I’m honored to report that a lost chapter & the manuscript of The Autobiography of Malcolm X are coming home to Harlem & ! #HomeToHarlem
It can’t be stressed enough how important and right it is that these fragments have been acquired by ⁦⁩, whose stewardship of Black archives for the common and public good is unparalleled. #MalcolmX #BlackArchive
I wrote about the intrigue & mystery surrounding the long-rumored “missing chapters” of Malcolm X’s autobiography, which have suddenly popped up at auction
Missing writing by Malcolm X is on its way to
Missing Pages From Malcolm X’s Autobiography Turn Up at Auction, via
For a quarter century, they have been the stuff of myth among scholars: three missing chapters from “The Autobiography of Malcolm X,” reputedly cut from the manuscript after his assassination in 1965 because they were deemed too incendiary.
"Autobiography of Malcolm X" one of the most influential books I have ever read. Glad that it will be archived at the .
Fascinating: missing chapters of “The Autobiography of Malcolm X,” long sought by scholars, hit the auction block. has it
UPDATE: The Schomburg Center acquires manuscript of Malcolm X’s autobiography, along with the mythic “missing chapters” that scholars have long hungered to
‘Lost’ chapters of Malcolm X’s autobiography acquired by New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center
I really want to see this material. Missing Pages From Malcolm X’s Autobiography Turn Up at Auction
Missing Malcolm X Writings, Long a Mystery, Are Sold