is the thing I'm most proud of, so far, and we're not even done yet! While we've touched 10,000 people, we want to reach 5 million more. If you're feeling gracious, you can support us for #GivingTuesday here:
Last night, I heard about the amazing work is doing w/ to automatically expunge eligible cannabis convictions under California’s Prop 64. Because “justice is getting the implementation right.”
This #GivingTuesday, is raising $ to help restore #JusticeAtScale. I believe so strongly in about the mission that I'm donating $10,000 in MATCHING donations I hope you'll donate here
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We're on a mission to help government truly work for the people, by the people at scale. And we need your help. This #GivingTuesday, join our campaign to restore #JusticeAtScale:
Why is record clearing so important? 1) It helps millions of people 2) Its right for the economy 3) More people can vote Learn more & take action to restore #JusticeAtScale: